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  1. £200k in my case and that doesn't include all of the stuff that men have to pay out during the marriage itself e.g. ludicrously over priced furniture, continual home "improvements" cars that look nice rather than being merely adequate for the job etc. And then theres the mental cost of putting up with all the irrational shit like having to keep kitchen worktops spotless all the time (I mean WTF is a kitchen actually suppose to be for ?), having to eat vast quantities of rabbit food and diabetes-inducing quantities of high carb sh*t like pasta and rice because its "healthy", having to listen to chick music like "R&B" instead of say led zep ...

    Yes I'm with you on this and I'm a woman! Single and loving every minute of it since dumping the old man. :-)

  2. Yes it seems to be the same where I am.

    I've been looking at 3 bedroomed semis and detached houses. All of a sudden i seem to be lloking at 4 and 5 bedroomed detched houses (in my price range). I don't want or need a big house like that so my price has now dropped.

    But like I say it's been sudden, over the past month or so. I'm sitting toght to see what happens because I've also noticed that houses on my watch list are no longer selling.

  3. How is this company still operating?

    I've just been on their website to look at properties in Leicestershire. They're still expensive but though oh well for a new place let's have a look. the 3 bed semi is tiny. And I mean tiny. The bedrooms are barely big enough to fit a bed and the living room is 9ft 3inches wide! Yes that's right 9ft!

    I'm in shock. Who buys these places?

  4. Its funny but I havent looked at prices of houses in my area for 12-16 months.

    I am glad to hear they are falling but I have just lost all interest.

    I cant be bothered to even look.

    I will wait another 1-2 years and perhaps buy one if they are dirt cheap.

    Yes I'm with you here. I'm not in a hurry. I'm renting at the moment. The house isn't really big enough but it was in the village where my kids were growing up. It's nice enough though and we have a good landlord. Moving can be a hassel. I'm house sitting for my sister right now she has a lovely terraced house near Barnsley. I bet it would cost a fraction of what I'm looking to pay at home. Maybe I'll move here once the kids are off my hands.

  5. I've viewed properties and on the whole they've needed a lot of work doing to them. My personal valuation has usually been £30,000 less than the asking price. The seller have all been very nice people and have let me know that they're not willing to negotiate. The estate agents have confirmed this. Those houses are still on the market.

    I viewed one about a month ago. The estate agent called me and asked if I was still interested. I said yes but not at the asking price. She asked how much I would be prepared to offer. So I told her. She confirmed that it was still out of the question.

    I honestly believe that I am being fair here. Time will tell I suppose.

  6. I've been looking to buy myself a house ever since my marriage split up. I do have the problem of having to house the children from my marriage so I do need a reasonable house. I've been monitoring the situation for ages now and got the shock of my life today when a three bedroomed detached house popped up on rightmove that was within my price range. I'm happy with a nice terraced house or a semi but I thought that a detached property would be out of the question. Maybe I'll be able to buy a suitable property at last.

    Has anyone else noticed something similar?

  7. Hoping that someone who bought in '07 had a 30% deposit? That's optimistic.

    There's funny things happening in housing (as if we hadn't noticed)

    Not many houses on the market and those on the market very highly priced. ( and selling! (sometimes)).

    My friends say I'm crazy renting.

    I say they're crazy paying their interest only mortgages.

    I don't know where it's going.

  8. A nice house recently came on the market in my area. I've been watching this area for 2 years now. The house seemed to be very over priced at £160000. I did more research and decided that a fairer price would be somewhere in the region of £140000. I passed the estate agent and poped in. I explained my dilemma to him. He said "Ahhhh but tehre's a big mortgage on that house. That's why it's £160000". I said I'm not prepared to pay someone else mortgage. No, of course not he replied.

    Anyway, he said that he would call someone to see whether they would be prepared to accept a lower price.

    He called me later to say that they seller was prepared to accept a lower price and that he (the agent) would show me round at a time conviniet to me. It was only later on that I realised that this house is most probably a repossession and that the building society is trying to cover it's ass.

    Interesting eh?

  9. It's usually not too difficult to tell when a huge bubble exists. It's only difficult to tell when it will deflate. I can't help you with the latter*, but I will say it's also usually better not to go out buying bubbles shortly before they go pop.

    Don't do your head in trying to buy a house at peak - the sellers will be keen to sell soon enough and the extra months/years rent you pay will prove to be a wise investment. The Cold War / Phoney War between buyers and sellers can not be maintained - that much I can guarantee you.

    * Actually I can - within 6 months after the election

    I'm looking forward to then.

  10. The House price crash cult can trace it’s origins back prior to the 1975 house price crash

    Jehovah’s Witness’ sold their houses believing a prophecy that armageddon was coming.

    when it didn't happen the Witnesses lost 3/4 of their members.

    They were Literally told to sell their property. :blink:

    Jesus our landlord, buy to let be thy name....

    Hahaha very good.

  11. Hmmm, where are you, the market sounds insane there. Here in a small E Anglian market town there is lots of property for sale at 5-10% below peak that is just sitting there, reductions keep coming as sellers realise it won't happen, only the best and most keenly priced has sold over last 3 months.

    In the big towns nearby, things are even softer, with repos and empty divorce houses aplenty, a nice modern 4 bed det divorce case struggled to sell for asking £175k (sale price may be less) recently in Ipswich, peak price £225k, at least 20% off peak.

