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  1. QUOTE (Harry Monk @ Jun 24 2009, 09:23 PM) * In what way is your home any less a home because it is rented? Yeah completely different from a house that the bank, sorry, no, "the homeowner" owns, which is only their home until the bank sells it because they can't keep up the payments.
  2. You got those two statements the wrong way around! Try: "But on a positive note, more EAs will bite the dust."
  3. You honestly think that a man shouldn't be given TWO WEEKS (maximum) of time off to spend with his new born baby and to help out at home for his wife who has just given birth? Wow, you must be trolling, cos if that's your real opinion then I pity you.
  4. I just fail to see how allowing civil partnership destroys traditional family values? How does letting two gay people get married somehow destroy families, and why should gay people have fewer rights than non-gay people?
  5. Wow, that's a pretty c\/ntish attitude. I guess without Civil Partnerships all those gays and lesbians would have denounced their homosexuality by now and got married to someone of the opposite sex and started a family? I mean it's only a phase isn't it. Wow, what are you smoking? Is there an ignore button on here so I don't have to be subjectted to Daily Mail [email protected]?
  6. Sounds like good advice and your stash breakdown made interesting reading too Hehe, sounds like another good idea mate, better pop another shrimp on the barbie No problem! Sounds like you are in a similar position moneywise This is why we want to hold on for a while before buying. Don't want our savings to disappear into a falling houseprice! Another great reply, and food for thought. I'm a very cautious person, not a big risk fan and what you say makes a lot of sense. The "have £, earn £ and wish to buy a house in £" thing is a very good way to look at it, and one that I had lost sight of. Another excellent point. I hadn't considered the effect higher interest rates would have on people getting into trouble and having to sell causing falling prices. Totally agree about renting, we are currently looking at "upgrading" to a better rental place to take advantage of the falling rent prices - the place we are in currently is tiny and I barely have room to cook properly, and loads of places have come onto right move recently which are only a few quid more than we pay now Your post is above and beyond the call of duty, amazed that a stranger would make the time to offer so many good and well reasoned suggestions. Thanks very much. Will have to spend a bit of time digesting it all! That goes for everyone! Cheers again!
  7. Current renting cost for the last 12 months - 6K Current average drop in house prices in the last 12 months - something like £20K or more So not entirely sure that renting is that stupid right now! Very helpful advice, cheers This is my main fear, jumping in somewhere, into something I don't understand! Thank you, some very good points Thank you for your reply, it was partly number 11 in your sig that made me post the topic in the first place! We are always checking around for good rates, and definitly use our ISAs to the full, although the rates on those have gotten quite bad. People last year were chastising me for not starting a pension, but I agree with you it's not worth it right now Regarding the beans/guns, yes I had noticed that there is a pretty hardcore faction within HPC.co.uk! I try to steer around the Bi-Polar Bears!
  8. Hooray! Thanks for the explaination, this is fantastically reassuring. I had visions of waking up one morning and having to put all my money in a wheelbarrow to go buy a loaf of bread, like something out of 1920s Germany! Learning that hyperinflation doesn't just appear from nowhere will help me sleep more peacefully! That's definitly the plan! I really hope so! Definitly plan to keep on saving and certainly don't want to tie money up too much in case we need it in a hurry A wee bit mental! Anyway if I eat my stockpile of beans I won't need the shotgun as I'll be able to gas any enemies! Certainly wasn't my intention to post on here, waving a wad of money in people's faces and saying "oooh look how much money we've got" ! So hope noone took it that way A chunk of the money is from saving hard (Trying to stick to a reasonable budget, both walk to work, so no car, don't have contract phones, had a small unflashy wedding, no massive holidays - apart from honeymoon! etc) Perhaps was a mistake to call the inheritance amounts "small", we are certainly very grateful for the money, but sadly this wasn't money from the death of a distant great uncle or someone from another far flung part of the family tree. It's money from the deaths of four very close family members (from both sides of the family) all within the last three years. So it's very sad money to have in many ways All the more reason to want to make sure it is used for helping us to set up home and start a family rather than being squandered or lost in some sort of nightmare future Gordonland rollercoaster ride!
