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  1. ^^what they said^^ worked for us, we are on a rolling monthly contract. We have to give a month's notice, the landlord has to give two. Also we didn't have to pay the £50 "admin" fee for new contracts either. I swear people just sign that stuff because they don't know any better!
  2. Must watch this, thanks for flagging it up. Although the majority of the houses in the series were built by architects, lawyers and other people in a wage league I could never hope to match, his Grand Designs series was usually an enjoyable watch, (that woodsman's house the best example) At least it was always a couple or family building a house to actually live in, rather than to rent out, even if some of the architecture was a bit impractical or fanciful. Also helps that Kevin himself seems such an amiable chap. He's like the Anti-Krustie. Now, where can I get some cheap woodland and a lorry base to build my shack on....
  3. Interesting to see that the pellet in that video that caused the bubble to pop actually made it to the other side of the bubble and out to freedom, milliseconds before total annihilation of the bubble. I'm sure there is something deep and meaningful there, but I can't be bothered to think it through.
  4. As a side note, I have noticed that other friends with young families (same situation as me) do tend to not consider Tax Credits to be a benefit. They rant about people who "sponge off the state" and "get loads for free" whilst saying "We don't get any government help, we have to work really hard whilst people get benefits for free!" When I point out that they get Tax Credits they look at me blankly. When I explain that Tax Credits are essentially at a similar (albeit tapered) level to unemployment benefit, but without having to sign on every two weeks, they start huffing and puffing and blustering! We get Working Tax Credit and Family Tax Credit but I don't kid myself that it is anything other than state support. The main beneficiaries of it seem to be: Companies who think they can give people minimal wages and minimal hours and get the government to "top up" the their employees with tax credits. The Government who get a whole load of people (either business starters or those with precarious job security) off the unemployment figures, as many of them can cling on to employment/self employment thanks to the "credits". I can't see that it really does anyone any favours in the long term... (But I heartily agree with those on here saying it seems grossly unfair that two people on the same wage and same hours, one of whom saved and saved for a deposit or just as a safety net for their family gets nothing under the new system, whereas the one who p**sed their wages away on cars, holidays, a slavebox or drink can still get their "top up".)
  5. I'm in a similar situation (have savings above £16K but hoping to wait till houses drop before buying) Am currently getting tax credits as I have started my own business (hard to get established and clients are thin on the ground right now!) I looked into this and found that the plan is for NEW tax credit claimants to start on Universal Credit from April 2013 but CURRENT claimants won't be moved onto it until April 2014. So that give those on this thread a bit more breathing space to consider what to do with their savings before the changes. Of course in an ideal world, by April 2014 I'll be established and won't need to claim the credits. I'm not the sort of person to think of tax credits as something I am "entitled" to, rather something I am "eligible" for, and indeed grateful for, they have been helpful whilst setting up and as soon as possible I'd like to be earning enough that I start paying back in rather than taking out.
  6. A very good piece seeing as BOTH of the guests were saying that UK house prices need to fall in order for the economy to recover. To be fair to the second guy - his suggestion of using QE to allow the banks to take their losses on houses that had fallen in value, was something he had suggested in 2009. He wasn't saying it would work now. He was saying that if they had used QE for this purpose back in 2009 (when 50 billion was considered a lot of money!) then it could have all been sorted out then. I don't think he was suggesting that QE could be used now as in his words "we can't go back in time".
  7. holy f u cking christ. this is the end of days.
  8. Maybe he should have read the contract before signing it? Always amazed that people don't bother reading these things before they sign away their most expensive possession.
  9. This f**ks me off more than almost anything else as regards renting. Saw one the other day, 3 bedrooms, large enclosed garden, room for 2 cars, what they called a "family" bathroom, 5 minutes toddle from the local nursery school. NO CHILDREN! FFS! Of course it rents out anyway (in this location in this climate they all rent out within days), presumably to childless couples (not that I have anything against childless couples!) who for some reason need 2 spare bedrooms. If I'm prepared to repaint rooms that get accidentally drawn on, or replace/clean carpets that "accidents" occur on, then I can't see what the problem is. As a family with a young child wanting a place within walking distance of the nursery, you'd think that we'd be ideal as we'd want the place fairly long term, but these landlords seem to think that all children live like a cross between Stig of the Dump and the kids from The Lord of the Flies
  10. My only objection to this otherwise fine plan is that there shouldn't be an apostrophe in the word "fees". Other than that, you're golden. EDIT to say, that I realise the above comment makes me sound like a dick, but really I like your idea. You just need to make sure that the letters are totally checked over for speeeling and grandmar, as this makes for a much better impression, and the person reading it is likely to hold you and your views in higher regard. Happy to check it over for you before you post it out. (again that makes me sound like a dick, but I'm just genuinely interested in seeing how your "direct mail" venture goes.)
  11. I wouldn't call 1.5 hours a "commute" I'd call it a prison sentence! (That's each way right?) O_o Mind you I work from home so even my old commute of 15 minutes walk seems like a lot these days!
