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  1. Entertainment and Booze are so cheap at home now that the pubs just can't compete. I can't see that they will ever be able to again. Why would I go into town and pay £3.50 or even £4 for a pint of cider when I can get the exact same brand from the supermarket at less than a £1 a pint, and not have to worry about designated drivers or crap music? Can invite mates round to play on the PS3 or for a meal or to watch a film on a big TV (better than the cinema because people aren't chatting and using their phone, and we can eat and drink what we like). Even the films that would once have been a £3 hire from blockbuster are now £6 a month for unlimited films and TV from netflix and music from Spotify. (In case you hadn't guessed, I don't get out much, nor do I want to!) I can have 3 mates round for a film night (even if we rent a recent release via blinkbox), give them 4 pints each and have change from £20. If we went to the cinema and then to the pub we'd be looking at at about £25 EACH!
  2. Here is more on the story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-26661572 "Mr Wiles said: "I'm hoping our buyer can hang on until the house is repaired - it's a beautiful house." Uh, no it's not. It's a depressing looking new build box with no charm, 2 doors down from a petrol station!
  3. Old lady in a walk in wardrobe in her massive house "Ooooh you have a lot of shoes dear" "Oh, no, those are where my tenants live."
  4. Might try and draw a cartoon this week in which an agent is showing a large family around a tiny little house "It's fully RSPCA compliant...there isn't room to swing a cat" Then perhaps another one where there is an old lady rattling around a massive house, next door to a family of 5 in a shoebox. Not sure that one needs any text, although it's depressing rather than amusing...
  5. Just checked and they were done by StudioAKA so yes they are genuinely British, so at least that is something. Also this page http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/news/1210959/ says that the TSB rebranding / re-launching budget (of which the animations would be a small fraction) was about £30 Million quid.
  6. Ah, sorry there are two adverts in the same style for TSB, one has Patrick Stewart doing the voice (Bloo Loo posted it on the first page)
  7. I know this isn't the point - but those are really nicely made animations (if you turn the sound off and forget that it is for a bank). (I'm an animator/illustrator by trade) Assuming they were also made in the UK (which given the "local" message you would hope that they would be - plus I think I know the agency that would have worked on it), then you are looking at easily a substantial six figure sum for each of those ads Plus paying for the voice over (Patrick Stewart isn't it? I don't expect he comes cheap!) I do get frustrated when I see that pretty much the only way to create something that looks that good is to either get into Pixar or another studio (statistically unlikely) or to work for some agency on behalf of a shitty bank / car company or beer company. There doesn't seem to be a market for my "House Price Inflation is Evil" animations, haha.
  8. Yeah, I think they just put all their stuff into the existing building without any conversion! I've seen a couple of beautiful chapel conversions but to do it properly they are in the mega money range (£600K plus)
  9. that one looks particularly poorly converted inside.
  10. I'd love a chapel to convert (possibly because a childhood friend lived in one and it has good memories!) Although they are rarely done well and usually suffer from very limited outdoor space for some reason
  11. I once had an argument in the middle of a pub quiz, with the question master because he insisted that there were 52 states in the US. I pointed out that there was a film called the 51st state which was about us being the 51st, which would mean there were 50 US states, but he wasn't having any of it.
  12. I went through three kindles before I got one that worked properly. I don't think I was being unreasonably picky either, to want a product that actually functioned properly. With those I carried them (two on the same day!) to a collect+ place because I didn't trust them to come and pick it up at a reasonable hour. The thing is that amazon are not stupid, so either most people will just get those slightly dodgy kindles (light leaking on one of them and a dodgy touch screen on the other one) and just live with the defects or perhaps not notice. Or have they just worked out that they can afford for X% of the units to be faulty if it means making them more cheaply and scrapping quality control, and "only" having to swap a small percentage of them (but two defective in a row makes me think that the fault rates must be quite high) Someone has done the calculation and worked out which road is more profitable. But have they factored in that I tell anyone who mentions amazon, my dull "three kindles" story and they exchange their own tales of woe about them to the point where their reputation for good quality and customer services must start taking a beating.
  13. I had a rusty old fiesta SORN for a couple of years, when I got a job within 15 minutes walk of home and decided I just didn't need to run a car at all. that was definitely money related as I couldn't justify the insurance and maintenance costs for what was an occasional trip to the supermarket and traveling to see my folks twice a year. it was SORN mainly because it took two years to get around to scrapping it! (Kept thinking I might need it)
  14. "selling out" of consoles and ipads etc is always a ridiculous con. They always ship out slightly less than demand so that they can "sell out" and then quietly restock the shelves the following week. Ridiculous!
  15. Just checked out my own occupation(s) 0.038 Writers and Authors 0.015 Multimedia Artists and Animators 0.021 Photographers 0.042 Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators My occupations seem pretty safe for now (assuming these guys know what they are talking about) essentially useless and by no means essential, but comparatively safe! (whether there will be any money in those things when half the population has 6 days a week leisure time to learn those skills themselves is another matter....)
  16. I've seen clips of them running at speed, in convoy (saying they could fit 3 or 4 times as many cars in the "train" as they could if they were manually driven.) I think the drag coefficient was very promising too. My car sits outside the house most of the time since I started working from home. Only use it for a few long family visits each year and the weekend food run, and trips out to the beach in the summer etc. Hardly any use. If I could "hire" an auto car for those trips and the rest of the time it could be used by other people and then go to it's garage for repairs and cleaning, then I'd opt for that, especially as I can see it working out a lot cheaper than having a dedicated car that just sits there most of the time. Assuming I could just page a random car as I stepped out of the house and the nearest one would turn up within a minute or so. I can see that happening in the not too distant future.
  17. The late, great, Douglas Adams had a character in one of his novels (I believe it was Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency) called The Electric Monk. He was an appliance like a walking VCR: http://theelectricmonk.com/ElectricMonk.html
  18. I believe that the automated cars (google's fleet and others) have racked up over 200,000 hours of driving time, on real roads, over an insane number of miles. as far as I am aware there were only two reported accidents. One was when the human driver had taken control and succumbed to a human error. The second accident was someone running into the back of the google car (again it was a human in a non automated car.) In theory the more cars that are part of the system the incident of human error dramatically reduces. So computer driven cars should be orders of magnitude safer. Which may mean that the companies can insure against the cost of fatalities as they would be far less likely than at present. Also it could result in less cars on the road, with car pooling. Imagine a system where it can drive you to work (if you have a job!) and then drop you off, drive itself to the garage for repairs (helping to ensure that the number of mechanical failure accidents are reduced, then drive off to pick someone up from the airport, take someone shopping etc and then drive back to pick you up in the evening - that's one car acting like a super car hire / super taxi service meaning that those people could probably do without a dedicated car of their own, or at least cut down from two to one in the household.
  19. The Santander one is 3% on balances from 3K UP TO 20K. so if you have more than 20K, that's no good.
  20. Two couples I know in their early 30s have purchased in the last couple of months. One couple has purchased a house off plan!
  21. Apologies if this has already been posted but spotted this on twitter today his letter to the Times) letter
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