    Thanks for your response.

    Yes I have considered moving away. I live in Leicester.

    Their are properties on the market but the ones that I'm interested in seem to get snapped up. Maybe I should lower my standards.

  12. I'm just watching the Greek PM on the Andrew Marr show and I'm pleasently surprised at how honest and straight up he appears to be, very refreshing.

    Also, everytime I hear some who speaks English as a second langauge this well, I'm astonished and filled with envy, I also noticed how big his feet/shoes are!

    The Greek Prime Minister was born and educated in North America.

    Oh and his mother is American too.

  13. There is very little market activity going on. The few properties that come onto the market are sold quickly and expensively as there are more buyers than sellers. Most forced sellers are BTL landlords and according to the auction houses these forced sellers are now drying-up rapidly.

    You can reach one of two conclusions from this evidence:

    QE is working.

    QE will run out of steam and there will be forced sellers aplenty at some indeterminate point in the future.

    Or you could conclude that markets don't behave in straight lines and economic theory is mostly quackery - and if economists knew what they were talking about how come they're not all very rich men indeed.

    At last an answer that makes some sense to me - thank you.

    I'll keep on looking. I'm happy in my rented house but the money that I have in the bank is intended for house purchase. Hopefully I'll be able to buy something that I like soon.

  14. I'm in the same position as you, sold in July because we needed more space for a growing family, we missed the house we went on the market for, so now in rented waiting for the elusive 'bargain', have put in offers at 11-21% below asking, but rejected, most of these houses are still on the market as they are overpriced, I think there's still too much hope that things are going back to 'normal' for there to be mass capitulation in my area at least. The only chance is that you stumble upon someone who needs to sell quickly and you've got no competition, so that usually means something that needs some work doing.

    I don't think there are enough buyers to go round at the moment, judging by the amount that has sold in my area over last 3 months. Agents should be screaming at vendors to consider any offers seriously, I think they want to but they don't want to scare them into the arms of another agent, they think it's better to let them arrive at the realisation themselves.

    Keep your chin up, something will come along soon and you're in a good position to negotiate.

    I don't even get to the stage of putting in an offer. I call for a house that I'm interested in only to be told that someone's already made an offer so I'm put on a waiting list. I then hear nothing more.

  15. Sometimes I wish that prices would stay high forever to stop vermin like you from cashing in on all this misery.

    Hope your saving yields are nice and low and you're dipping into that capital.

    Gosh that is nice and friendly.

    All I am is an ordinary person who has worked hard and bought a house. I had to move and so sold it. I would like to buy a new house and am having trouble. I suppose it's being abusive to people that makes you happy. Good luck!

  16. this is all about ownership(and management)of the entire planet.


    somebody is going to wear the trousers,full stop.

    the people that are engaging this war care little for constitutional niceties.

    it is winner takes all..

    in simplistic terms its supposed to be jewish mafia v catholic mafia......but it goes back a long way before that.

    the two tribes had similar conflicts at the end of egypt

    ...and of atlantis.

    the same war is repeating itself,and it is now a matter of whether you wish to be part of the jedi or the sith(sorry about reducing it to this level,but there is an element of truth to it)

    OK I took the test here http://www.nerdtests.com/mq/take.php?id=4855 and it appears that I am a Jedi. Will I be likely to buy a house soon do you think?

  17. the powers that be have gone for broke.

    they've decided to enact the protocols of zion(which has nothing whatsoever to do with isreal)

    in fact if you talk to a few hebrew scholars they will tell you who these people really are.

    in hebrew they are called the erev rav.

    their aim,as well as rabid catholicism,or radical islam is nothing less than total world domination and subjugation of the populace to their particular viewpoint.

    they are they jews who say they are jews but aren't(type of thing).

    they made a mistake picking on britain,because there is somebody on this island that is going to kick their ass.

    (the mass immigration may be part of a cultural dilution strategy to stop whoever it is from recognising who they truly are)

    think lord of the rings.

    our present monarchy are stewards before hashem turns up and claims it(they have said so themselves)

    given that we had some serios astrology patterns here in 1999,and there is such fever about "end-time mania" in the cinema presently(also the overtures towards celebrity-mania to direct the masses to mr wrong),I have little doubt that the person in question has already been born,and is living,or was born in the UK.

    lets face it,if the media get their way and william is the main man,even if he's the other guy that means you have 7 years left........so the real one has to be here somewhere.

    I'm sorry Oracle but could you put all of that into laymans terms please?

  18. I sold my house in July 2009 and have rented since then. The reason that I have rented is 1) some properties are riduously highly priced and aren't going to sell ever. 2) I'm aways beaten in the rush to buy a nice property for a realistic price. I thought that we were supoposed to be in a recession? How come these people are able to buy houses so quickly?

  19. Properites in the area I am watching on RM have suddenly changed colour on Propertybee (thank goodness it''s working properly again now). Loads of price reductions in the last week. Quite a few new properties coming on the market (who tries to sell at this time of year???), but the overwhelming trend is DOWN. Just love those yellow boxes!!!

    Yes I've been thinking how odd?

    When there seemed to be falling prices where I live (Leicestershire) the prices appeared to be stable (high) after an initial steep fall. Now that the press is announcing that the property slump is over I notice that prices are falling of those houses already advertised and new houses seem to have a lower starting price.

    What's it all about?

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