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  1. yep,14 and we're still going :lol:

    The thing that makes me laugh is.......if teacher's are over paid and lazy why isn't there a queue of people waiting to do the job?

    I admit that I'm a teacher because it's a well paid job, the hours are short and the holidays long. I wouldn't do the job otherwise.

    It's the best job in the world. You get paid to go on school trips all over again - marvellous! But woe betide you should anything be not done properly or should something go wrong.

    My take on it? You're all jealous. :rolleyes:

    If anyone can do the job then come on in and join us.

  2. No, I mean about telling kids that education is "the way out" while stood in a classroom.

    I wouldn't be able yo keep my face straight.

    All I can say is that it's as a result of working hard at school that I was mortgage free by the age of 30! Without the oppotunities offered to me by education I would never have achieved that.

  3. You don't think you lack credibility a bit?

    No Not at all.

    I work very hard at a job which is really hard work.

    I try my hardest to teach a subject that no one wants to learn but one that I know is valuable.

    I come from a background very similar to the youngsters I teach and both of my parents are illiterate.

    I worked damn hard at school and firmly believe that working hard at school gives one choices.

    Listening to you lot on here makes me smile wryly.

  4. I have the same problem. I have cash in my pocket and can't buy a house. Well I can but only for an overinflated price.

    I've even resorted to buying from builders - their prices are more realistic. They will also negotiate to a certain extent. I've come close once or twice but never quite reached the price that I am prepared to pay.

    It looks as though I might rent the show house from the said builder at a very favourable rate for a while. I'm more than happy with that solution.

    All of the house that I have been interested in are still on the market ALL OF THEM and I am watching and waiting ;-).

    Wish me luck.

    Now on the other issue. My ex went of with a new model woman. I was blamed for his behaviour. We were married 26 years. His second marriage has lasted less than 2 years. A very sad story when you consider that six children's lives have been affected. The grass isn't always greener.

  5. Thanks guys.

    It seems to me that Zoopla works in two ways. Firstly it will record the price that a particular house sells at and then adds on or takes away the changes since then. Secondly people can add data themselves and so amend the price of the house. I have done this myself for my own house but also when I saw a house for sale I added the asking price to Zoopla. I was just kind of playing with it.

    Personally I think it's a tool that can help. It certainly helps to highlight if a house is way off beam i think.

  6. I have recently sold my house 9so that I could downsize) and the price, as advised by the estate agent, was actually quite close to the Zoopla sites assessment of my house.

    I am now looking to buy. I see lots of house that I like but they seem very highly priced compared to the one that I sold and also compared to Zoopla.

    Is Zoopla accurate?

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