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  1. It's hard to know where to start with that video. I'm as embarrassed today by those 'scotsmen' as i was when I seen it previously, the day it all went off. Grown men, squealing like little girls. It's not as if they even have the excuse of being 16 year old's full of buckfast & rattled on the dirtiest most-stamped-on ching Glasgow's east end had to offer. The last guy, what a total ******ing minter - the thought process on display is remarkable, "your carrying a flag, your a dirty nationalist, what do you mean i'm carrying a flag as well? your rebel scum, your a........poofter, better shift I hear a siren." It's sort of beyond any rational analysis.
  2. I'd say a low percentage of scottish support is genuine euro-phile stuff, the vast majority is just canney votes knowing that if they vote 2:1 in favour and england votes brexit, we get a 2nd indyref sooner then we are going to get anyway. they may be soft pro-euro, but it's secondary to the big picture right now.
  3. It's ok there. Most big house not yet had the multi-occupancy chop job done on them. However you are right in that the price is silly, I just don't think it's actually dodgy. Good for Chorlton (expensive) and Didsbury (chopped totally).
  4. You can't blame greece here. They were given a golden ticket to the wonka factory and like any fat kid, took it and stuffed themselves. Now they are sick. Now they have some actually responsible adults in charge and the EU don't like it one little bit, how dare you not drink the banksta-flavour kool aid. There is practically an attempt to institute regime change in a developed EU country. Let that sink in for a minute. If your greek, right now you got to be thinking, feck it, shove your single currency, we're off to sell really cheap package deals to UK tourists in a years time. At least that way we get better eventually.
  5. I guess I kind of gave up. In the round, I'm glad I did what I did. The debt is more than any of my peers had to take for a first home, but it's not really equivalent to a first home. Pro-rata I'd say I have more bang for my buck, but less time to pay it off. Anyone in the SE has my sympathies. Come to Scotland, it's a bit wet at times but the air is clean and the people are down to earth.
  6. It's not really for the SNP to insist on removal of trident from Scotland, as it is not a devolved power. There is no appetite in Scotland for a unilateral declaration of independence based on any general election result, and one would need to follow the other for such demands to be made, so it's not going to happen that way. The SNP have openly stated they will only discuss supporting a Labour government, the torries can go whistle dixie - and the upfront demand to that partnership of sorts is the removal of trident in Scotland. It would then be up to Labour to decide if that is a price worth paying and for the SNP to decide if it could better horse-trade tangible devo-max instead, as in reality, Labour can't really agree to the removal of trident and stay electable in england.
  7. they really screwed up in the referendum, talking Scotland down for 2 years, then waiving some Saltires and yelling about being patriots in the last 3weeks. the damage was done. it will be long remembered, i actually think they are openly hated more than the Torries, and that takes some doing up here.. the demographics of the result show that the people who voted no were not typical lab types, they were simply people scared into believing they would lose out personally. they won't roll-out for the general election as they will not perceive the same threat. the yes vote seems fairly intact and determined to exact some retribution for the 2 year assault on their intelligence. Vote No was a campaign, and as such is over and wound down, vote Yes is a movement, and one that is quite happy to send a majority of scots mps to westminster to make mischief. if it reaches the fptp tipping point, it will be utter carnage for lab, but a more likely outcome will be the loss if about 60% of the seats.
  8. If Yes had won, the issue would only have been prevalent if the oil price in mid-2016 (at the earliest) was tanking. Right now, it's the UK problem, any revenue to be derived from a successful north sea oil industry is not even devolved, so it's the treasury who will have to planning to fill the hole.
  9. He has a fine taste in Northern Soul and wants to see the bankster class (and their bosses) held accountable for their corrupt practices and he is on TV saying it. Whats not to like? It's not you or I he is seeking is persuade, as we are already persuaded.
  10. This thinking is pretty much a text-book example of 2 + 2 = 5 They are so far off the mark it is becoming compulsive viewing up here. There is no agenda to seize, you either stand up for normal people or you stand up for the establishment cabal of bankers and corporates whilst caning your expenses and voting against real recall. The trouble with labour is that the mask has slipped, and they are now being seen as the self serving establishment pricks that they always were (and will be). They had a gala dinner tonight in Glasgow. People are out putting banners up to troll them, with a few hundred strong protest and foodbank collection outside the hotel. A wet thursday night in winter, and your getting trolled by normal folk. Basically, your done.
  11. never going to happen. this is just the labour policy nerfgun being fired
  12. it sounds like the builders plea "we will build more and sell for less if you cut our red tape", and the gov then wrapping a policy around it for electioneering purposes, enabling them to agree to it at the say time as saying "move along, nothing to see, definitely not helping our builder mates coin it". Typically how this would play out is big business take the benefit, grease some palms in the process down the line, but fail to deliver the substantive nature of the agreement, instead screwing the punters to maximize profit. as others have said if you are a FTB and have got in to the position where you might be buying a 200K new build house in the next 6 months, why not wait an extra 18 months and get it for 40K less?
  13. It's great seeing a poll reflect the groundswell of opinion that has been present for the past 3 months. In truth when it was a 22 percent gap I still only knew 1 person who was voting no, I still didn't get canvassed by the better Together campaign, I still didn't see Better Together activists on the street. Their campaign seems focused on sending hugely negative material through the post, and letting the media do their campaigning for them, the BBC has been obscene in the past 2 years here. It's either to close to call if the current polls are correct, or it is heading for about 55-60% emphatic yes victory. There are definite echos of the last Scottish general election when the SNP took an overall majority, an outcome that was not evident in polling up to election day. I'm hugely looking forward to living in a country no longer shackled by the ancient elitism of the UK, being run by a government which is not the pet-dog of the city of London. We will find a way forward to deal with the difficult choices that need to be made, and our politicians will be held accountable by our citizens. Honestly, anything negative you can say, any cliche you want to repeat, any insult you want to fling - anything at all - it is worth it for that alone.
  14. i always laugh at this one, perfectly nice newer build http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-23453584.html sam's redhot car lot just to the left. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Carnalea+Ct/@55.597135,-4.377236,3a,90y,270h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sn6waS9c9Xm9qnqRCjN0pvg!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x488831dbfdd4e217:0xcbcb1af19fc8a216
  15. Seen my "first" wtf moment with a nice(ish) detached house that failed to sell at 180K last year with 2 different agents at different occasions, relisted last week with a new agent at 240K some 6 months since last withdrawn. Irvine valley, East Ayrshire. It won't sell at this price.
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