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  1. Friend i know recently paid nearly £400k on a house that at peak sold for £350k. Tonnes of stuff was better value, but he *had* to have that house (woman involved)

    Some people just buy houses like they would a tin of beans off a supermarket shelf. Thats what they see on offer, thats the price they see, so they pay it and worry later.

    Admittedly this guy is on good wages and even if that stops theres a healthy BoMaD to fall back on.

    Hi sadman what's a BoMaD?

  2. I find it hard to see the attraction of Broughton Astley. It's a bit in no-mans land, a drive away from anywhere useful but without any village charm. Here's a search for 5 beds in LE10 for comparison:


    i get your point. I work in Leicester and I'm actually looking more towards leicester. I'm not really looking in Broughton Astley. I just remember this property from the last time it was on the market lol. I was a bit shocked when I saw the price to be honest.

  3. What do you mean "what do you think"? What do you think? Are we supposed to believe you are interested in buying it at £350k?

    "I thought prices were falling then" so you think prices are rising now?

    Looks like a desperate estate agent type thread on a day of bad news for house prices.

    "Look at this.... house prices are still going up... BUY BUY BUY.... QUICK QUICK QUICK"

    Oh and no I'm not interested in buying at £350,000.....I don't have anywhere near that sort of money available for house purchase. This property caught my eye because I remember it being on the market last time.

  4. What do you mean "what do you think"? What do you think? Are we supposed to believe you are interested in buying it at £350k?

    "I thought prices were falling then" so you think prices are rising now?

    Looks like a desperate estate agent type thread on a day of bad news for house prices.

    "Look at this.... house prices are still going up... BUY BUY BUY.... QUICK QUICK QUICK"

    What I think is......House prices were potentially falling 15 months ago and so there is no way that this property is worth £350,000 now when it was sold for £250,000 15 months ago.

    It has had some work done which could improve the value a little. But prices are falling (I think) so perhaps that cancels out the increase in value.

    BUT I wonder about the value of a BIG house on a small plot. I've looked at one or two properties that seem to have a larger house on a small or even very small plot and question the valuations.

    Having said that I won't be making an offer.

  5. Have a look at how much money it costs to keep a child in the system, and how much they have to pay Foster carers.

    I mentioned I did not ask for help, to enphasise how I'm 'doing my bit', not because I was expecting to be paid to do it!

    Oh and epic bit of editing on your part too, the rest of that sentence read "(and don't want to ask/beg), ".


    I know how you feel. Here I am a single parent earning £22,000 pa. Brought my children up to be upstanding citizens (without claiming any benefits) all of whom are at uni now. My youngest still doesn't have the grant part of her university income yet because student finance are ripping my personal details to pieces because (I think) they doubt that I am single.

  6. TBH, we are really spoilt with our rental...horses in the field behind, large rooms, new double glazing.....buying is going to be a real letdown when...if..we decide to do so.

    its the young ones...and of course, they just see the prices and think they are engraved in marble....they are not....I tell them, but they think its ME thats stoopid.

    LOL it sounds to me like you have similar problems that I have. My children think that I'm stupid but deeeeeeeeeep down they know that I'm not. I just say what they don't want to hear :D

  7. you see, the market IS improving with every drop...every move becomes cheaper, every £ saved can go in the real economy....

    I'm sorry Bloo you're quite right.

    I actually meant that they're not going to sell their houses. I've told all of my children to put off buying for a while. My son is living with me at the moment and will buy sometime (not soon).

    My eldest is renting and is watching prices fall. She's not stable (workwise) yet and so doesn't really want to be burdened with a house that might not sell.

    My youngest is still at uni but does want to buy when the time is right.

    I rent too. I might buy a house (again) one day.

  8. The thread makes sad reading in some cases to be honest. these are real people with children looking to find a home. Having said that sometimes people need to be more realistic.

    I do feel a bit sorry for those who bought at the peak of the market alothough the drop was predicted. I have a problem with my own adult children who see house purchase as a way to make money.

    Anyway I wish all at mumsnet all the best for their futures. Having said that I can't see the housing market improving anytime soon.

  9. isnt the top of the teaching scale about 30k? What kind of training jobs pay more than that? The average starting salary for a graduate is around 24-25k I think

    There are ompanies paying more. Aldi make a big noise about paying £40,000 plus a Audi car - nice work if you can get it.

    My son is only looking at the well paid jobs - mainly in the city. There's no saying that he will get one of course. If not he's happy doing what he is doing and is also thinking about setting himself up in business .

