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  1. There is a small development of new houses in my village. Some apartments, terraced, semi's and detached houses. At a guess about 40 properties. I would have considered buying one but the prices were scarily high. I had a good relationship with the sales agent and we had lots of communication. I was convinced that these properties would not sell. But they have. Very slowly but one by one they have gone. One thing I find surprising is that there are at least six of those properties on rightmove now available for rent. I've seen that on other new developments too. I'm surprised that people want to BTL still and wonder am I missing something here?
  2. Still no email. That'll teach me to count my chickens!
  3. I've been thinking that I could lie and tell them that I need a mortgage and change my mind later
  4. Nope She looked more like this. But she was very nice to talk to. http://images.paraorkut.com/img/funnypics/..._lady-12775.jpg
  5. Maybe I shouldn't count my chickens - The emails not arrived yet.
  6. Gosh I don't believe it. The Halifax Estate Agents just telephoned me asking if I wanted to stay on the mailing list lol. I said that I didn't think that there was too much point as they hadn't sent me anything. He said that's probably because I have very specific requirements. I said do I? He said yes you want a property with a garage. Is a garage that odd? He said that they had two properties. He's emailing them to me. Hoorah!
  7. LOl I don't know. Perhaps they would have sold me the house with the sitting tenant in that case.
  8. In that case try again then. In reply to the question say yes. After all you are investing in a home.
  9. Maybe it has a sitting tenant. I saw a house advertised. I was very interested in it. Then I saw that it had a sitting tenant bringing in a rent of £650 lol. Shame.
  10. Thanks for that. I think that I will end up renting. My friends tell me that renting is "dead money" lol. For a good deal I will buy though. I'll keep on looking in a relaxed kind of way. I think that's my problem I'm too relaxed. I've found that builders are very interested in my money. There prices do tend to be a little high still but not like the laypeople. It's a case of being in the right place at the right time. The builders seem to be left with the north facing gardens or the design/building faults. I found a lovely 4 bedroom detached house with a south facing garden locally. I thought there has to be a catch. I found it quite quickly. It was the kitchen. It was the smallest kitchen that I had ever seen in my whole life. Shame really because other wise it was a nice house. I bet some poor b*gg*r got into trouble for that lol.
  11. I suspect that you are most probably right. But I am in actual fact a serious cash buyer. Maybe I need to be a little bit more subtle. I viewed one very nice house locally. My daughter was with me. WE could chat openly as the house was empty. The agent was with us. He could see that we liked it and asked if I needed a mortgage as he could arrange a mortgage. I said No I've got the cash. Thinking about it I've not heard from him either. Maybe they don't believe me. When I said it he reply lucky you.
  12. Thanks for that I'll suggest it. I don't think that £40 is a reasonable charge for photocopying. But I would prefer an email anyway. Spencer's said that I had to go into the office to view the HIP they said that was the only way that I could see it.
  13. I'm seriously looking to buy a house. 1. I asked to view the HIP on one property and was told that I had to pay £40 to do this. When I questioned this the reply was that was the cost of photocopying! 2. I made an offer on a house verbally about two weeks ago. I still haven't heard anything. 3. I asked to view a HIP for another property. I was told that I could only view the HIP on screen in the estate agents office. I still haven't managed to get there yet. 4. I have asked for details to be sent to me that haven't arrived. 5. I have been asked to be put on mailing lists but have received no mail. 6. I believe that one estate agent has blacklisted me because I made a low offer on a property. The reason that I think this is because he used to mail me and phone me but he's now stopped. All in all I'm finding it very frustrating.
  14. Actually all of the house on this page, for the same address, are more expensive http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...p;auction=false 69 Devitt Way has 4 bedrooms.
  15. Here is a address for a 4 bed detached house in DEvit way (don't know how to make a link sorry). It's not number 69 as listed above but it's a similar house. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...auction%3Dfalse
  16. I am sorry I misinformed you. The email was from mouseprice not property bee. Anyway, here's a copy of the email page. Land Registry recent sales The table below lists the most recent transactions recorded by Land Registry near you. If you want to see more details, simply click on the property you are interested in. To see all the Land Registry data for le9 click here. Postcode Address Price Date Profit/Loss LE9 6NQ 69, Devitt Way £150,001 27/02/09 more details LE9 6RU 17, Harrier Close £102,000 09/03/09 more details LE17 5EU Cherry Tree Cottage, Main Street £250,000 03/02/09 more details LE9 6SB 96, Warwick Road £100,000 09/03/09 more details LE9 1RG 2c, Chapel Lane £300,000 20/02/09 more details LE9 1SD 14, Brooklands Road £147,000 20/03/09 more details LE8 6ZU 6, Otter Way £225,000 27/02/09 more details LE8 5UA 35, Willoughby Road £417,500 24/02/09 more details LE8 6WE 4, Kinder Close £143,750 24/02/09 more details LE19 2JY 14, Field Close £76,000 18/02/09 more detail Discounted property Are you interested in snapping up a bargain? Below are properties for sale where the asking prices have been reduced - simply click on any property to find out more. Search for all reduced property near le9 6uf by clicking here. Address Type Beds Price Listed On Reduction Netherfield Close Detached 4 £235,000 01-09-2008 6% Park View Close Detached 4 £300,000 17-01-2008 8% Old Rectory Close Detached 5 £439,000 24-05-2008 7% Fretter Close Detached 4 £324,995 02-05-2008 14% Main Street Terrace 2 £99,950 22-10-2007 16% Other property for sale The list below shows what is currently on the market for sale near you. To search for more property on the market click here. Address Type Beds Price Listed On Devitt Way Detached 3 £189,950 18-03-2009 Darwin Close Terrace 2 £129,950 27-03-2009 Bushnell Close Semi-D 2 £125,950 06-10-2008 Trefoil Close Detached 4 £299,000 24-09-2007 Harris Close 2 £189,950 17-02-2009 Property Flirts™ Below are your local Property Flirts™. These are properties where the owner has set a price that might tempt them to consider selling. You too can set a price that might tempt you to move: click here to flirt your property. Address Type Beds Price Listed On Hall Farm Crescent Detached 5 £250,000 13-04-2009 Harvest Way Semi-D 3 £155,000 03-03-2009 Netherfield Close Detached 4 £290,000 24-03-2009 The Avenue Semi-D 3 £200,000 20-03-2009 Old Forge Road Detached 3 £320,000 24-03-2009 March's Land Registry House Price Index, released today, shows that the rate of fall in house prices is slowing, with an annual change of -16.2 per cent. The monthly change is currently -0.4 per cent, which changes the average price to £152,895. Transaction numbers are still falling in England and Wales, with an average of just 35,480 sales per month between October 2008 and January 2009. In the same period last year, sales volumes averaged 85,610 per month. Use the following link to see house price graphs for LE9 I hope that this helps
  17. Good morning everyone I had an email from property bee today listing recent property sales in my area. I've noticed that very few properties seem to be selling and the ones that have sold I was very suspicious about. Anyway my suspicions are confirmed. These SOLD properties are being sold for much less than the asking price on rightmove.com. At least it shows that we have to be ruthless when it comes to negotiating the price for our new house should we decide to buy one at this stage.
  18. Oh my gosh is that how it works? They're stuffed then aren't they?
  19. My porn start abilities are worse than my story telling abilities - trust me. By the way for what it's worth - my favourite British monarch is Charles II.
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