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  1. it was negative, he also said that we might be at an "inflection point" now where the various commods like oil, metals, etc go different ways i dont personally go with TA, i also didnt hear all of it as quite busy today, but seemed negative-ish to me based on the TA + lack of a rebound, something about a spike etc etc for me, the only head + shoulders i pay attention to is to keep my hair free of dandruff, but i suppose TA is accurate on occasion
  2. already a thread on this http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=130327&st=0&p=2245007&fromsearch=1entry2245007 anything priced reasonably is of course selling, when i phone up: "its gone sir" however at the forecourts much the same is sitting around for over a month now, a couple of vehicles i remember seeing in october
  3. forget all that, whats with the spelling cross out thing? right over my head, oed says immanent n adjective existing or operating within. Ø(of God) permanently pervading the universe. Often contrasted with transcendent. DERIVATIVES immanence noun immanency noun immanentism noun immanentist noun ORIGIN C16: from late Latin immanent-, immanere 'remain within'.
  4. unemployment has been high for most of the last decade, they just massage the figures with various categories of claimant or trainee hard to see how unemployment could be falling except for seasonal temp shop or packing work but i might be wrong
  5. thats an eye opener! when i was a young man i was far too proud to even think about taking parental cash, i wanted things to be mine + mine alone but i guess if you got it, flaunt it?
  6. well there seems to be a lot of people still eligible for mortgages around or trading down, that's all i can say. the 2 out of 3 sold in my street remain so but no removals van. the 3rd remains up for sale but is not on rightmove afaik. mortgage lending supposed to be constrained etc etc, yet it seems so much is saying sold (although no removal vans that i ever see). so what the devil is going on?
  7. this is the only one on my quite long list with a recorded asking price reduction 3 bedroom terraced house for sale Leavesden Road,North Watford,WD24 £194,950 An early viewing is strongly recommended to fully appreciate the generous room sizes, layout and lovely decorative condition offered by this three bedroom Victorian terrace. History date event 16 December 2009 09:00:13 * Price changed: from '£199,950' to '£194,950' * Status changed: from 'Available' to 'Sold STC' 11 December 2009 17:14:33 * Agents Telephone changed: from '08453071789' to '08433142829' 06 November 2009 10:33:02 * Agent found: Oak Estates & Financial Services * Agents Location found: Watford * Agents Telephone found: 08453071789 * Brief Description found: An early viewing is strongly recommended to fully appreciate the generous room sizes, layout and lovely decorative condition offered by this three bedroom Victorian terrace. * Price found: £199,950 * Status found: Available * Subtitle found: 3 bedroom terraced house * Title found: Leavesden Road,North Watford,WD24
  8. on my watford watch list, about 1 in 6 of the houses watched since early Nov are now sold or under offer according to rm + propertybee. that suggests around a month on the market before selling. only 1 of them had been reduced on asking price prior to selling, the number of solds is over a dozen. where are buyers getting the money from? here's just one: 3 bedroom semi-detached house for sale Roundway, Watford, Hertfordshire £249,950 Taylors Estate Agents are delighted to offer for sale this three bedroom semi detached house with two reception rooms, kitchen, bathroom separate wc, side lobby with storage shed and outside wc, gas central heating and double glazing, off road parking for one car in the popular location (contd...) History date event 16 December 2009 09:04:27 * Agents Telephone changed: from '08453033142' to '08433131470' * Status changed: from 'Available' to 'Sold STC' 11 November 2009 22:07:18 * Agent found: Taylors Estate Agents * Agents Location found: Watford * Agents Telephone found: 08453033142 * Brief Description found: Taylors Estate Agents are delighted to offer for sale this three bedroom semi detached house with two reception rooms, kitchen, bathroom separate wc, side lobby with storage shed and outside wc, gas c... * Price found: £249,950 * Status found: Available * Subtitle found: 3 bedroom semi-detached house * Title found: Roundway, Watford, Hertfordshire
  9. i dont have the time to listen to 56 mins today but had a quick listen to Frank B, he suggests from the charts the lack of rebound/rally in the gold price tells him something etc etc. i have to admit to being sceptical about TA/charting, but am going to follow this with interest to see if its correct over the next x months.
  10. because the govt turns a blind eye to crime when it suits its purposes? absolutely disgusting to expect 'hard working families' that are taxpayers to give their tax to those committing fraud. that is definitely not 'the right thing to do'. swindle the mortgage company + the taxpayer will insure it = no incentive for borrowers or lenders to keep legal is there.
  11. i thought it was moodyz the other day who said the aaa was assured, may be i misheard. was on some radio prog. as for flanders, amazed at her courage. luckily at this time of year she's unlikely to be hillwalking.
  12. if that statistic is true, we're sitting on a tinder box. + yet they will probably still go on lending now to people who will not be able to pay later on when reality hits. yes muggins here the taxpayer/saver will still be paying to bail them out but how much farther can real or QE cash stretch to before the whole thing implodes..?
