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  1. i think we can guess whose silly idea this was.

    probably if you get a high score you get the chance to be entered into the FX-Factor held live from the BoE restaurant, winner gets all their fiat sterling converted into gold at the lowest 2004 fix

    THIRD WORLD BRITAIN starts now with this sort of dumbed down nonsense

  2. When I see the women queuing up to sell their jewellery to the bint with the cart in my local shopping centre I feel like siddling up to them and offering them £10 more when I know I can just step outside jump on a No 9 bus into town and get three times the amount at the local gold dealers in town...

    tell you what, if i owned a gold tester i'd be tempted myself! not all are hallmarked so you've got to know what you're doing.

  3. surely these days a double dip is just going downhill to gather momentum so that you can then power up the incline + be propelled to even greater success [growth] ?

    well thats how i'd put it if i were writing election speeches as the ship was sinking


    i should assert copyright on the above before it ends up at management training seminars along with some memory rhyme like The greater the dip the more rise on the trip

    ©all rights reserved

    (i am available for seminars, weddings, barmitzvahs, reasonable rates - book now to avoid disappointment)

  4. Just as an aside to the OP, I drove through CO3 which I track on RM.

    RM says about 200 FOR SALE and 340 or so including SSTC.

    a ration of 1 for sale to 0.7 SOLD......so should see roughly more FOR SALE than SOLD boards.

    the sample was 1 FOR SALE to 11 SOLD BOARDS on my drive.

    Statistical anomoly, or a campaign to win hearts and minds?

    And where is Sybil13 with her ironing board and fact book?

    i hear what you're saying, however no such anomaly detectable as yet in my postcode. only 1 flat is for sale without a board, all else says sold. BUT i have just found that 1 house in the street that is unsold, + its asking price is above peak. no surprises there that it remains unsold but made the other 2 look good value by comparison esp as this one is a terrace + they were semis! unbelievable cheeky price

    the only thing of note to say is a maisonette took over 12 mths to sell dropping from £155K to £130K

    i also see one (currently unsold) that i recognise (not in my postcode) from an auction last year, looks like it is being flipped for 15%+

  5. Words fail me...

    That is seriously worrying is it not? This man is in charge of the country apparently.

    Wow! Just wow!

    Deluded and desperate.

    [jaw drop] i cannot believe he said that, must be misreporting, anyone got a video of this? its a massive colemanball if he actually said that, time immemorial did not commence with the industrial revolution so his speech writer needs sacking, major embarrassment to the educational system in this country too

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_immemorial http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrial_Revolution http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiot_(person)

    council dweller, he has not actually said this yet it seems. he can still avoid it or put a spin on that what he means is now man has the chance to ensure he does not become the reason for such things ;)

  6. http://www.countrywidepropertyauctions.co.uk/dynamic.php?id=results

    December Auction 2009

    210. 4 Admaston Road, London Sold £73,000 Last sold 05/01/2004 £120,000 = -£47,000

    217. Flat 3, Thurleigh House, 10 Thurlow Park Road, London Sold 140,000 Last sold 21/01/2007 £220,000 = -£80,000

    235. 44 Ashford Road, London Sold £204,000 Last sold 19/07/2006 £347,500 = -£143,500

    35 properties up for auction. Sold 9. I can only find the prices for the 3 shown.

    Enjoy! :D

    is it the seasonal apathy thing though? interesting nonetheless, thx

    225. Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset £90,000 - if thats where i recall it, no surprise that didnt fetch 90k

  7. i'm not sure it's so much about the crowd being right, but more about how we misread and misunderstood.

    From the proportion of buyers with large deposits, to interest rate setting, to the govt. stimulus and the

    effect on the economy.

    There was a poster on here called andykyn, who kept arguing that our subprime 100% mortgage brigade

    were a tiny fraction of the market, and there were all sorts of debates about the suitability of the traditional

    house price to earnings ratios that the hpc'ers [and bootle] were so enthralled by.

    Suffice to say that poster was correct, and was also correct about interest rates. He was a shameless nulab

    fanboi, but similar nulab cheerleaders that i've read and come across tend to be quite measured in their

    arguments, and seem to atleast have a reasonble grasp of economic issues.

    hpc'ers are frankly living in a darkened room when it comes to understanding of the economy. Trapped in

    an 80s way of thinking about high interest rates, bond market vigialantes and 3.5x income earnings ratios.

    It's as if the internet revolution didn't happen, it was as if inflation targetting and japan

    didn't happen. We just keep going back to the last crash and using that as the comparator, when it's pretty meaningless.

    In some ways even that much derided 'it's different this time' line mightn't be as absurd as the hpc'ers think.

    the hpc brigade need to reexamine their own way of thinking rather than always pointing the finger at the

    sheeple and putting their faith in silly bubble charts. To me it seems that, apart from the doldrums of the

    mid 90's [created by widespread negative equity ?] there's only been small windows of opportunities within

    which to buy at significant discount on previous house price peaks and to buy comparatively cheap. For the rest

    of the time it could be argued, house prices have been consistently high either from an average earnings

    perspective or affordability perspective.