  12. second half of this article has a few things http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-1633409/Historic-inflation-calculator-value-money-changed-1900.html
  13. Here is something like I think you are asking for (but it's for the US/Canada) http://viableopposition.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/everyday-price-index-superior.html Haven't time to look for a UK one now, but I expect there is something similar if you root around
  14. I've seen charts that people show on HotUKDeals where it shows the fluctuating price of an item over a number of months or years (cameras, tv etc) so that you can see if it's the cheapest it has ever been or if it varies seasonally (flash memory is often cheaper after Christmas for example, because they ramp up production in Q4 and depending on how well the Christmas sales go they often have a glut in january, which can feed into the price of items using that memory). I think it might be on amazon or some sort of google tool. Of course it's no use trying to gauge inflation using consumer electronics because the standard model for those is for them to get cheaper and cheaper over time as new and improved models are launched, so any inflation effect is usually lost. Whether there is something similar for lemons etc I don't know Would be interesting because lemon growers rarely create an upgraded lemon, so I guess the base product is relatively consistent over time!
  15. condenser driers work really well. We bought one for our rented place. The water bottle is very large so it doesn't need emptying very often.
  16. When I saw this thread title I thought it was going to be about the way that someone's house is "worth" what the owner thinks it is worth, and what everyone else knows it is worth simultaneously. It exists in this state of HPI and HPC until they put the damn thing on the market or lose the house, at which point the waveform collapses and Tarquin and Penelope discover that their £500K pad is only worth £200K. This is also the case for why banks would rather leave people in the house despite them being in arrears, so that they can have a £500K house on their books, rather than taking possession and having to admit that actually the house is worth rather less, and writing it off as a massive loss.
  17. This is even funnier/sadder to read if you think of it as a Samuel Beckett play like Waiting for Godot.
  18. I second the vote for Tarporley and Tattenhall. Also agree that prices here are not moving anywhere fast, grrrr!
  19. @Monkey - wow, make sure you follow that one up in a few months and let us know if Person 2 gets a tasty slice of reality pie.
  20. Having said all that (and apologies for getting on my high horse - something I am used to doing as a boring vegetarian - as long as the horse is well looked after) good for you on giving up most meat. There is a lot to be said for meat reduction (one or more days a week meat free say, or in your case almost all meat apart from fish), and indeed if everyone ate a little less meat then that is the equivalent reduction in consumption (and energy and land usage, and increase in health benefits) that you would get from many million people turning vegetarian, but it works without being a nazi about it and trying to convert everyone, which is something I learnt in my youth does not win you many friends, if all you do is tell them to stop doing something they like doing!
  21. unless fish have suddenly stopped being animals and started growing in the ground like carrots? "The Vegetarian Society, which initiated popular use of the term vegetarian as early as 1847, does not consider pescetarianism a vegetarian diet."
  22. Take it from a vegetarian with a vegetarian wife, son, father, mother, sister and uncle that vegetarians do NOT eat fish. If you eat fish you aren't a vegetarian. If you are anything you are a pescetarian. Telling people that you are a vegetarian but you eat fish is like saying "I'm a hetero man, but I also like certain types of boy" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pescetarianism Vegan - no meat (including fish) no eggs, no dairy, no honey Vegetarian - no meat (including fish) Pescetarian - no meat (apart from, for some strange reason, fish) The best comeback I've heard to people who think they are vegetarian despite eating fish is: "Saying you're a vegetarian that eats fish is like saying you're a pacifist who only shoots Canadians!"
  23. I believe that there are safeguards and checks made which might account for a portion of Kick Starter's 5%. I imagine that for projects asking for serious funding, the project organiser would need to provide insurances and assurances that they could deliver. I'm not sure what happens if they fail and all the money has been spent. Although that isn't likely in this case. The whole thing seems to be an advanced version of "Pre-Ordering" so rather than creating a book/comic/film/game and taking advance orders in the months before release, you get ALL the orders in advance to completely fund the project and then you know you have a guaranteed audience, which is good. Also it isn't debt based as you don't have to borrow loads from a third party, then make a game then try and recoup the costs, people are paying in advance. If this became a mainstream funding option it would be very good for reducing waste. The guy who wants to write a book about 20th century telegraph poles would soon find out that the interest wasn't there, when he failed to get funding, rather than putting a year's work into the book only to find out the hard way when Arnold Rimmer is his only customer.
  24. "Double Fine" is a game company and Psychonauts is their most popular game. So it would be like saying "I'm Alan Partridge house, Baby Cow Productions" The guy himself created, or worked on a lot of games within the point and click genre which was what everyone used to play before 3D First Person Shooters took over the world with their endless tedious variation on WWII and modern warfare. I assume it is written like that because it's an article on a gaming site and the majority of readers would have heard of Schafer and his studio. But I appreciate for an outsider it might as well be written in another language!
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