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  1. I've noticed that houses are cheaper in my area.

    I've been renting for 3 years. I tried to buy a while ago but found it difficult to find a serious vendor.

    I contacted a local estate agent as they have a house that I like the look of. I explained that I had been messed around in the past. She said that she would look at their instructions and email anything that would likely be of interest to me.

    I've heard nothing :o

  2. How much interest have they lost so far by not selling it quick? Add in the extra taxes too, and that high selling price is hurting them more than anyone else.

    Yes they are a nice couple though - young so good luck to them. They didn't tell me that they intended to do it up to sell but I guessed that was what they were up to. It's a pity really because IMO it was never going to work. I did ask if I could take the lights from the living room but they said no. I'm a bit annoyed about this because they have replaced them and I knew that they would.

    I'll keep you posted anyway. Looking at other houses in the road I doubt that it's worth more than £300,000. To be fair I'm not sure that it's worth more than £250,000 even with all the work that they have done.

    One thing that's odd is that somehow the data on Zoopla has been manipulated -I'd like to know how that happened. I kept an eye on it and one day it changed. The house was valued at £250.000 or there abouts (what I sold it for) then one day it changed to £350,000 including a change in the historical records - strange eh? I'm uncomfortable with this fact.

  3. Now that would be a very clever move, especially if you can buy it back for less than you sold it for and having had the house fixed up. :D

    That would be a stroke of genius.

    Hahaha I did think that when I sold it. I knew that they were thinking of going into property developing but I didn't think that my house was the best to do that. Otherwise I would have done it wouldn't I?

    It's quite a big house - nice but very small garden. I think that anyone keen to pay £300,000 for a property would want a bit more land.

  4. Would the work have "increased" the value by £100k? Have similar houses been going for £100k premium which are well maintained and look after by loving owners? :P

    If the house sells at £350,000 it will become the most expensive house in the road.

    In my opinion the work that has been done is excellent and could (possibly) add £50,000. They have decorated throughout, replaced the kitchen and bathrooms. And landscaped the gardens. Replaced the windows too. All very nicely done - high spec.

    I think that I sold the house for a good price deliberately valued below the upper threshold for stamp duty.

    I think that they would be lucky to get £350,000 but I'm watching lol. My kids didn't want me to sell - I could even buy it back if the price is right ;-)

  5. I sold a house 2 years ago for £250,000 - a good value sale in my opinion. The house needed some work doing to it, but it sold in 2 weeks.

    Last October it went back on the market for £350,000 - I was shocked. There had been a lot of work done to it to be fair but still I was shocked.

    It was sold by December. I was still surprised and looked forward to seeing the land registry data for it.

    It's back on the market again for £350,000 so the sale fell through. I'm still watching :-)

  6. On the MSE thread someone says the historical data doesn't always match the property.

    Needs a lot of work yet I think but has a lot of potential. Like an enhanced version of rightmoves price comparison report.

    Yes this is true. I looked at a house that I sold in 2009. Zoopla said that it was marketed for £25,000 more that I put it on the market for and the date was 2005. So wrong on both counts there :-S

  7. Nice drops. If (if) inflation were to kick in buying might make more sense LT. I am hoping to buy this year as we sold our last house in 2003 for a job move and thought the crash was going to happen by about 2005-07. Things have dragged on and on as you know but the drops around my way are worth the wait as I am not paying much in rent & storage. Locally, a £250k house has dropped about 10% in the last 3 months which is around £2000 per month and my rent is £500 pm. I expect to buy a house in that range later this year for around £180ish. Or another £45k off--

    Good luck with whatever you do. I'll keep my eyes on the inflation.

  8. Offer 120k. That is, if you are like me and are tired of waiting. The way I see things is that the job losses are just beginning, Merv can't hike and the markets will soon be noticing the elephant with debt in big letters written across it. This is the tail end of the Phoney War--all looks great, retail booming, low repossessions, soaring pound.........................then the bombs will start raining down.

    Hello Realistbear I have to admit that I was thinking of £120,000. Sometimes I am fed up of waiting. I do have a good rental though. But I live in the country and I do want to move to the city. It's just when? And even then do I buy or do I rent? Decisions decisions. This is the mouseprice.net info Tenure: Freehold

    Type: Semi-Dedit

    Internal area: 112 square metres (approx)edit

    Year built: edit

    Bedrooms: 3edit

    Plot area: 56 square metres

    Free valuation estimate:


    Value range: £139,500 to £170,500

    Transaction history:

    Sale price Date Change AER

    £161,000 24-08-2007 725.6% 35.7%

    £19,500 27-09-2000 -60.6% -31.2%

    £49,500 03-04-1998 - -

    Interesting eh?

  9. I actually MEAN it now when I say I'm thinking about NOT buying, or moving away. Unless prices come down drastically, it's a complete rip-off and chain around your neck. It doesn't 'attract' me anymore - just a big expensive box - life is about experiences and the people you meet more than anything.

    Ohh Guitarman I so agree with what you say.

    I've been renting since 2009 after selling quite a large family home hoping to downsize. I like renting. I have a nice house and a good landlord. If anything goes wrong he'll come out (the same day usually) to fix it. I used to really struggle to get someone to fix problems when I owned a house.

    I've had my eyes on one or two areas. I made an offer on a house about 18months ago. It was on the market for £160,000. I offered £130,000. It went to the rental market. One of it's neighbours is on the market (similar but it had been extended). It was £150,000. I didn't bother making an offer It's now down to £140,000. I feel inclined to make an offer -what to do? Lol

  10. House prices are declining. Very few mortgages are being written and you need a huge deposit. You might be able to buy but all your disposable income will be sucked dry. If you're then made unemployed you cannot move. That 'home' will seem like hell.

    If you buy for 300k and the house loses 30% it will seem like the most expensive rental in history. The economic outlook is about as bleak as it was in the early 90s. Are you anticipating a quick recovery for Britain?

    You car and home analogy doesn't work for me. I'd buy a Merc or a VW before a Citroen, so I do worry about depreciation. It's the biggest cost of owning a car! A home is completely different. People in Britain aspire to be homeowners and assume that they will always rise in value. They are in for a big shock.

    If you buy for £300,00 and prices drop by 10% it's a blooming expensive rental!

  11. Well, imagine owning a house and having renters living next door to you.


    Ohhhh yes. I'm in a rented house in the middle of a private housing estate. All of the neighbours said to me that the house that I live in has given them a bad time. I don't think that they like the fact it is rented. They don't know that I'm here so they're much happier at the moment. The only thing is I don't know how long I will be here.

  12. The best rental I have had so far here in Edinburgh was a coach house, massive private garden, Fred the shred lived in the same street although I didn`t know it at the time, the rent was $1000 p.m, landlady told me once she was "asset rich, cash poor", so telling, many property owners in the UK are now asset poorer and cash poor they will be glad to rent you their nice property if you are a good tenant, great deals ahead for renters IMO.

    Who the heck is Fred the Shred? :blink:

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