  10. Is he getting much success looking for a job?

    Yes he is. He has walked straight in to a reasonably paid temporary job. He's insisting on paying half of my rent and bills so that's good for me. The job market seems surprisingly bouyant. Having said that there are massive gaps ie no government jobs.

  11. I'm a science teacher.

    We recently had 2 vacancies in our school (due to retirement). We had quite a few very well qualified science teachers apply. Anyway, 2 were appointed and both are doing well. The school that I work in is difficult and so more power to their elbow I say.

    Going back to the OP - it's true unqualified classroom assistants cover when teachers are away. It's a pity as they can't do the work. Some can't read and spell properly. I'm glad that my kids have left school I can tell you.

    Having said that my son has recently graduated from uni with a first class honours degree in Mathematics. I gathered some information for him out the teaching profession. He said "I'm not going to be a teacher Mum; they're not paid enough". Every job (training) that he's applied for pays more that a top of the scale teacher. I didn't realise how poorly paid teaching had become. Having said that the short days and long holidays are excellent for those teachers who just teach and have no other responsibilities.

  12. I think EA's have had it easy for far too long. I've been looking for a house for 2 years now. Over that time I have had my requests not followed up by EA's. Don't get me wrong if I was desperate I would have pushed harder - but I'm not desperate. There were a few houses that I was keen on and I still struggled to get viewings and follow ups. Some of these houses are still on the market. One of my local EA's was extremely rude to me - to the point that I avoid houses that he markets.

    Over the past month EA's have started to call me. To the extent that my daughter is primed (sometimes) to say I'm sorry but she's busy.

    I have noticed increased activity by EA's and falling prices.

    I think I'll sit back a while longer and watch the show.

  13. Here's a post today on another forum from 'Ian' (about 60) who I chat to now and again.

    Let me make some comparisons and tell me if I didn't pay for a woman's company when I was married.

    When Maria came into my life it was second marriage for both of us. She had a job when we first met, but the government shut it down a short time later. After that she did not work except for a dozen small businesses that I financed for her. Before any of the businesses became successful she quit and started another. They varied from hair stylist, to doing nails, to selling jewelry, to selling Amway goods, and then running a day care for children. In each case I paid for the start up costs and kept things going, including doing the accounting. I know what the costs were. I put up with the constant career changes because I understand that not all careers suit everyong equally. One of her friends had a successful day care business and Maria though she would like that. It looked like a smart idea because I knew her friend was making a good income from her day care business. But, we needed a larger home than the nice little one I already owned and that was perfect for just two people.

    So, I sold the small home and took out a big morthgage for a larger home in a better location, specifically so she could run the day care. The business was a success from the start and the location was great. But, Just before the day care started making money she turned it over to her daughter who only lasted another year with it before she also quit. Then, I was stuck with a big house we didn't need with a mortgage I didn't want and no income to pay for it. The whole thing cost me a lot of money. During that time, I also helped out her two adult children in trying to get them careers. I also bought Maria two new cars that her son prompted destroyed. Fortunately, the insurance (which I paid for) covered most of the damage costs.

    When her adult son got into the drug scene I was naive in thinking I could help. I had to buy him out of a rental home that he destroyed, and he moved in with us. !0 months after he moved in she moved out and left her son with me. A short time after that I had to get the police to get her son out of my home because he was smashing it in fits of rage. A couple months after that she filed for divorce and wanted half of everything. Over the 7 years we were together she had contributed nothing other than her body and her company. When we finally parted she walked away with half of what I had worked all my life for. We probably had sex about 3 or 4 times a week... about what I get now when I'm in Thailand. I don't want to hear all the usual feminazi claptrap about looking after the home for me. I did all the cooking and the clean up afterwards when we were together, and I did all the yard work. She contributed by doing the laundry and the lnterior house cleaning. I could have paid Molly-Maid house cleaning for that.

    I put up with all that because I truly was in love with the lady and would have done anything for her. Ienjoyed her company and we had some great times together, but If I were to divide all the times we made love together into what it cost me financially it would come to far more than I've ever paid for prostitutes. Yes, the sex was mostly better (but not always) and for the good times we had together it was worth it to me. But, don't tell me I didn't pay for her company. And, it wasn't a lot different than the few special ladies that visit me now on a regular basis.

    Sad story I'm sorry to have read that. Not all women are the same but it sounds like you're doing ok now.

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