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  1. Yeah - thanks for the good advice there. I sold my house 18 months ago. It cost a blooming fortune to maintain. I found it almost impossible to get a plumber. My landlord is a builder and does all of the maintenance himself - I'm loving it. Now my money is invested and the return more than pays my rent. As I said in my sub heading I love being a tennant .
  2. Oh ok thank you. My landlord is very good. He lives locally and just pops in from time to time. I don't know why he pays these estate agents they are wasters. Anyway I haven't read the tennancy agreement but my landlord seems to like to do everything himself - including the gardening (but not the lawn). As for my son staying my daughter will be here soon too. When I took the property I'm sure that I wrote down they they stayed with me. I considered them living with me even though they were at uni. I vaguely remember them saying that I had to add them because they were over 18. they even showed them round the place before I took the tennancy to make sure that they liked it.
  3. They are all minor - nothing major. 1. The toilet seat is broken. I have tried to remove it to put a new one on but can't undo the nuts. So I mentioned that to her. 2. The light bulb has gone on the landing and we haven't been able to fit a new light bulb in - I don't know why. I don't have tools or ladders and stuff. Anyway it's dark on the landing not too bad a problem and definately for me to put a bulb in but I just can't do it. Nor can my son and we have managed to change other bulbs. 3. The shower is broken as in the plastic holder for the shower head has broken.
  4. I've just had a call from the estate agent (no surprise there). She said that as I have my son (aged 21) staying with me I have to change the tennancy agreement. I said why because this is my house not his? She said that I might dissappear and stop paying the rent and my son might become a squatter. I reassured her that that won't happen (but actually she's given me a bit of an idea har har har). Anyway she said he's over 18 and I have to alter the tennancy agree at my expense. I said No it's ok we'll leave. The bottom line is that it's ok that he can stay and we don't have to change the tennancy agreement.
  5. I did tell her what needed doing. She siad that it was all the tennants responsibility to get someone in (which was probably true). I did say that I wouldn't be doing it so I might even be evicted now. She told me that she would let the landlord know.
  6. I don't expect to get my deposit back either.
  7. Yes she wasn't in long. I'm not well today (I didn't tell her that) but she told me that my heating was on too high. She arrived in her posh car so for an estate agent she must still be doing ok. My landlord is a really good bloke though and he does look after this house. I just hope that he's not too upset to hear that it needs the hoover running round.
  8. Houseprices falling ARE good for everybody except for those people who have bought a house at the peak of the market. Which, in reality, is not very many people. Most people are plain greedy whether they be BLT investors or householder who own one home. I ask some of my friends how much they think thei house is worth and they usually give me some overinflated figure - despite being in the property for a very long time. I sold my house last year and loads of people told me that I had priced it too low despite it being on the market for a lot more than I had paid for it. As long as the price is the same, at least, it's ok imo.
  9. There's no responsibility being a tennant it's lovely. I have been in a rented house about 18months. I have just had my 2nd estate agent visit. I should have an estate agent check every 6 months and so they're a bit behind schedule. Anyway, she told me that I had to clean the house lol. I suppose that told me. I felt very tennantish and just about stopped myself from saying whatever.
  10. Falling house prices are good for everybody. Speaking as a downsizer who cares. I can't enjoy my downsizing retirement if my children aren't happy and settled.
  11. Yeah you're right. i didn't bother going out this morning. £150,000 is a lot to pay for a rabbit hutch on a postage stamp. There are far better 2nd hand houses on the market. But I think that I'll wait a while yet and let prices drop even more :-)
  12. Hmmm now that is interesting. One of the houses that I looked at was on the market. Yet when I enquired I was told that it was sold. It remained on the market (not showing sold) for quite a while after that.
  13. Oh and by the way I went to see some other new properties and said to the sales lady they I thought that they were over priced by a lot. the poor woman looked really down. I felt sorry for her. Usually these sales advisors are trained to counteract such comments but she didn't even try. Bless. i made a tentative offer to her too which was politely rejected. All of these properties have been available for ages. I was shown round the same property last week that I looked at at least 9 months ago.
  14. This builder has just reduced all of their properties (I think) by £10,000
  15. Oh yes I know exactly what you mean. I've been watching house prices for a while now - I am looking to buy. There is one builder here that builds to a high quality but their houses are competatively priced those are the ones that I am going to see today. But last week I went to look at a less well build property. Tthey're selling the show house - and very nice it is too. They're asking reduced price of £180,000 - I offered £150,000. I offered £150,000 because there will be nothing to do when I move in. But £150,000 is generous IMO. My offer was not accepted. So I'm still watching ;-)
  16. I've been suspicious on more than one occassion with houses that I've been interested in. What I mean is that the EA hasn't been interested in doing business with me because I am a cash buyer ie there is no potential extra potential for the EA selling me a mortgage.
  17. I think that this is a good sign. I'm going to look at some properties this morning. Wish me luck. Has anyone else noticed this?
  18. I think that this is a good sign. I'm going to look at some properties this morning. Wish me luck. Has anyone else noticed this?
  19. Oh yes I've seen offers like this over the past few months. None of them are worth much though because the houses are totally over valued in the first place.
  20. To be fair the houses are nice executive type houses but the plots are small IMO.
  21. [quote name=Oh Well ' timestamp='1288340069' post='2765786] Looks really cheap to me. If it's only worth £350k Leicester must be a worse shit hole than I thought Oh....I live in leicester I don't think that it's a sh*thole. I do have certain expectations for my house and this house didn't fill those expectations when it was sold for £250,000. I'm just surprised that it;s now £350,000. Perhaps it's me who has the situation completely wrong.
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