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  1. "(assuming they're all 2-bedders)" I think only three of them are 2-bedders, the rest are one bed boxes. (rather than 2 bed boxes!) Which also means that their title of "19 bedroom block" is incorrect because there are 22 bedrooms! But then again I guess estate agents have never been very good with numbers...
  2. Oops! Yes you are right, I meant Owen Jones! I've been listening to too much Cognitive Dissonance (they are always talking about the latest crap that Alex Jones has been saying!)
  3. I still don't understand what you were getting at there. The report begrudgingly said that Corbyn got off to a decent start at that particular PMQs but was soon bested by Cameron. Two other sentences in there said that Cameron got the upper hand. "the prime minister soon got the upper hand with a strong rhetorical point" "He (Cameron) also apparently solved Linda’s dilemma" "Cameron comfortably bested him on this topic" How can you possibly spin that as being pro Corbyn in any way?
  4. I don't get what you mean about it sounding like Corbynites have taken over? "the prime minister soon got the upper hand with a strong rhetorical point" "He (Cameron) also apparently solved Linda’s dilemma" "Cameron comfortably bested him on this topic" Hardly sounds like they are cheering Corbyn on! Sounds like they are waving blue flags in this article (after begrudgingly saying that Corbyn got off to a good start in this PMQs) Since the leadership race started The Guardian has been embarrassingly anti-Corbyn in virtually everything they have written, most of their regular columnists seem to despise him because he reminds them of how Blue Labour they all are. Occasionally they let Alex Jones write something positive for "balance".
  5. That's the point really. Most people wouldn't need to own a car in these circumstances. Because it's self driving, it could easily be run as a car share or automated taxi scheme. You press a button to call one. The nearest car drives to your door in a minute or two. You tell it to drop you off in town, it does so, and then drives off to pick up someone else, or drives itself to the garage for refueling or repair to keep it in good condition. Then the same car or a different one picks you up when you are finished and drops you at your door. No need to own it or have it sitting outside the house for 95% of the time, or have to MoT or tax or insure it yourself. Will be far cheaper to subscribe to a service than own one (will work out cheaper than using a regular taxi because you aren't paying for the driver, and the robot taxi can be busy for 20 hours a day. My sister doesn't own a car in London, she cycles or uses public trasnport but if she wants a trip away then she hires a car for a week. An extesntion of that would be just to call one to drive you around - over whatever distance you wanted A nationwide scheme would mean you could get one to take you from the south coast up to scotland if you wanted (as long as the overall cost was no more than a train ticket or plane ticket), because there is likely to be someone else up there who wants to use it when you are done. It's going to completely change the way we think about cars. I appreciate that some people really enjoy their cars, but I don't think it is in any way the majority of road users. For a lot of people a car is either a luxury they can't afford, a necessary evil, or just a simple box to get from A to B to C because the bus is always late and the trains are crap. Offer them a robot car whenever they need one for an overall cost that is cheaper than either owning/taxing/insuring a car and cheaper or equivalent to regular train or bus use and I think most people will jump at the chance. I do feel a bit sorry for people who love driving and love their cars, because as has be mentioned on here, the move to self-drive will make things more and more expensive for "traditional" drivers as they will suddently be the most dangerous things on the road, and there will be fewer and fewer traditional cars built meaning they will become a true luxury item and more and more people will decide that it doesn't make financial sense to own a car and just hire one at the race track if they feel a real need for speed. Personally I can't wait.
  6. ""they" have been testing self driving lorries in pheonix arizona, trials kept secret for obvious reasons" Can't be that secret, as there have been loads of articles about self driving trucks in the media. http://www.topgear.com/uk/car-news/mercedes-benz-future-truck-2025-self-driving-truck-2014-09-24 http://www.thetruckersreport.com/ata-self-driving-trucks-are-close-to-inevitable/ https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/first-self-driving-lorry-ready-134515573.html Wonder what will happen to employment in vast swathes of the US loses their primary occupation? Automation of the entire distribution system must be coming in the next 5 to 10 years.
  7. Thank you for running the CH4 figures There are some tasty falls there - every month is negative.
  8. The thing I've always hated most when looking for somewhere to rent is always the agents' descriptions of otherwise perfectly ok houses as having "an easy to maintain garden" which is t**t-speak for "the BTLetter concreted over the whole lot and now it looks like crap".
  9. Could I humbly request CH4 7 (or if there aren't enough results there, then CH4 generally)? I've been following pretty much everything in CH4 7 for a while now and there have been a lot of £10K reductions recently, although these won't be in the sold figures just yet, so not sure how things were going before then. A lot of stuff seems to have been up with no asking price reductions for over a year now.
  10. These numberplates are sold by the DVLA initially, so depending on how the money is allocated after that - isn't the current system already a self imposed tax on narcissistic idiots?
  11. Google's search results are individual to the person/computer/phone that you are using and change over time to reflect your own interests. You'd need to try your "house p" test on a fresh system or perhaps it might work in a Google incognito tab, to ensure that you were getting standard results and not ones skewed to your own likes/dislikes.
