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  1. Go to Citizens Advice and tell them what you have told us, and show them the paperwork you have and what you have been told. They will be able to advise you properly. The agent sounds like a scumbag (surprise surprise)
  2. A lot of solar technology now only requires light and can work (to an extent) even on overcast days. so the sun going behind a cloud may not be a problem eventually. Also efficiency increases yearly and prices go down yearly, so subsidy may no longer be required soon, especially in sunnier countries.
  3. I agree about the temperature - 22 is about right. If anyone remembers the film Pleasantville, the weather man in that says something like "It's another perfect day - high 72, low 72, not a cloud in the sky" 72 F works out at about 22 C and it is indeed a perfectly pleasant temperature! (I'm typing this in my "home office" (read: bedroom) in an old 1900s house (private rented) and I'm baking to death as it's impossible to get the house cool enough even with all the doors and windows open. (in the winter we freeze)
  4. From the article: "“It is one of the last two-way plots that you can do something with for a sensible price." ******ing Stupid *****
  5. also Rhyl is a ******ing hole filled with junkies I'd be very surprised if he doesn't turn up for an inspection after 6 months and find the place looking like a scene from Trainspotting and with all the copper stripped out of it.
  6. Oh if you look really closely you can see the sadness in his eyes, and if you listen really hard you can hear his soul whimpering softly.
  7. In that case I think you should be offering 50% of asking!
  8. Assuming that the previous tenant has gotten his deposit back already, I would suggest that you ask if they would be kind enough to put in writing the reason that they left, and that they had contacted the agent on numerous occasions and perhaps forward on the emails to you. Then at least you'll have something written down to show that the agent knew all about it. What you do with that I know honestly know as I have a horrible feeling that lettings agents will say anything to get you to sign, and once you do, then there isn't much you can do about it. You could put in a police complaint report about the cannabis and the shouting I guess, although I don't expect much will happen. If you are feeling particularly brave you could go and complain and then stay up the rest of the night filming your car so that when the tyres get slashed you can go to the police. You can also go and shout at the letting agent, best to do that when you see other possible renters in the office and as loudly as possible. We had bad downstairs neighbours like that when we lived in a maisonette a few years ago, pretty much the same issues (minus the tyre slashing - late night shouting, smell of pot drifting up the stairs. Pair of scumbags they were.
  9. Who actually gives a crap at this point. All the numbers are pulled out of somebody's **** anyway.
  10. Yes, you are forgetting a very important statistical method that comes into play here. What you need to do in order to get the same result as the official figures is what professional statisticians call "pull all the numbers out of your ****". It's a difficult manoeuvre but they are getting quite good at it now. Only trouble is, in order to get a firm grasp of the figures, they also have to loosen their grip on reality.
  11. It's Sunday, so maybe the money won't arrive until the next banking day (Monday) I shouldn't sweat it until tomorrow lunchtime.
  12. Asphyxiation Nation. choked to death in a wardrobe/box. Sorry I meant: "lovingly self strangled to death, in a compact but trendy, studio apartment with original wood flooring, easy access to the land of Narnia, buy now to receive a free orange"
  13. The Somerfield in the shopping centre in Chester became a Co-op. It then soon closed and became an empty shell full of rubble. Now it's a miserable looking clothes,tat and broken dreams "shop" with items piled onto pallets. That shopping centre only has the crap indoor market and 4 other shops (one of which is a charity shop) It can't be long for this world
  14. I once worked on a job. Two houses in central london. one on the market for £60 MILLION the other for £40. I believe a Saudi family purchased both of them, the £60 million one for themselves and the £40 million one as staff and guest accommodation. The mind boggles
  15. Every Smiths I've ever visited has been a cavernous place with a ridiculous floor space and presumably equally ridiculous rent. Filled with men browsing the magazines whilst waiting for their wives to come back from other shops - if you venture downstairs to the games etc, it's usually deserted and the stationary section is massive but like a ghost town. Not that I've ventured in for a while, (apart from to browse the magazines.) Of course the travel branches are tiny, but then I've heard those are the most profitable bit (and I heard they were run as a separate business or something?) (WHSmiths Travel) for tax reasons perhaps?
  16. I'd just go with the quiet enjoyment thing and enjoy the look on their face or the sound in their voice as you quote it to them.
  17. sounds like mine is the winner so far. If anyone lives around Chester and wants the name of it, PM me!
  18. Took mine to a local place (recommended by a couple of friends) a few months ago. Tested whilst I waited, no faults (never happened before), no advisories (which I've always had in the past with other garages), clean bill of health (on a 2001 car), went to pay my £34.99 and the receptionist said "Oh we have an offer on this month, it's only £24.99!!!!" I thought I was dreaming!
  19. Yes, Hoole is nice (but prices all over Chester are way too high!)
  20. Chester does seem to be a little bubble of super expensive in the North West. Gets really busy on race days (12 a year) and a lot of tourists. Blacon is pretty rough. They built a new police station a little while back and moved the police operations to Blacon rather than their old location in the city, to save time and petrol. Having it in Blacon means they can be at the crime scene just by stepping out of the front door. Every time the local paper comes through and I read the crime stories I always get my wife to guess where the crim lives. It's nearly always Blacon (occasionally Vicar's Cross). Unfortunately they didnt site the police chopper in Blacon but in a village somewhere to the South West of the city. (I think they couldn't risk putting it in Blacon, else it would have been up on bricks with the rotors sold for scrap by the end of the week. Other than that, a nice place to live if you aren't fussed about living in a city, don't like the commute of a village and want a centre with some history.
  21. Chester used to have a Cinema and a Theatre right in the town. Now it has neither and they've been d*cking about for years saying they will build another one, but haven't done anything about it. When you think that Chester relies on the roman history and thinks of itself as a cultural centre for attracting tourists, the lack of those facilities is ridiculous. All in all though, it's a pleasant place to live, the centre is good because of it's historical look, although too many of the shops are generic chains that have since gone bust (there is a dead habitat, jessops, etc, and a lot of the shops are empty.
  22. Handbridge is pretty and nice and pretty nice. Although it's impossible to get something there with any sort of garden, unless you have insane money to spend and live at the posh end. We rent a 2 bed for £600 but it only has a yard, have been here for 3 years, the same landlord owns the ones either side, identical houses, next door are paying £650 and the other side (who moved in before christmas) are paying £700. So prices have gone even more mental so we can't really move within Handbridge at a reasonable price, but being here has allowed me to walk to work and save a lot of car/parking costs. It is very easy to walk into town though (less than 15 minute walk to the centre). It has a garage if you need fuel (or milk!) and a covenent on the shops to prevent them building any Tesco local etc, they have a butchers, deli, hairdressers, that sort of thing. It's just south of the river.
  23. I used to make it my mission to post a pointed comment under everything that the Rightmove facebook page ever posted. I soon gave up because there were a few others of our side of the argument posting too, but the majority would just put something about how much they love browsing for property porn every evening. It was like banging your head against a brick wall (a brick wall that you can't afford)
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