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  1. Why bizarre? Yes we are doing ok now but I have to say that the past 5 years have been the hardest of my life. I didn't sign up to being a single parent and all that entails. But we're doing ok thanks for asking.
  2. The law is not biased towards women at all that's a fallacy. There is a lot of evidence that men do better in divorce. They have a better lifestyle after divorce and have fewer responsibilities.
  3. I think for me it was the way that I was brought up but I like the way you express yourself.
  4. I'm sorry but my ex (a man) was all grab grab grab. He hired a van and took the furniture when we were all out at work/school. He even transferred the TV licence to his new address! I'm glad to be rid (now) I can tell you. It was very tough for a while. It didn't need to be but he seemed to want it to be.
  5. Congratulations to you - I could do with something like that happening to me.
  6. Some of you are Nick. And yes ex is a sh1t (but not all blokes are)
  7. How you fare friend is down to you. Rest assured that there are no winners in a divorce. It's how YOU react to the experience that's important. Having said that - Good luck!
  8. Erm.........yes you assume correctly. And I do worry about what to do with it all - lol.
  9. Yes I've had similar experiences. I also like being a tenant but I have a wonderful landlord. If I get a dripping tap he comes out the same day to fix it - wonderful. I do worry about what to do with my money though -especially as I don't know when I'm going to buy my next house.
  10. I've just read this thread with a massive smile on my face. I got divorced 5 years ago and have made sure that I have remained single ever since. My ex went off with a new partner leaving me with our three beautiful kids. Ex didn't work then. I did. All of my money went on the kids and our home. I had a solicitor work free of charge for me (bless him). My ex took me to the cleaners. Ex got 65% of our assets due to being too ill to work. I got 35% and our three kids with no maintenance what so ever. Now I'm happier. I've survived. And yes I'm a woman who was faithful to her man for 30 years. PS Ex now earns as much as I do. Somehow he managed to get a doctor to send a letter to court to say that he was too ill to work. So guys stop being so biased against women.
  11. That's a sad story - I'm sorry. But yes it seems that there's so many people playing at this game. I sold my house in Feb (in that rally that you mentioned). I've been looking for a new house ever since. I can't find one. There are few on the market and none that tick my boxes. I did see one house but it seemed over priced to me. It had been on the market for a long time. The seller wanted to downsize. I said that I may be interested but I didn't think that it was worth the asking price. She said if I don't get that price I'll keep it. I said ok.
  12. Surely it's the basic laws of supply and demand. There are so few houses on the market to buy that the prices are being kept artificially high. Only people with large deposits can afford to buy them. Eventually the people who have to sell will have to sell and the prices will come down. This will enable those people with smaller deposits to buy them. I believe that it will trickle through eventually.
  13. Oh ok thanks for that I'll give it a go.
  14. Thanks everyone. I do want to find a place to live. And yes I am most probably wanting to rent a place. I do seem to be having trouble getting through to EA's so maybe a change of tack is needed. I am a bit old school though and if I were an EA (which I'm not) I would jump through every hoop put in my way to keep a customer satisfied.
  15. I thought that I should make a massive effort to find somewhere to live. I have to be out of my current home by the end of July. Motivating myself to look is quite hard work. So this week I've sent off a number of emails to estate agents about specific properties from rightmove.com. So far I've been underwhelmed with one response. The EA asked me for what property did I email him. I said that I didn't know because I'd sent off a number of emails a couple of days ago. He said if you can't tell me the property that you're interested in I can't help you. I said doesn't it say on the email? He said I can't find the email. Anyway he left it saying that he couldn't help me!!!!!!!! I'm in shock.
  16. Yep yep. I've just sold my house and I was amazed at some of the things my potential buyers said.
  17. Yes it maybe actually. You need to get inside the head of the vendor/EA. Why does rightmove.com have a minimum price on their search? I never use it. I type in my maximum price and leave the minimum price. But maybe, just maybe, there are some people out there, who like to think that they have a minimum price. You know the ones - these are the people who say that their house is worth a quarter of a mill rather than £250,000. But those same people couldn't possibly buy a house for less than £250000 because then they can't say a quarter of a million. Do you see what I mean? So this vendor/EA thinks that by putting the price up to a nice round figure of £350000 from an odd figure of £314000 thinks that they will tap in to some people that wouldn't otherwise have had the chance to view this salubrious property. And that could bring forth the one to buy.
  18. Yes they DO have a point. Let's face it - most people are fine, most people want the same things in life, but it only takes 1 to ruin it all for everyone else.
  19. So bearing all of the above in mind I have an idea. I think it makes economical sense for me to rent a house for my self in the Midlands where property prices are over inflated (still) and rent prices are low. Then I could buy a house in South Yorkshire and Liverpool (yes that's two houses - mortgage free) where property prices are cheaper and then rent the properties out to my children and some of their friends who are studying up there. What do you think?
  20. I get your point and agree with what you say. But it does confirm that houses (homes) are not an investment doesn't it?
  21. I've just been thinking of something else. My Dad bought a house 50 years ago. It cost his £1500. To buy this house he took out a mortgage which (at times) he struggled to pay. He's extended the house several times. Sometimes he's knocked down an extension as well. He's painted and decorated and done loads of other things. He's spent an absolute fortune on the garden, which looks fabulous. Most importantly it's been a home. The house is now worth about £150000. What do you think? Is this good or could all of that money been invested somewhere else and Dad rented? Just a thought.
  22. I'm sorry Prof my mistake. I spent some time with a builder a couple of weeks ago discussing this same subject.
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