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  1. There is a middleman of sorts in that Kick Starter take 5% of funds (Double Fine is fast approaching 1.5 mil so Kick Starter get a cool 75 grand. Then Amazon take 3% for card fees. But even so, this does still look like a very exciting method. The thing is that Tim Schafer has such a strong personality that he could get 40000 people to pay him to kick THEM in the nuts, so him being able to get funding for a game is relatively easy. I predict that shortly Kick Starter will be flooded with Double Fine wannabes, 99% of which won't have the cult of personality (and the seriously impressive back catalogue) that surrounds Schafer. A few might get funded but it will take a lot to reach a tipping point where this becomes a mainstream funding method.
  2. I went to uni in middlesbrough. I still feel sick thinking about it. mind you the rent was bloody cheap!
  3. Have to blow off some steam about this one! My wife took our little one to playgroup this morning and overheard a couple of the "yummy mummy" types talking. YumMum 1 - How is the house selling going? YumMum 2 - Well we had a second viewing the other day, and they put in an offer YumMum 1 - Ooh that's good YumMum 2 - Hardly, they offered 15% below the asking price!!!! I told the agent, we aren't in Morocco; we don't haggle here! 15% and she thinks that's an insult! What a condescending and deluded ****! I have a list of all the reasons that I would like to see a HPC in this country, and she just made it to the top 5. Of course I'll never find out if she sells it for asking, because she's hardly going to bring the subject up again if she can't. I'm hoping she ends up having to sell with a greater than 15% reduction. In about 3 years time.
  4. To shorten your list RR, I think you can replace it with the phrase: "Self-serving human beings!" are to blame. So everyone really. (Just some have more media exposure and power and money than others)
  5. And of course it wouldn't hold water in a serious journal, but that isn't the point of the piece. It's fluff. Just as if they said "ooh haven't you noticed that when it's raining there are lots of umbrellas about?". It's a (admittedly obvious and boring) observation, not a suggestion that umbrellas are causing rain. I know we should expect more than reworded press releases from our state broadcaster, but surely we should be used to it by now. Most of us know that if we want serious and meaningful things to read then we have to dig a little deeper than the BBC news website.
  6. I was referring to the thread title (Bankers Not To Blame For Financial Crashes, its builders, stupid!) rather than to yourself. GM. The thread title indicates that the the article is making the classic "Correlation does not imply causation" mistake, but it isn't! The article and study at no point suggest causation. Nowhere are they trying to suggest or imply that skyscraper building causes economic meltdown. If anything is is just a gentle musing piece along the lines of "oooh, did you notice tall buildings are a good sign that countries are about to meltdown". Some people on here seem to be suggesting the article is somehow saying "oooh don't blame the government or the bankers, it's those people building towers" which is clearly isn't.
  7. you are confusing correlation with causation. The BBC article does not. They are pointing out a correlation, meaning that large numbers of tower building projects often coincide with impending financial meltdown, and they have a point. They aren't for a minute suggesting that the towers CAUSE the meltdown, just that they are a very visible symptom of the underlying illness. Countries with a lot of money sloshing around often spend it on massive phallic towers, which is a sign they have more money (debt/credit) than sense. Sounds pretty accurate to me. Just as a large number of cardboard boxes in a house is often correlated with someone either moving in or moving out. That is not to say that the cardboard boxes cause people to move house! Ah no, cardboard boxes are corrugated not correlated, my appologies!
  8. looks like they ripped out the aga as well, judging by the tiled area in the latest rightmove link compared to the original zoopla one. Wonder if they sold that as a last ditch effort to stay solvent?
  9. well isn't the budget on 21st March. I assumed that they would just announce an extension then, as a piece of "good news" to try and offset the buckets of bad news.
  10. Not a place full of "just" any old people, a place full of his own family and other wedding guests I think!!!!! what a muppet
  11. is the cat also out of the bag? Oh and yes, I think you are right, although perhaps there are still small pockets of denialists?
  12. "The Royal Mail has received a record 110,000 applications across the UK for 18,000 seasonal workers, it was announced today." But I heard this on radio 4 news at least two weeks ago, so how was it announced today or is print media really that far behind the times?! Perhaps someone posted the press release to them and it's taken that long to arrive?
  13. I had that, only to find that when I signed up for the original account I had asked for interest to be paid into my current account with another bank, rather than the egg savings account. So perhaps it is that? Or perhaps it is egg being d icks? (or should that be eggs benedict?)
  14. Interesting, as the location and the property numbers match those of my own landlord.... Let's hope he has been a good boy.
  15. I agree with your other underlines but "It's" does have an apostrophe in this context. "It's quite normal" is a contraction of "It is quite normal".
  16. If one of the (many) reasons that house prices went mental was a move from one earner households, to having 2 earner households, (two earners means larger mortgage, means we can charge you more for a slave box, then perhaps an increase in female bankrupts will also help to bring house prices back down? (I assume it was an increase in numbers rather than just a redistribution of the percentages) Assuming that banks are reticent about lending money to bankrupts, that could be a lot of middle income "keep up with the joneses" households that find they are now only eligible for a single salary multiple mortgage rather than the joint salary one they were hoping for.
  17. Threads like this really bring out all three sets of posters from the "gullible" and "conspiracy nut" Venn diagram, don't they?
  18. Just took our 100K house fund out of there, in my opinion they are incompetent muppets. They couldn't even get my wife's name right on the bond!
  19. ""We poor, small people, we cannot face up to this," said Rene Waltener, 41, who is unemployed and married with four children. " Well there's one of the problems right there. Why do people insist on having kids they can't afford? Perhaps eat the youngest two and help solve the problem? Will await the response before revealing if my tongue is in my cheek or not.
  20. Sounds promising! I grew up in South Northants and my parents still live there, but I've been up North for a few years and prices have run away from us. Would like to move back there so my young son can see his grandparents more, but there is no chance of getting anywhere in the village I grew up in (£250K for the smallest of 2 beds). Could you recommend any parts of Northants where you've noticed the prices coming down AND you'd consider living in? (I'm a rural village boy at heart, but I'm happy to live anywhere decent!) You'd think I'd know which parts of the county were good, but I really led a very sheltered life growing up and had no interest in geography at the time, I spent my first 18 years in the triangle between Daventry, Banbury and Northampton! Cheers
  21. It says in the blurb that it does have a detached garage.
  22. They were technically 5 year but you could cash them in with no penalty after a year, so that was going to be the plan I would have maxed these out on day one but sadly our money was already tied up in a bond and if we had taken the money out early we'd have lost all the interest. Beans it is then.
  23. Anyone got any idea where the next best place is to put some cash for a year? (not gold)
  24. We were all set to max these out (one for me, one for wife), but had to wait for a 1 year bond to mature (1st October) DAAAAAAAAAAAMN :'(
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