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  1. I think sometimes we forget where we are coming from. 100 years ago, normal ordinary people, were spending far too much money on their homes. At the time this was rent not buying. Housing was inadequate and cost (in relation to income) a lot of money. There was not enough money left for other important things like food, clothes, heating etc. With progress, there was a policy of providing affordable housing for people. As a result quality of life improved. People were healthier and happier. Never forget where we have come from. Having expensive over inflated house prices is not good for anyone.
  2. Actually sticky backed plastic kitchens is exactly what's in this property that I'm talking about. I'm having difficulty finding a good enough quality house to buy. I haven't seen any brand new houses that are good enough to be honest. The build quality is appalling. And not only that the rooms are just toooooo blooming small.
  3. Speaking as a working class background person made good I'm sorry to say that I agree with you also. There isn't the same incentive to keep the garden etc nice is there?
  4. This is a 4 bedroomed house on 3 levels. The rooms are on the small side. The estate is also very cramped. But the ambience is nice. It's in Leicestershire on the north side of the city. This isn't a few days later though it is quite a while later. There's loads of building going on in this area.
  5. It's all about stereotypes isn't it? People make assumptions about me which I find very annoying. I'm a single parent with three kids and so people actually ask me if all of my children have the same father! I have to explain that it's my ex husband who sleeps around not me. I also get told "of course we pay for your children"!!!. When I ask how, I have it explained to me that I'm on benefits. I also have some very good friends who live in affordable housing and some of my children's good friends are from those very same houses. But hey....it's still a risk isn't it? I guess I've been lucky to have never had a bad neighbour and it is something that I fear because I know how much it can affect one's quality of life.
  6. I didn't offer £220 I offered £200. I wasn't sure then that I wanted that house. But I was new to the market and had sold my house and felt the need to buy a new house. Fortunately for me sense prevailed and I'm much calmer now.
  7. Yeah probably. It's a bit unfair of me I know, being a single parent myself. But I just see out of control kids running round the place screaming at all hours. I think they would have to pay me to live there to be honest.
  8. It is a Bellway home. I don't know how financially secure they are right now. The site it's self looks fine but building has almost ground to a halt. I prefer one of the other properties not yet built but of course they're going to be a lot more expensive
  9. Yes I'll forward the details to anyone but beware it's a Bellway home? And another reason that they're struggling to sell that particular house is that it's next door to the "affordable housing".
  10. He said that I'd looked at one of his houses a few months ago. He said that it was £250000. I said well I had looked at one of your houses but it was £220000 not £250000. He said yes that's right it was reduced from £250000. I said was it? He said yes. I said Oh! Anyway, he said it's still available if you want it. I said no thanks. He said I'll accept £200000. I said no thanks. I said I offered you £200000 three months ago and you turned me down. I said house prices have come down since then. He said make me an offer. I said £140000. He thought for a while and said I don't think that I can accept £140000. I said OK then. What's the betting that he'll ring me up in a few months time offering me the house for £140000?
  11. I've been looking for a new property since January. The alerts from rightmove.com have had very few properties within the price range that I am prepared to pay. Today is the first day that I've been able to select several perfectly acceptable properties with a realistic price tag. It the light beginning to dawn do you think?
  12. That's not surprising really if the ea is closed at the weekend. Surely it would be better to close on Monday or Tuesday.
  13. My shares are of the non volatile variety. Some are ISA's and some are in a managed account. Do you think I should keep them or sell them?
  14. I sold my house in February. It was a large house. I had loads of people come to see it. Most were sightseers. Most had not even put their homes on the market never mind being in a position to but or seriously think about buying. People have strange hobbies - one of them seems to be viewing house that are for sale with no intention of buying them
  15. I would prefer to buy a house but think that I will end up renting. ONe thing's for sure if I'm not going to buy a house at an overinflated purchase price I sure aint going to rent the same blooming house at an overinflated rental price.
  16. Ahaa ok I never thought of that. That makes more sense now.
  17. I've noticed on rightmove that some properties have gone from being available to not listed and then a week later they're available again. Why do people do that do you think? Seems odd to me.
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