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  1. Friends bought a semi in the 90's in a nice part of Stockport. After moving in,they checked the shed and there was a jacket on the back of a chair, and a coffee mug and opened newspaper(several years old) on the table. Embedded in the wooden wall there was a small telescope, pointed at the house. They did mention it to neighbours, but got a very frosty reception. The previous owners must have been a bit strange.
  2. Currently the YouGov owner is Peter Kellner,ex-New Statesman journalist and husband of Baroness Cathy Ashton of the EU.(I'm a member of YouGov, which is a decent enough survey site,though it can take years to reach the £50 payout!) I didn't get offered this survey though.PS As a teenager in the 70's,I quite enjoyed that decade.
  3. Our local Somerfield/Co-Op (Stockport) has just laid off four staff, with no plans to replace them..very long queues at tea time.
  4. Hi,areas of Stockport vary considerably. The parts near to Cheadle are pretty crummy(Cheadle Heath/ Edgeley/ Adswood etc.) However for £176K, you could get a nice 3-bed semi, or even a detached, in much better areas such as Romiley, Woodley, Heaton Mersey etc. Your journey to work must be a pain, but I think there are through-trains from Stockport station which take half an hour or so.
  5. We have a Cool Trader store in Stockport,and noticed that some of their till receipts are marked Heron Foods..must be a subsidiary. +1 for Home Bargains. Bought some bottles of 'Emma's Wadi' there this week,which is a limited edition squash made by Britvic,after a competition to find the most interesting new flavour.It's a combination of blackcurrant,banana and ice cream! Very tasty,especially for 39p/litre. The only problem with Home Bargains,apart from the inept staff,is when you find something really tasty they never seem to have it in stock again.Lots of end-of-line products.
  6. Congratulations to the posters that had inexpensive weddings. I've noticed over the last 30 years that the marriages of my friends who had such weddings are still going strong,but the Bridezilla couples' marriages imploded within five years.
  7. I used to know someone who lived in Broughton,which has a Chester postcode. It's 4 miles from Chester centre,but is technically in Wales,so the house prices are similar to the cheaper parts of Stockport. She'd had no trouble there over many years. I've not visited the place,but may be worth a quick look.
  8. Here in Stockport,in 1992,a similar house next to railway tracks was bought by a group of trainspotters... glostransporthistory.visit-gloucestershire.co.uk/Rail_2010.html The funniest thing was a bunch of locals complaining to the Council about "undesirables" coming to the area...the house was in Adswood,one of the roughest estates in town!
  9. As I think I've previously mentioned,my parents bought a 3-bed detached in High Lane,Stockport,in 1954 for £1,600.(They obtained the plot and had a local building firm build the house on it.) Next door,a 2-bed detached,cost £1,300 in 1953 and is now up for sale at £329,000,though it has been extended and tarted up. Very few cars around in the 60's on that road..next door had a Mini,and the heating engineer up the road had a VW Beetle.In the 70's I recall an Austin 1100,an old Vauxhall,and a Triumph Toledo which was a sales rep's company car. TV sets were prohibitively expensive in those days;my parents could only afford a wireless early on in their marriage,and in the 60's bought a second-hand black and white set which broke down a lot. They're almost disposable items these days.
  10. The Bank Of Cyprus is FSCS covered to £85K,as of July 2012.
  11. Nice barn,but 35 minutes to Manchester City Centre by car ?!?!! Maybe at 3am..
  12. I'm a volunteer in a charity shop, and haven't heard of this happening. We've noticed that serious jigsaw users always put the bits in a plastic bag inside the box,though,and they should all be present.If you're buying a jigsaw,ask for a receipt,and you can get a refund if you find that bits are missing.
  13. Just a thought..have you considered Stockport? There's a small number of 4-bed detacheds in Marple for £250K,and a couple of them in Marple Bridge priced at £285K.(One's on Landseer in M/Bridge,which is part of the 'Artists Estate' and very pleasant; I once lived in De Wint Avenue.) Marple schools are very good.
  14. Deleted as link not working
  15. The detached house close to my Mum's in High Lane(Stockport) has recently gone on sale for £329,000. It was built in 1953 for...£1,300, so it's up by 253 times! It's changed hands several times,but the original owner(a family friend now)bought it as a young engineer.His wife worked part-time in a shop.
  16. That recess reminds me of a run-down short-life Housing Association house in Willesden Green where my brother lived in the 1980s..to gain a bit of extra money,the housemates decided to rent out a low storage area off the kitchen,to an itinerant hippy.Same height as the picture,though a larger floor space which would just fit a medium-sized mattress.Think he got charged £20 a week.
  17. This house is in a good part of Stockport,and comes with a building plot for another house,but must be the most derelict-looking heap I've ever seen advertised in Marple Bridge... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-21258414.html
  18. Thanks for that..hadn't thought of self-service tills.(Don't need to relocate though; I already live in Stockport! )
  19. I'm very impressed with some of the above amounts found! I started totting up found money after reading a thread on MSE; my totals are: 2006: 33p 2007: £11-38p 2008: £2-15p 2009: £12-28p 2010: 44p 2011: 73p 2012: so far 12p The two 'high' years were because I found a tenner in each..one in the street,and the other in Forbuoys newsagents. Almost all the found coins were coppers and 5p's.
  20. I bought some Thorntons chocolates this week from Home Bargains, at £2.99p for a 283g box. You can't get much more down-market than that..none in Cool Trader,though.
  21. This one's in my Mum's village...£400K for a house that looks like an old storage unit from the outside. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/12559986
  22. NK=No kids.Quite witty comment from Jason,who has less intelligence than a piece of 2x4.He still owns a flat,but Rosie refused to live in it as he'd previously lived with Tina there.(Think it's 12A Coronation Street, the rear flat above the Kabin.)Not that I watch it all the time either.
  23. Coffey,Ann(Lab)Stockport.
  24. People have been talking about the Hazel Grove bypass since I was a kid in the early 60's..I doubt it will ever happen now.(Ref New Mills..I've never used them personally,but there are two railway stations,which is unusual for such a small town(circa 10,000 people.)
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