  13. i've got one of those but i cant find it! will have to phone cheryl + ask her, but she just tells me its me who speaks funny + she has no accent at all...
  14. quite frankly, its hard to see how a prime minister cowell + chancellor [cheryl] cole could do significantly worse. press conference, cowell defers to cole: ''Nooo I'm nay gonna bail ooot nooothan rook, sorry pets, its moral hazood n'all. we'll repay them savers but after that i'm afraid you're all gonna sink or swim on ya own, ya canny lot, like.''
  15. i dont believe any figures myself unless i check them, my watch list shows asking prices dropping but sales happening. the surveyors are i think saying these are selling prices, rightmove is saying theirs are asking prices. i would concur with rightmove based on my own research.
  16. a few more coming up for sale down my way, well quite a few more all of a sudden, however with it being dec/jan usually quiet on the buying side i wont assume they have no buyers until mid jan or feb. 2 out of 3 in my street sold but the 3rd is sticking unsold, too optimistic on price? cant find it on rightmove. the other 2 that sold: the asking prices were 15% above the selling price for Q2 2006 on a similar property that needed lots of work apparently. obviously i dont have the selling prices as yet. not a bad area, near a good school. 2 detacheds come on in a street not far away, same agent, will be interesting to see if they sell by feb. they probably will, its the good end. if they dont sell then its a good yardstick for hpc. but i reckon they will.
  17. Prominently on BBC home page unlike the Rightmove prices down news yesterday which was absent or hard to find House prices up on lack of supply House prices are still being driven up by a relative shortage of properties for sale, says the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics). Its latest monthly survey, for November, suggests that prices have risen for the fourth month in a row. The number of surveyors reporting price rises outstripped those reporting falls, with a positive balance of 35%. Rics said this was the strongest reading since November 2006 and said the trend was likely to continue. "For the fourth month in a row, the survey points towards prices rising, even though the general state of the economy would suggest that the housing market should not be faring as well as it is," said Rics spokesman Ian Perry. "Despite modest increases in the number of properties coming on to the market, it is clear that this is not significant enough to keep pace with the levels of demand. "Buyer enquiries are continuing to grow and with the pace of job losses now easing, the risk is that the new year could see a further wave of interest in the market," he added. Strong readings Rics carries out its assessment of the state of the market by asking its members a series of questions about prices, supply and demand. “ It still indicative of an increasing level of buyer interest in the market ” Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors New instructions to sell have risen for six consecutive months, but they have been outstripped by extra enquiries from potential new buyers. The proportion of surveyors reporting an increase in new sellers instructions outweighed those reporting a fall, by 18%. But the balance in favour of those reporting more enquiries from potential new buyers was much stronger at 28%, although this was down a bit from the 30% balance recorded the previous month in October. "It is still indicative of an increasing level of buyer interest in the market," Rics said. "The implication of the latest set of results is that fresh supply of stock is continuing to lag behind the increase in demand. "[This] provides further evidence that most housing market activity indicators continue to improve, albeit at a more modest pace than in previous months," Rics added. Once again prices seem to be rising fastest in London and the south-east of England. "This month has seen an increase in genuine applicants wishing to purchase resulting in a larger volume of sales," said Stephen Whitley of surveyors R. Whitley in West Drayton. John King of surveyors Quinton Scott in Wimbledon said: "The high level of buyer enquiries covering a wide price range has increased sale activity only held back by the lack of stock." Story from BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/business/8412399.stm Published: 2009/12/15 00:02:02 GMT © BBC MMIX
  18. in all seriousness i dont believe seasonal decorations in office buildings should be paid for by tax money, if its not essential to keeping the building + staff safe + sound then its superfluous. if the staff want decorations, then they can pay themselves. this tree did not go to cheer up patients in wards. even there it could be contentious since not everyone finds xmas decs cheerful or valid, other religions + atheists etc may even find them irritating. if it were me, i'd be upset to be reminded by the tinsel et al of being stuck in hospital at a time of year when others are enjoying parties etc
  19. figures up or down makes no odds, put some properties on a propertybee watch list for the real stats in your area. mine shows mostly downwards pricing. however, no ideas as yet what the agreed sale prices were. if anywhere near the asking then still far too high.
  20. arrested at noon, released + sneering by teatime
  21. was such a tree really necessary? what would be wrong with a tree costing £100 or even £20? what is wrong with the culture of these civil servants who think they can spend OUR TAX MONEY on non essentials. in my old office we had a whip round to pay for the decorations + we were mostly on low wages (going back to the 80s now when i first left school) http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23783679-fury-at-pound-2500-christmas-tree-in-health-dept.do dept for health / nhs - all the same
  22. bbc p/t landlords dont like to post news that can degrade their portfolios, doh!
  23. no opinion from me on that, i am nervous about the whole system, i wish i had been able to buy the yellow metal in 2005 or whatever + store it somewhere safe, missed that boat + regret it. now i am pretty much scratching my head although next year looks dire for the economy generally
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