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  1. Yes I'm with you on this and I'm a woman! Single and loving every minute of it since dumping the old man. :-)
  2. Yes it seems to be the same where I am. I've been looking at 3 bedroomed semis and detached houses. All of a sudden i seem to be lloking at 4 and 5 bedroomed detched houses (in my price range). I don't want or need a big house like that so my price has now dropped. But like I say it's been sudden, over the past month or so. I'm sitting toght to see what happens because I've also noticed that houses on my watch list are no longer selling.
  3. How is this company still operating? I've just been on their website to look at properties in Leicestershire. They're still expensive but though oh well for a new place let's have a look. the 3 bed semi is tiny. And I mean tiny. The bedrooms are barely big enough to fit a bed and the living room is 9ft 3inches wide! Yes that's right 9ft! I'm in shock. Who buys these places?
  4. Hahaha imagine him getting angry because someone made an offer lol.
  5. Yes I'm with you here. I'm not in a hurry. I'm renting at the moment. The house isn't really big enough but it was in the village where my kids were growing up. It's nice enough though and we have a good landlord. Moving can be a hassel. I'm house sitting for my sister right now she has a lovely terraced house near Barnsley. I bet it would cost a fraction of what I'm looking to pay at home. Maybe I'll move here once the kids are off my hands.
  6. I've viewed properties and on the whole they've needed a lot of work doing to them. My personal valuation has usually been £30,000 less than the asking price. The seller have all been very nice people and have let me know that they're not willing to negotiate. The estate agents have confirmed this. Those houses are still on the market. I viewed one about a month ago. The estate agent called me and asked if I was still interested. I said yes but not at the asking price. She asked how much I would be prepared to offer. So I told her. She confirmed that it was still out of the question. I honestly believe that I am being fair here. Time will tell I suppose.
  7. I've been looking to buy myself a house ever since my marriage split up. I do have the problem of having to house the children from my marriage so I do need a reasonable house. I've been monitoring the situation for ages now and got the shock of my life today when a three bedroomed detached house popped up on rightmove that was within my price range. I'm happy with a nice terraced house or a semi but I thought that a detached property would be out of the question. Maybe I'll be able to buy a suitable property at last. Has anyone else noticed something similar?
  8. There's funny things happening in housing (as if we hadn't noticed) Not many houses on the market and those on the market very highly priced. ( and selling! (sometimes)). My friends say I'm crazy renting. I say they're crazy paying their interest only mortgages. I don't know where it's going.
  9. A nice house recently came on the market in my area. I've been watching this area for 2 years now. The house seemed to be very over priced at £160000. I did more research and decided that a fairer price would be somewhere in the region of £140000. I passed the estate agent and poped in. I explained my dilemma to him. He said "Ahhhh but tehre's a big mortgage on that house. That's why it's £160000". I said I'm not prepared to pay someone else mortgage. No, of course not he replied. Anyway, he said that he would call someone to see whether they would be prepared to accept a lower price. He called me later to say that they seller was prepared to accept a lower price and that he (the agent) would show me round at a time conviniet to me. It was only later on that I realised that this house is most probably a repossession and that the building society is trying to cover it's ass. Interesting eh?
  10. Thanks for your response. Yes I have considered moving away. I live in Leicester. Their are properties on the market but the ones that I'm interested in seem to get snapped up. Maybe I should lower my standards.
  11. The Greek Prime Minister was born and educated in North America. Oh and his mother is American too.
  12. At last an answer that makes some sense to me - thank you. I'll keep on looking. I'm happy in my rented house but the money that I have in the bank is intended for house purchase. Hopefully I'll be able to buy something that I like soon.
  13. I don't even get to the stage of putting in an offer. I call for a house that I'm interested in only to be told that someone's already made an offer so I'm put on a waiting list. I then hear nothing more.
  14. Gosh that is nice and friendly. All I am is an ordinary person who has worked hard and bought a house. I had to move and so sold it. I would like to buy a new house and am having trouble. I suppose it's being abusive to people that makes you happy. Good luck!
  15. OK I took the test here http://www.nerdtests.com/mq/take.php?id=4855 and it appears that I am a Jedi. Will I be likely to buy a house soon do you think?
  16. So, what does that mean? Should I be able to buy a house at a realistic price soon?
  17. I'm sorry Oracle but could you put all of that into laymans terms please?
  18. I sold my house in July 2009 and have rented since then. The reason that I have rented is 1) some properties are riduously highly priced and aren't going to sell ever. 2) I'm aways beaten in the rush to buy a nice property for a realistic price. I thought that we were supoposed to be in a recession? How come these people are able to buy houses so quickly?
  19. They are hoping that you'll subscribe to MoneyWeek but it is a good article.
  20. http://www.fsponline-recommends.co.uk/page.aspx?u=mwpropertyIIa&tc=EMYKL106&PromotionID=2147066703&u=8981806&g=0&r=&s=0&o=111006&l=176239& Hope that this hasn't already been posted
  21. Yes I've been thinking how odd? When there seemed to be falling prices where I live (Leicestershire) the prices appeared to be stable (high) after an initial steep fall. Now that the press is announcing that the property slump is over I notice that prices are falling of those houses already advertised and new houses seem to have a lower starting price. What's it all about?
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