    So we can assume that UK housing has been a bit pricey ever since we came out of the other side of stagflation,

    that's before we even begin to understand the supply, low IR's and new earnings of the noughties.And how that impacts on prices.......

    you've explained an interesting viewpoint which I have read a couple of times.

    although i think that the basics reveal a mania in property prices it is true when you say not all of the previous rules may apply. we'll have to see, it's going to be interesting to see if this watched pot boils + common sense prevails or mania or new paradigms become some kind of warped norm

  8. bit esoteric for me. I lend john a few bob, he pays it back..maybe with a tickle on the side.

    If I dont have enough, John has to see several people with cash, and tickles them all.

    Maybe John will be successful in his venture..maybe not..

    Not sure where a bank is REQUIRED to take his tickle and some of mine.

    + if all goes pear-shaped one imagines there's a lot more tickle of the old tackle in lieu

  9. well, as far as 2010, the only thing i can predict for sure is the the improving economic data will continue to come thick and fast.

    What that means for house prices and that third house on your street ? I don't know. If i knew how to time the market i wouldn't be

    wasting my life on here, would i ?

    Instead i'd be sitting in one of those hottubs where the water disappears over the edge.

    well, remember if you have health you are rich, we must never take for granted what we do have in the now. i am a sage + onion.

    not being sarcastic, but do you think things can really improve with all this money the country owes? surely any spin figures that come out will be seen through in a short space of time, like a quarter or 2. i have to admit that when so many properties seem to be sold - on my watch list it seems like they almost all sell sooner or later like a month or 3, it can be very tempting to think the crowd knows better. the wisdom of crowds as they say. but didnt a crowd buy just before the last peak? question we all have to ask is, is this the same again? + who was to know just how many seem to be able to get their hands on a large deposit from relatives or whoever. i recall reading a thread here + well established posters said to another poster "it's over - no one's going to be able to get the 25% etc deposits now". but they did + they have. i wonder will the sentiment run out before their cash does?

    btw, be interesting to see if the g0ld + property price charts actually turn out to be accurate, i'm not usually one for TA

  10. let me get this straight: unemployment rose but jobless claims fell because people were moved to different categories of claimant or because the government hired staff to man the jobcentre callcentres + swine flu nhs callcentres

    that is not real unemployment falling is it

    that is election spin of the most transparent kind

    edit tyops

  11. I love this graph. It's like the holy ghost of the HPC religion. Where does it even come from? Does it in any way deal with the extent of intervention that this market has seen? I'm becoming increasingly agnostic. :P

    we all have to hope that where the graph is marked despair is not actually the words bear trap lurking underneath should the despir phase commence for real after the seasonal slowdown that is usual for dec/jan (50% volume i believe). its very hard to see what there is to be bullish about in 2010, but then again many of us would have said that for 2009 too. so....who knows...

  12. tongue.gif Gen X I think.

    (Isolated upbringing, lots of books).

    don't become a teacher whatever you do, the bluffers in the staff room hate anyone who actually knows their subject, you'll get your tyres slashed by the head of your subject's department

    When I first started reading this site in approx 2006, they had held the base rate down too low too long. People were borrowing shed loads of money while interest rates were cheap. It's going to be dealing with inflation, and rate rises that's really going to be the kicker to a HPC.

    will they put the rates up though, considering they can't afford the repayments? i say they as in boe/govt which are supposed to be separate entitiies but :lol: they are all zanulabour

  13. The mistake seems to come when we think it is HPC that sets house prices and not the market. We can all sit here and say we think prices should be x y and z but ultimately it is the market that decides this. It's a casual observation but I have noticed that many posters here seem to be similarly perplexed by the conflict between reality and what we think should happen. Maybe, just maybe, some of the more vocal posters here are quite simply wrong. Don't get me wrong, I don't support or want for high prices neither do I think they will keep rising. However I do think people need to open their eyes to reality!

    surely those vocal posters base their comments on reality too, ie what typical salaries are + how expensive that makes the majority of typical property

  14. Could be Luke and Darth all over again :lol:

    Seems to me, QE has had little effect on the high street. As far as people spending cash- no way. People are shit scared of anything and everything to do with money now. They are confused, and running scared. I almost feel people would rather lose "interest" (haha) by storing it under their bed in a box, and watching it's value remain the same. People will only start spending huge tracts of cash IF they are scared of huge inflation- that they can actually see happening around them.

    heres an example of that inflation - fan heaters, were £5.99 now £8.99

    i see i'm not going to be told what the spelling thing is about, i'll introduce some mistry of my own then

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