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  1. Did you get a miele? I've heard only wonderful things about them. It's like they didn't get the memo about built in obsolescence that the other manufacturers sent out!
  2. Wow, defensive much? Someone takes things a little seriously. I was merely pointing out that advertising a product that costs three figures on a site that purports to inform us on DEBT is somewhat amusing. Advertising a luxury technology product offered by an american company and built in china does exactly what to help with the national debt? There are many ways to fund a website that don't involve raping your message. I mean imagine if this site was filled with adverts for BTL mortgages and debt consolidation services! I bet there are a fair few kindles that have been bought on credit. Kindles encourage reading? Oh I thought books have been doing that for a few hundred years. No I don't work in the public sector, but thanks for playing. Also, it was a throw away comment. Why so serious? EDIT: OK, I re-read the above and I didn't mean to upset you. It's a very lovely website and the bomb is very glossy, top marks. Obviously my attempt at making a joke regarding pimping for a massive multinational selling a luxury item made in china, to fund a site about debt either wasn't understood, wasn't taken as a joke or more likely, wasn't funny. PS That figure is seriously scary.
  3. The fact that the debt calculator page has an advert for... "Amazon's bestselling e-book reader is smaller, lighter and faster than ever. Kindle Wi-fi only £109, Kindle Free 3G just £149" ..makes me even more depressed.
  4. I reported the bath pictures to flickr as unacceptable content. They are usually pretty quick about dealing with things like that.
  5. anyone else notice the easter eggs on top of the units in the kitchen? You've been trying to shift it for how long?
  6. Nice one BlinkTooFast. Wonder who will be the first media outlet to use your new acronym? Based on this morning's performance I'd guess The Today Programme on Radio 4.
  7. perhaps someone should contact the agent and point out they've added an extra 0 to the price by mistake!
  8. Good list, cheers for this! Another one is that new Northern Rock's Little Rock (which sounds a little bit too much like Big Brother's Little Brother for my liking) It's for kids only but we have a tiny little sprog now so I'm going to open one next week, 5% (and no tax to pay on it as it's a kids account and he's unlikely to reach his tax limit!) fixed for 3 years (maximum you can put in is £20,000) It's a bond thing though so the money is tied up for 3 years. I don't know if it's a good idea or not, but rates have stayed horrifically low for so long now and are showing no signs of heading upwards at the moment.
  9. that looks amazing! would be interesting to find out where it is moored and how much that costs. I was also surprised at how "housey" it was inside, i was expecting pull out bunks and portholes but that's really nice Would seem to be a good way to live near/in london if that isn't a misprice Sadly not very practical us with a 7 month old baby Ah I read this thread properly and realised it has no mooring. I assume that mooring would cost as much as a small house?
  10. I was thinking of a perfect house search tool, which would be an extension of this draw a search. I work as a freelancer from home and so "home" could be anywhere we choose to rent (or buy) in the uk within reason, so I want a really broad search What I want from a search is this: The usual price range tools The ability to search the entire country. Houses located within a set distance of multiple postcodes (wouldn't really want to be more than 4 hours from my parents in the the midlands and my wife's dad in Yorkshire) a town/region blacklist for places I'd NEVER consider living in or living in again (Middlesbrough, Moss Side, London to name but three) Motorway/A Road Checkbox (This could work both ways, I personally want to be at least 2 miles from any motorway/noisy roads, others who travel a lot might want the opposite) Similar checkboxes for Railway stations/hospitals/supermarkets with radius options (ie within five miles but no nearer than 500 yards) A decent way to search for old houses (ie pre 1950s) (Rightmove's system of previously owned/new and "character" properties is woefully inadequate. Character searches often bring up depressing new builds, and there is no way to narrow by the era of house you want ie Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian, 1930s, modern...) Surely something like this should be achievable as a mash up of rightmove/googlemaps/OS and other sources. I picture it as a map of the uk with areas slowly blacking out as I increase the number of checkboxes I tick, until I am left with the very specific requirements I have. But with locality being almost the least important thing, rather than the current systems which all ask "where do you want to rent/buy?" as the first question. Sorry that was longer than I had anticipated when I started typing Anyone have any opinion on my search dream?
  11. Personally I think we should put an end to this crazy policy of splitting twins up and putting one with a rich family and one with a poor family. That just never ends well! I think we all know who came up with the policy in the first place; novel writing criminal peer Geoffrey Archer! Won't somebody think of the children!
  12. thanks for those reports that you linked to, although they make for depressing reading. For those who don't have the time, this is pretty typical: which boils down to:
  13. I don't believe that the asset reverts to supplier at end. Mainly because they are built to such a low standard (the schools especially) that after the 40 years or so of the contract, the school building is worth sh!t all and is a liability. The fact that there are still a large number of beautifully built, robust Victorian schools, still perfectly useable and PAID FOR, whilst they churn out crappy PFI schools that cost ten times their worth, 80% of which fail their CABE review (independent review to decide if they are up to a good standard), will look dated in 5 years and fall down in 20 is a national disgrace.
  14. Me and the wife favour the "sterilising-agent-in-the-sportswear" approach. Ok, so a few elite athletes won't be able to reproduce, but I think that is a price worth paying. Just think...JJB Sports would be the new family planning clinics
  15. Shouldn't have so many kids then should they Although these days some girls are having kids so young that they can probably hand their old school uniforms down to their own kids directly
  16. wow it must be so tough when you find a lovely old property for a mere 600K and it "doesn't have a suitable young family configuration"! Where do they find these people?
  17. Serious question Any recommendations as to what we (young couple baby on the way) should do with our roughly £150K in savings/inheritance, in sterling curently in the bank? (well 100K of it is still tied up legally in red tape, being inherited money, but we should have it by say mid-September) So where to put it then?! Would it be better off in another currency then or dare i say the big shiney G word? Don't want to see the money for a month and then watch it become nearly worthless. Suggestions very welcome.
  18. QUOTE (Harry Monk @ Jun 24 2009, 09:23 PM) * In what way is your home any less a home because it is rented? Yeah completely different from a house that the bank, sorry, no, "the homeowner" owns, which is only their home until the bank sells it because they can't keep up the payments.
  19. You got those two statements the wrong way around! Try: "But on a positive note, more EAs will bite the dust."
  20. You honestly think that a man shouldn't be given TWO WEEKS (maximum) of time off to spend with his new born baby and to help out at home for his wife who has just given birth? Wow, you must be trolling, cos if that's your real opinion then I pity you.
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