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  1. great site, had a nosey at the last three companies I worked for as well (an eye opener!) then had a look at my least favourite lettings agents (from a big list of contenders) looks like Reeds Rains made a loss of 1.7m last year. Ha Ha Ha!
  2. Just showed this one to the wife. Her reply was "f**king hell, is that Rusty Lee's house?" lol.
  3. They are a bunch of idiots. We opened up a joint savings bond for a year, in the names of myself and my wife. The second letter we got from them had my name correct and the wife's name with a completely different surname (beginning with the same letter of the alphabet) so I'm guessing a missing comma in a txt file somewhere. Doesn't fill me full of confidence though as they don't even know the name of the person who opened the account. presumably if this had happened on an individual account they wouldn't have let my wife have the money because her name didn't match! Soon as that bond matures we are out of there.
  4. Damn. We have a joint savings bond thing with Santander, it's only a year so it's due at start of October, but if we withdraw it before then we lose out on the interest. So now I don't know what to do. Withdraw it now and lose the interest anyway, but have money to hand, or leave it there and risk having to faff around getting the money back through the government scheme thing if they do go down (and lose the interest anyway). Of course the other possibility is they don't go bust and it's all fine! Anyone know how long it takes to get your money back if the bank does go bust? (I seem to remember after ICESave fiasco they were going to change the system so you got your money in a few days, rather than months.)
  5. WTF?! That garden looks like it was designed by the guys who built The Crystal Maze, on meth.
  6. Will the carpeting and furniture it has a bit of a nursing home vibe!
  7. I applaud you for making the effort to get this corrected. Unfortunately the process seems so slow that even if a complaint is upheld then it takes months to get a retraction (and even then they just change a few words on an article everyone has forgotten about and carry on). Mind you, by the time this complaint gets through the system, house prices should be down another few percent!
  8. " every part of north Northamptonshire" Not the entire county, just the north of northants. Methinks the author has selected certain regions in the north of the county in order spin this.
  9. 10p cheaper, not 10p total. (says 45p in tiny letter top right)
  10. damn, i obviously don't spend enough time on this site, especially at the tail end of the week!
  11. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/sell-my-house-fast/ some gems in the sellers experience part of the page this example is just the first one I read! So they put it on for more than the agent suggested because they were MEWed up to the eyeballs, and she then blames the agent and the "chancers" rather than her own greed, for the fact that she might now "only" get £275K rather than £350K (on a house that they have had for 20 years and so should have made a massive "profit" on)?! Ha! (Mind you she has trouble even spelling mortgage, so no wonder the situation is confusing her!)
  12. "He's carrying the shed around to draw attention away from the fact he has a **** and balls where his eyes and nose should be" (seriously, wtf!) Chunk - you beat me to it by 2 minutes!
  13. Find yourself a duke of westminster owned property. He owns huge amounts of land and housing (the majority of our street being a tiny part of his empire), he ain't short of a few quid and I can't see him selling up any time soon. Also (despite our house being one of only 3 on the street not owned by him) it is nice to have "the duke's men" turn up every few weeks to trim all the hedges and tidy the front gardens.
  14. Last place (3 years) had the central heating pump go (when we first tried it in October after a particularly good summer), needed a new mattress when we moved in as the existing one was horrendous, curtain pole came down and needed redoing, also after the first year the landlord asked if he could do some maintainance whilst we were on holiday in Japan, came back to all new furniture in bedroom including new bed, new lino in kitchen and a lick of paint in all the rooms. Oh and he also had to replace the tumble dryer and washing machine. After each "episode" I was glad we were renting, and I was thinking how much this was taking off his income, and not ours. Since we have been in this place (2 years) we've had 2 new washing machines (now we finally have a decent one) and a new hob (because he couldn't find the manual for the old one and British gas told him that without the manual the new regs meant it was automatically deemed unsafe - weird! Anyway, if I have a point it was that in both cases the landlords have been decent and gotten things sorted in good time, with no grumbling, also I have been glad that they are paying for all the replacements (yes I know technically we are paying for them, but it is nice to know that they aren't making as much from their "empires" as they would like to.)
  15. I'd totally forgotten that the internet used to have ads on it! I've not seen any in years.
  16. "My money" haha. 90% mortgage and he thinks it's his money.
  17. A family making 40K a year is a low income family? Christ, what planet are you living on?
  18. Have always referred to them as "Shabby-tat". Some ok stuff but always think that it's just Ikea stock with an extra 0 on the price tag.
  19. It won't catch on because the sort of people who paste "chain email" style statuses won't understand it, because it isn't "post a picture of your favourite cartoon so that we can stop child abuse and if you don't post it for 24 hours your children will die" and the sort of people who agree with the message don't copy and paste shltty spam into their status messages.
  20. What's up with picture number three on that first one? My uncle and aunt's hallway is bigger than that lounge!
  21. rolling (my choice) no rental increase. ( I knocked it down by £50 a month when we moved in a couple of years ago)
  22. I used them once when our little one turned up two weeks early and I needed an emergency moses basket (no time to order one online) but didn't get ripped off too badly as those things are too bulky to order online really, given that you can't fold them up. and then again when we were given a gift voucher to spend, took us ages to find something to spend it on (the boys clothes filled only two rails in a shop the size of an aircraft hanger) and was mostly covered in chav slogans or was 400% over priced. Then looked at the toys, again everything there way cheaper online so ended up getting a couple of things from the mega clearance bucket, just to get some value out of the vouchers. Mind you I still have a 3 year old HMV card with £10 on it which I can't seem to spend either, I get the staff to check it every so often to reset the 2 year time limit, but every single thing I pick up in there is £10 cheaper online so the voucher is worthless. These big chain stores just can't complete with the net.
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