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  1. I thought that I ought to include a bedroom scene to spice the story up a bit Yes I am steering away - I don't like cheap and nasty when it comes to my housing requirements.
  2. Yes yes I thought that there was bound to be someone on here who might enjoy that comment.
  3. She was very down. In fact she was a very nice lady. We did talk about whether Wimpey are building any other houses locally. She said that she hoped that they were otherwise she's going to be out of a job. But they aren't building any at the moment.
  4. You sound like you're having a similar problem to myself ie unable to find a sensibly priced property to buy. The trouble is noting is selling and no one seems willing to negotiate on price. It's very frustrating.
  5. Lol great video. I feel a bit like the people in the video.....you know the ones moving the table. Only I've sold my house but can't find anything to buy yet.
  6. Yes I would agree with you but, not only that, she took me into the bedroom and I doubted that a bed would fit in it.
  7. I didn't want to do that for this particular rabbit hutch but I have done that for a second hand house here. I've not even had a reply to my offer. I'm going to wait a month and offer the same again. It's a a 3d's house so it's empty.
  8. ..........and the reply that I got was why are you buying? Interesting I thought (enjoying the game). Well, I said, what reasons are there for buying a house? Investment was the reply. I said nooooooooooooooooo I don't see a house as an investment. She said Ohhhh (in a disappointed voice) you want it as a home. I said yes. She told me the price. That's too much I replied. She shrugged her shoulders.
  9. Yeah it used to be great. It was the only time that we ever got to go out. I used to love it. And we used to find out which of our school friends parents worked at the same place. But the point is that mum probably earned less money that she would today but money was paid to her in other ways. One thing is certain that my mum was not good with money and whatever she earned was always spent. So paternalistic it might have been but we did benefit I think.
  10. I sold my house in February. I wanted to sell it. I wanted to put it on the market for less than the EA said. I put it on at her price. It sold in 2 weeks. Everyone said that I sold it too cheaply. I don't think so. But I am watching because I need to buy/rent a new house now.
  11. Sadly this is true. There was more to work than the pay at one time. There was a time when employers provided so much to their staff. I can remember as a child going to pantomimes and parties etc all provided free of charge by my mum's employer. Things like that don't happen any more. And yes sadly it is true some people do only spend it on more beer. Patronising as that might sound.
  12. Yeah but the houses aren't selling! This means do the buyers actually want to sell or do they just want to sell at that price? Surely the sellers who want to sell or who have to sell have to price their properties realistically. I've just sold my house. When the (mortgage) surveyor came round he said to me that everything was ok including the price. The way he said that to me suggested that he'd been having to say to others that the price wasn't realistic. As for the remortgaging scenario what a can of worms that is! That would really worry me as an owner.
  13. Ohhhhh ......you're tempting me now........sounds just like being a parent which is exactly what I did for my own beautiful children who are all very successful adults. I'd love to do something like this.
  14. Oh my gosh....this is getting worrying............something else that I agree with.
  15. Yep.........at last ...........something that I agree with.
  16. Not round here there isn't. The jobs vacancies in my school end up with no one applying for them. In fact I was promoted because no one applied for the job - I didn't want it either.
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