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  1. Looks like sterlings is now facing massive resistance after it hits 1.66 and beyond.
  2. GBPUSD now has hit from $1.46 to $1.6, still if it breaks 1.63, we will probably expect to see sterling hitting $1.7. Support 1.57 Resistance in this month 1.68
  3. Just saw it on the news, the U.S. Senate has now authorized support of the planned gold sales by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
  4. Recent movement in Sterling verse US DOllar is really gainning momentum, when I predicted that, the Pound was only $1.46 verse the Dollar, now it is $1.57. I think we are going to see pound to $1.8 US dollar probably this 2 months or so. Date of forecast: 5/20/09
  5. For those hungry for a low-price entry into the gold market let's hope that some billionaire holding large amount of gold came across this thread and somehow it enlightens them to the fact that imf gold sales will depress gold prices and therefore makes them decide to sell off all of their gold holdings, driving gold prices right down to $600 or less.
  6. IMF the third largerest holder of Gold reserve in the world, is planning to sell gold. IMF performed similar gold sales in the 1970s when Gold prices skyrocked from $ 100 per ounce to $800 per ounce in just 7 years. They sold one third of their gold holdings, a massive 1600 tones. But half that IMF Gold were sold at just $35 per ounce to members nations of IMF. However, that did not achieved the desireable effect that IMF wanted: driving gold prices lower and keeping dollars high. By the completion of Gold sales, gold prices became five times higher. However, it is worth noting that when the gold sales were announced Gold prices fell from $200 to $100 before jumping to $800. The legendary investors Jim Rogers said gold prices will plunge to $700 or below that if and when IMF really sells its gold reserves. Given the past response of GOld market to IMF gold sales and comments by Jim Rogers, do you think it is more than likely that Gold prices will fall to $600, which is in my view a very nice entry level into the GOld market.
  7. Anyone has any thoughts or comments on what Jim ROger says about the UK economy?
  8. Despite having accumulated massive national debt, the UK shows strong willingness in rescuing the parts of the financial sector not just in Great Britain, but beyond the world that are in trouble. We have seen on the news when Lehman Brother Collapsed, the shares prices around the world was tumbling, Gordon Brown is one of the very few leaders round the world and initiate coordinated efforts to intervene on a global scale. Gordon Brown also in the G20 summits further agreed upon measures to help the countries in deep financial trouble. England also followed the examples of the USA and became one of the first country in the world to embark on quantative easing, and it was seen as radical by the ECB and they thus delay adopting similar measures taken in the UK. The point I am trying to make here is that when the crisis happens, it is happening on a global scale never seen before and therefore needs to be tackled globally. The Uk clearly has done more than many other leading industrialised countries in this regard. It can be argued that they are perhaps one step ahead of many major industrialised countries affected by the current financial crisis in terms of the timing in solving the crisis, and the scale and magnitude of measures needed in response to the financial crisis of such massive scale never seen before, and their willingness to coordinate government efforts around the world and respond to the crisis on an international scale. Since the UK government has got that far, they are now clear willing to do whatever it takes to solve the current crisis, now with further agreement reached around the world in terms of coordinating government finance, the UK therefore will therefore probably hardly run out of money when they need it. Therefore, sterling is currently undervalued and it is foreseeable that sterling will rise beyond 1.60 US dollar and possibly to 1.8 US dollar at least in the short run. Does anyone agree with me?
  9. I do not appreciate your comments. I do believe that everyone here is entitled to say what they think in an objective manner , but not by making personal references to others and their ability. Again, I am looking forward to hearing from people who have various ideas about the topic here.
  10. Thank you for your comment. The reason I am incooperating this piece of news into the forum is that I believe that it is probably worth revisiting what Jim Roger says, given the recent development of the UK economy. Jim Roger as we all probably know, is a successful investers who made billions over the years. He along with George Soros predicts the Oil prices falling from 150, they forecasted when the credit crunch would begin and so on. To begin with, let us examine what happens to sterling: Sterling now has risen to over 1.50 from its lowest 1.38 in January. So clearly sterling has retained its value depsite the comments from Jim Rogers. I am aware that the inclusion of some of the comments Jim Rogers into this forum may probably be offensive to some of you, but it would be greatly appreciated if the person reading this topic understand that they are purely for discussion purpuses.
  11. "I would urge you to sell any sterling you might have," said Rogers. "Sell any sterling you have. It's finished," said Jim Rogers. "It's finished. I hate to say it, but I would not put any money in the UK," Rogers said.Jan 19, 2009 Bloomberg (5 occurrences) Jim Rogers, chairman of Singapore-based Rogers Holdings, said the "UK is finished" and investors should sell the currency. However, a quite by Jim Rogers read Start buying when others say 'never again'," Rogers, 65, said today at an investor conference in Nanjing.Jun 28, 2008 Business Standard (5 occurrences) The end of this crisis "is a long way away," Rogers said. "In fact, it may not be in our lifetimes."Aug 18, 2008 Money Morning (7 occurrences) Here are some combination of quotes by Jim Rogers, and please do not take exception to or offended by my inclusion of them into this topic. These quotes are incoporated in this forum in order that we can have an open discussion and an exchange of views on them. As this forum is located in the UK, I would be very interested to see what the people in the UK made of the strong views by Jim Rogers on the UK.
  12. Thank you for the link. I have read the articile and my thoughts are that the US has accumultaed massive debt, unfunded liabilities to such an extent that it probably would take years to pay back. The government are really playing more of a passive role in solving the current crisis, it is just responding to the problems and injecting money into them. The solution so far they have come up with is printing more and more money. This probably points to the fact that they do not have adequate funds and help businesses repay the massive amount of debt they incured in the first place.
  13. Thank you for your feedback. I fully understand that my assumptions are quite unusual and perhaps radical if you like to some people, given their views and opinions on the financial market. However, I was not particularly happy with the way you are questioning my judgement on the financial market. My arguement may sound similar to the media, it does not necessarily mean that I am accepting what the media tells me without question. My assessment of the gold prices is based on my original analysis of the financial market. Again I would reiterate that I am open to criticism of my analysis, and I am looking forward to hearing from people who have various views on gold prices.
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