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  1. whats their track record on forecasts for previous years? or should we take their predictions with a pinch of
  2. i think we can guess whose silly idea this was. probably if you get a high score you get the chance to be entered into the FX-Factor held live from the BoE restaurant, winner gets all their fiat sterling converted into gold at the lowest 2004 fix THIRD WORLD BRITAIN starts now with this sort of dumbed down nonsense
  3. tell you what, if i owned a gold tester i'd be tempted myself! not all are hallmarked so you've got to know what you're doing.
  4. can i slightly digress to remind people who are selling their gold jewellery etc to see my thread on the huge variation on what you get for your scrap gold if cashing it in - some scrap gold dealers offer 4 or 5 times more than others for the same weight
  5. surely these days a double dip is just going downhill to gather momentum so that you can then power up the incline + be propelled to even greater success [growth] ? well thats how i'd put it if i were writing election speeches as the ship was sinking i should assert copyright on the above before it ends up at management training seminars along with some memory rhyme like The greater the dip the more rise on the trip ©all rights reserved (i am available for seminars, weddings, barmitzvahs, reasonable rates - book now to avoid disappointment)
  6. i hear what you're saying, however no such anomaly detectable as yet in my postcode. only 1 flat is for sale without a board, all else says sold. BUT i have just found that 1 house in the street that is unsold, + its asking price is above peak. no surprises there that it remains unsold but made the other 2 look good value by comparison esp as this one is a terrace + they were semis! unbelievable cheeky price the only thing of note to say is a maisonette took over 12 mths to sell dropping from £155K to £130K i also see one (currently unsold) that i recognise (not in my postcode) from an auction last year, looks like it is being flipped for 15%+
  7. [jaw drop] i cannot believe he said that, must be misreporting, anyone got a video of this? its a massive colemanball if he actually said that, time immemorial did not commence with the industrial revolution so his speech writer needs sacking, major embarrassment to the educational system in this country too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_immemorial http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrial_Revolution http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiot_(person) council dweller, he has not actually said this yet it seems. he can still avoid it or put a spin on that what he means is now man has the chance to ensure he does not become the reason for such things
  8. is it the seasonal apathy thing though? interesting nonetheless, thx 225. Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, Dorset £90,000 - if thats where i recall it, no surprise that didnt fetch 90k
  9. you've explained an interesting viewpoint which I have read a couple of times. although i think that the basics reveal a mania in property prices it is true when you say not all of the previous rules may apply. we'll have to see, it's going to be interesting to see if this watched pot boils + common sense prevails or mania or new paradigms become some kind of warped norm
  10. dedicated to mr brown + the new taxes they hope to bring in the name of saving the planet (one wonders if these taxes will be used accordingly, just as road tax doesnt go on the roads why would green taxes go on green things eh)
  11. why financial catastrophe if no deal? because no excuse to take more tax money from the slaves citizens? otherwise i dont understand. unless it is just a convenient excuse to use, might as well have said financial catastrophe if joe wins x-factor or financial catastrophe if emmerdale changes to channel 4.
  12. he might've meant bullish. have noticed quite a few other posters on here type 'bear trap' when they mean 'bull trap'. i suppose confusion sets in after a while, otherwise his post could look like bearsh*t
  13. + if all goes pear-shaped one imagines there's a lot more tickle of the old tackle in lieu
  14. well, remember if you have health you are rich, we must never take for granted what we do have in the now. i am a sage + onion. not being sarcastic, but do you think things can really improve with all this money the country owes? surely any spin figures that come out will be seen through in a short space of time, like a quarter or 2. i have to admit that when so many properties seem to be sold - on my watch list it seems like they almost all sell sooner or later like a month or 3, it can be very tempting to think the crowd knows better. the wisdom of crowds as they say. but didnt a crowd buy just before the last peak? question we all have to ask is, is this the same again? + who was to know just how many seem to be able to get their hands on a large deposit from relatives or whoever. i recall reading a thread here + well established posters said to another poster "it's over - no one's going to be able to get the 25% etc deposits now". but they did + they have. i wonder will the sentiment run out before their cash does? btw, be interesting to see if the g0ld + property price charts actually turn out to be accurate, i'm not usually one for TA
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