  9. Hi Everyone, Would just like to say thank you very much to everyone who replied to this topic. It's a little overwhelming to receive such a lot of varied feedback so quickly! Certainly a lot to digest here! Will post something longer later on, replying to some of the posts individually. This really is one of the most welcoming and helpful places I have visited on my many years on the net! Cheers! (shows how helpful everyone has been, as my first post had a sad face!)
  10. So...... what was the valuation in the end? I'm sure we are all dying to know. Or did I miss it?
  11. Hi everyone, Sorry this post is a bit long winded but would really appreciate some advice and there seem to be a lot of smart people on here. I've been reading this forum for a while now and find myself in agreement with a lot of the people on here regarding the continuted fall in house prices. (Can't wait!) But there are some other threads that I'm not sure I understand such the ones telling everyone to get out of the pound and buy lots of gold, that sort of thing. Background: I'm 26 and got married last summer. I get a pretty average wage (£23K) and my wife works part time (6K) As a couple we have never been in debt, having grown up learning the value of saving. We've managed to save up £89K towards a house over the last three years through a combination of saving up and a couple of small inheritances. We have some money in a 10% regular saver account (runs out in June) some more in an account offering 4% (runs out in May) and the rest is earning terrible rates of between 1.5 and 2.5% which is pathetic. Don't worry, we have no intention of throwing money away on a house that keep going down in value for the next few years! (Will be waiting at least 18 months before we even think about looking for somewhere) Question: All this talk of super inflation, the crappy £ and buying gold has gotten me worried that this money we have saved hard for is going to be totally wiped out. Have never gotten into shares, or currency or gold, or anything other than a standard savings account and a cash ISA So don't really understand how it all works. What should we do to protect our savings from becoming worthless?!
  12. Totally agree! They are called Juliette balconies and they are bloody awful, I hate them with a passion, Nearly as much as I hate modern houses with fake chimneys on despite not having an open fireplace inside, and fake tax-windows. I don't understand the point of adding faux features to these lifeless, soulless boxes. It makes them look like a disneyland/child's drawing of what a house should be.
  13. Hey M21er, I wanted to PM you about Zopa as it's something I've been interested in for a while I don't seem to be able to PM though, perhaps I haven't racked up enough posts on the forum yet? Would definitely like to hear your thoughts/analysis of it though
  14. I used to live in Didsbury, nice place. (Clyde Road, renting) If you have to be stuck somewhere during the housing "turmoil" then it's as nice a place as any.
  15. I'm sorry, I'm just not a great fan of the whole ghost thing. No hard feelings. I would honestly recommend that you don't mention the ghost thing in court though. Imagine another case just like yours in which the defence was "spacemen kept flying into the house and making it a bad place to live" and think how mad that would sound to a judge. I'm not saying you are mad, but thats what the court might think. Stick to the facts, such as you offering to pay the £3000 and hopefully that will be enough good luck (also I have a medi-mum. She's about 5 foot 7!)
  16. It's called English, it's quite popular these days, so I hear. Though not so much on teh internetz. Yeah they love a good ghost story, as it gives everyone the chance to laugh at a superstitious person, who'd walk out on a contract that they owe £3000 on and then cry about it when the landlord requests the money he's owed.
  17. You really should have considered "Ellipsis" as a username seeing as you are so fond of them...
  18. If you think that you need to press Caps Lock to get capital letters then I fear for your safety on the internet. I have visions of you hitting Caps Lock, then pressing the letter you want and then tapping Caps Lock again to turn it off. I know you don't understand why they are after more than the £3000, because you think that is all you owe them. But have you overlooked the Government's Gullibility Tax? Its the 90% extra tax you have to pay when you believe in mediums and ghosts and that sort of rubbish. Why do you think it costs £1.50 a minute to ring Horoscope hotlines or Professional Con-Artists, sorry, "Professional Mediums"? It's mainly the Gullibility Tax. Then they take all the tax money and give it to old fairground janitors so that they can buy better costumes and keep the cycle going.
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