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  1. even if you apply online they send you some paperwork in the post and there is something in the terms that says until they receive the paperwork back, its not a done deal
  2. Does anyone know how long these things are open for, only it will take me a few days to get the money transfered over from various places to my debit card account and I don't want to miss out! (are we talking hours, days, weeks or months?) Cheers
  3. I left my job in August to spend some quality time with my young family (haha sound like a politician's excuse) and build up my freelance (illustration) portfolio. Found out today that the two new guys (fresh from uni) that they got in to replace me and a friend of mine are on 15K O_o Christ Almighty! (10K less than we were on, not including bonus and overtime, and we were pretty poorly paid considering the skillset needed). 15K for a graduate in 2011! I can't even work out how they can live on it (12.5K take home pay) They aren't even at the threshold to start paying back their student loans!
  4. Tell them to go F*uck themselves? or parrot back at them all the stupid things they said to you when things were going in their favour, but feign innocence, so say things like "but I thought prices only ever went up?" "oh I thought it was a property ladder, not a snake?" "funny I always though renting was dead money?" "Must be great at the moment for house owners, what with interest rates being so low. must have plenty of money left over for holidays. I should make the most of it now, before the rates increase ten fold to take them back up to normal levels" Then find some less c*ntish friends
  5. as in "Head in the McClouds" (oh and I love grand designs in principle, mainly due to a hatred of the identical lego houses that are built these days by most big house builders, but it is quite annoying that, with a couple of notable exceptions (the woodland house for example), the people usually featured are couples at least one of whom is working as an architect who have the best part of a million to spend as they are the only ones who can afford the land plus the 18 months off that it takes to project manage)
  6. anyway, consider this notification that it's working again (if you reinstall it)
  7. My grandmother received the joint pension that my grandfather had paid into for them both (he died before he was able to enjoy it), when she went into a home (after being cared for by our family for ten years), she found she would have been better off without any savings at all. Or at least the outcome would have been the same. The woman in the room next door didn't have a bean but got the same care provided by the state, the state that took all of the savings my grandmother had within three years. Would have been better of spending it all on 10 round the world cruises whilst she had the chance. Pensions are for mugs IMHO Reminds me of that story about the ant and the grasshopper except viewed through the distorting mirrors of a travelling fair.
  8. Fantastic! Do you think the vendor instructed the estate agent and then didn't pay them? Sounds like they had a falling out. classic
  9. actually grew up in a little village in Northants but currently living in Chester due to work. Don't have any ties here though so am looking around the country for somewhere nice (and reasonably priced!) to settle. Somewhere rural I think as that's how I grew up and I miss it. Yourself?
  10. Oh, god no, I agree, definitely not buying a place to invest! I just want a decent long term family home (room for the wife, kids and a spare room for the family to visit) and a decent garden that I can build my own pizza oven in! That's the dream man! Unfortunately the dream doesn't exist around here for the sort of money we've got to spend, so either have to look at moving away, or give it a few months and see if prices come down to meet our budget (whilst working hard to earn some extra money in the meantime!) Once we do buy a place that we can afford and that is a long term home then how much it's worth will become totally meaningless to me family, health and happiness are all far more important that money.
  11. Sorry I snapped at you Dringo, defence mechanism and all that. I'm not here to make enemies! I guess with a name like housepricecrash, you'd expect a certain amount of negativity around these parts! (in fact negativity is what most of us are looking for in the house price figures!) And I have made a decision, a decision to hold out a year or two longer before (cash) buying a place for me and my small family. I was posting this in the spirit of trying to contribute to the site, as I feel I tend to do a lot more consuming of content than I do posting (I figured posting a thread would be a good way to join in), not in an attempt to belittle or upset my distant relatives (who aren't going to see it) Having a sideways look at what others are doing is less about schadenfreude (they are nice people by all accounts) and more about personal decision making (well if people are still pricing at peak, then its not time for us to buy - that sort of assessment). Anyway, no hard feelings.
  12. Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was the anecdotals thread? you know where people post observations from their own experiences and those of their friends and family? If you aren't interested and find it "strange" that one person would be interested in what somebody else does, then why are you here in the first place? I thought other people might find it mildly interesting to see the mind set of some specific house owners and the fact that the house is on for the same as peak (they haven't tried to get more for it, but again they haven't cut the price either) I find that interesting, my humble apologies if you don't, but nobody made you read it or comment on it. I even made the effort to post it under anecdotals, so that those who don't care don't read it. If it's sad to be interested in the affairs of other people that you know and be interested in the state of the market in various areas of the country, then I wonder why you are interested enough to bother to comment on the post of someone you don't know, talking about some other people you don't know. Seems a little sad to me.....
  13. Property Bee working fine for me on individual pages. Just checked the one above and can see all the changes listed. Have you tried reinstalling the plugin?
  14. Good point. I don't know them well enough to know if they are "not a penny less than we paid for it" type people. Early days yet.
  15. Ok, so thankfully this is far enough removed from me (wife's sister's husband's sister's house!) that I can stay well out of it, but thought it was an interesting anecdotal. They just put their small 2 bed in Warwick on the market for 190K a couple of weeks ago... ...which is exactly the same price they paid in May 2007 (ouch!!!!) Bet they were told by friends and family at the time that getting on the ladder was a great idea. and prices only ever go up... will be interesting to see how this one pans out. It's only just gone on, so might be a while before they reach the price cutting desperation stage! They are moving for work and to be nearer family so I guess they might try for the "we'll just rent it out" option if they can't sell at peak price! Or it might sell within the month, I'll keep you posted either way.
  16. The agents in our paper do the same (although the local rag is down to having ONE estate agent advertise in it - the property used to run ot about a dozen pages or more so 8 or 9 agents each week) Everything apart from one or two always has SOLD or LET written over it, and some of the spaces have pictures of champagne bottles instead of houses!!! I think they are reaaaaaaaly suffering and have nothing on their books, or nothing at a realistic price worth advertising. Some of the "sold" houses are in the paper every week for months and yet apparently they are desperate for houses to sell and rent, you'd think if these houses were selling so fast they could change the houses they show each week, but apparently not. No one around here is buying, Chester is so expensive compared to anywhere around it, prices need to come down another 30 or 40% to even get close to reasonable Very fishy!
  17. funding for a 75% mortgage because the gov (ie us) and house builder both have to cough up 10% so thats 25% total deposit. why the F*ck should the taxpayer have to fund this!!?!?!!
  18. Come to think of it it was 230 when we got it. Sadly we spent most of it there, so I think I only have about 6000 yen lying around. Still thats £50 I might as well have and it would have been about £25 when we got it! Wow, imagine if I'd converted all my savings over rather than just my holiday cash. O_o I'd be in a position to buy a family house in cash, but I'd feel really bad about the reason why.
  19. must go and swap my old holiday money back now then. I'm pretty sure it was over 200 yen to the pound when I got it! (I could be wrong but it was a few years ago)
  20. (Location: The Mall) Francine Parker: They're still here. Stephen: They're after us. They know we're still in here. Peter: They're after the place. They don't know why, they just remember. Remember that they want to be in here. Francine Parker: What the hell are they? Peter: They're us, that's all, when there's no more room in hell.
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