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  1. If you do a bit of googling around you can find the individual flats listed for sale, I'm guessing noone was interested in such tiny shoeboxes. It looks like it last sold for 235k at the beginning of 2005 so 472.5k does seem a bit steep, especially as most of the little terraced houses in the street sold for less than 150k even at peak. 8% yield does sound tempting but I'm guessing there will be be loads of void periods
  2. £3 + per day? In Bristol centre my collegues were all paying £15 per day a couple of years ago. A lot of them are cycling in now (after spending upwards of £500 each on brand new bikes on the Cycle to Work scheme) or spending more days working from home. I chose to pay the extra rent to live in a nice area where I can walk in, wish I could find funky shoes that last more than 2 months though (my latest ones have a lot of visible wear after one and a half days)
  3. There are still as many empty office blocks and noticeably more empty shops now. They're trying to hide all the empty shops by schemes such as posters of fake shops plastered over the front or using them as art galleries (I'm hoping to take advantage of this by exhibiting in some of them this summer). Walking around the Galleries I noticed about a third of the shops were closed down and there seem to be less shoppers than a few years ago (except in Poundland which is always busy). What I'm failing to understand is why house prices are still rising. Admittedly there are some less desirable 1970s flats and ex-council houses that have reduced their asking prices but the general trend for houses in good areas that you'd actually want to live in has been an increase in asking prices in the last 2 years (and rents have rocketed). I've been monitoring certain types of houses in Windmill Hill, Totterdown and Bedminster and asking prices have risen 10-15% in the last 2 years, 1 and 2 bed flats in Redland also seem to have risen by 10-20% (and they seem to be selling at that price too, the 3 places I was most interested in sold for asking price or above). I'm getting a bit bored of waiting for the crash here, I'm going to look at a property tomorrow but I'm not convinced the owner will accept an offer 9% below asking
  4. Not where I live 150k houses I'm looking at have risen by 20k in the last 18 months. Fingers crossed they'll fall but I've been waiting a long time and no sign of it so far
  5. Thanks for those extra numbers, interesting that BS34 has so many extra properties available, that's Bradley Stoke isn't it? Seems relatively cheap compared to other districts too.
  6. Apparently its a one way cul-de-sac so you drive your car to your house then cannot drive it out again. Maybe that's why its so cheap?
  7. Just comparing the number of properties available on Rightmove with that of a year ago for Bristol postcodes shows a 30% increase overall DAY DATE BS1 BS3 BS4 BS6 BS7 BS8 BS9 Total=======================================================================Wed 10/03/2010 96 180 260 162 195 202 165 1260Wed 09/03/2011 154 268 291 201 273 245 206 1638% increase 60% 48% 11% 24% 40% 21% 24% 30% I'm not sure how prices seem to be continually rising given these numbers but I guess a lot of them could be overpriced and staying on the market for several years due to people not needing to sell. What is everyone else seeing in Bristol at the moment? Any increase in the number of properties coming to market? Any areas where prices are dropping?
  8. lol, I've seen tiny garages in that area fetch 20k. A building like that would be above 500k
  9. At the level you go in through the front door with a basement flat underneath generally (the basement flat is the ground floor, the one above is the first floor)
  10. Just round the corner from me. You'd be lucky to get anything decent in that area for £130k (although you can in other parts of Bristol and still get the same rental income so I don't see the point of it as a BTL). 18 months ago I was looking at 2 bed flats in the same area for that price, prices have been steadily rising since, doesn't make sense to me, it's not just London that's immune to the crash.
  11. Great property for a deaf plane spotter. Or maybe someone wanting a side business of car parking "Associated with the property is a generous area of parking" "and a good sized garden to the rear"
  12. Definitely second that opinion, lets hope its just because people are too busy going on holiday to put their houses up for sale in August Here's a graph showing the dip in the last month
  13. One of the major sellers is the Essence development which up until about January had multiple properties advertised below 150k, now it has upped prices and currently has 4 properties listed on Rightmove between 150k and 170k. I'm guessing that other properties have crept up in price to the 150-170k bracket too, hopefully they'll drop back down to below 150k once they've been sat on the market for a few months (fingers crossed)
  14. Sounds like good news to me, I'd love a 2 bed flat in BS6 or maybe BS8 and my other alternative would be a 'in need of refurbishment' property. Sitting back and waiting now to see what happens
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