  12. I wish I knew what any of those words meant. The fact that I don't, tells me I should stay away from trading!
  13. Incredibly accurate nonsense... If anything it underestimated the Tory victory.
  14. My Zopa is the same (Although are bad debts on there not masked somehow by the "guarantee" that they have? I'm not sure how they represent it on there?)
  15. If Labour get in and actually get around to building this million houses by 2020, how long do you think it takes to get from planning to final house? About 5 years? Although I guess they will just count a load of houses that are already being built as part of the total anyway.
  16. PS Count - I still maintain that I wasn't "trolling", or at least not intentionally. - Just looking for good arguments (against buying right now!) to pass on to family to shore up my HPC credentials. If there is indeed a noticeable increase in such "trolling" then perhaps it is an indicator of something but I'm not sure what it is an indicator of! - a lot of downsizers offering their kids money? (I thought thatwell had nearly run dry by now), a lot of 30 somethings seriously pissed off at their prospects? (as has been the case for a decade), perhaps a limit to how many years of beating people can take before they just throw in the towel and try and jump on the rickety looking bandwagon at precisely the wrong moment? (although there have been several "precisely the wrong moment"s in the last few years.) What is that line about the markets can remain "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent"? A lot of us feel like that at the moment, so the least we can hope for is some sort of swift mental breakdown (ideally for the market and not for us, but it's a close run thing!) ​
  17. I know of several downsizers, but that's purely people of my parents' generation, and anecdote is not the same as real data unfortunately. I know the anecdotes are true, but I imagine that they will be labelled as trolling none the less. I can think of 4 older couples that have recently downsized although can't vouch for how much HPI cash they were able to collect as they are friends of my parents and we are not in the habit of discussing money with them - for all I know they sold for less than they wanted to - but as all had been in their current places for more than 20 years, I'm assuming they skimmed off a healthy (unhealthy?) dollop of cream from their sales - more cream than milk in fact. My parents have ended up with around 300K cash left over after buying their new place - substantially downsizing and moving to a cheaper part of the country. Again this is an anecdote but it's also a fact, believe it or don't believe it, it's all the same to me. Anecdote is always skewed because people whose parents lost money or didn't make a small unearned fortune are unlikely to be posting on here. Anecdote is not evidence, it almost certainly can't be scaled up to national levels, but it can still be fact on a very localised level. I post this anecdote not to troll, but merely to say that I very much hope this downsizing opens up more family housing - my parents didn't need to be rattling around in their old 5 bedroom place so I'm glad they moved to somewhere smaller. I also hope that this selling off is very widespread because it means that people might have a feeling that a "crash is in the air" and they got out "just in time", so hopefully there will be a rush for the exits - lots of houses up for sale, prices forced down by a glut of property? - which I think is a good sign for a crash is it not?
  18. I've had a think, and sure I can hold out against family forces and circumstance for another year, especially if there are some stirrings after the election and some chunky drops before the end of the year. Enough to make those directly around me realise that housing is not a "one way bet". The thing is I've been saying this to them every year for at least the last 6, so I sound like a stuck record, playing a tune that fewer people want to hear. :/
  19. Frank8, on 01 May 2015 - 7:35 PM, said: Last person I heard say that was called Marty McFly (Or possibly Calvin Klein...)
  20. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the thread - certainly opened up a can of worms and it is good to have (constructive) advice from all angles. Really good to have a place where I can ask questions like this - even if it has only multiplied the questions in my mind! I appreciate people taking the time to add their thoughts (sorry if that sounded like I'm at some happy clappy AA meeting)
  21. You've been a member of this site for only a year and a half longer than me. I've been a member of this site since early 2009. I've read a vast number of threads on here over the years, in fact I visit the site most days. And the threads I read - I always look out for your little bath icon because I value your opinion on things and think you'll usually have something interesting to say. Hell, we've even had PM conversations on here because I value what you have to say, regardless of which side of any given fence you are on in that conversation. So since when has the value of a member on this site been inextricably linked to post count and not to sign up date or number of posts read? I try to only post when I have something useful to add or have experienced something relevant, so no I don't have 15,000 posts but I find the assertion that "you've practically just joined" nearly as offensive as the suggesting that I spend time on Money Saving Sex Spurt or Wet Mums. I was genuinely seeking advice, I posted here because I felt like it was a community I am part of and feel welcome in - I am happy to get opinions on it from both sides as I haven't really made up my mind either way on what to do. (in fact you were one of the people I hoped would contribute because I value your opinion highly on here) I was also happy to take advice on all aspects of the situation - for or against or tangential to the question - some people have put forward views I hadn't thought of, some things I perhaps disagree with, but it's all welcome food for thought. - most people managed that constructively without insults or condescension - and thanks to them for taking the time. If you haven't anything constructive to say, then why say it at all? It's possible to read a thread without replying you know. Especially when that reply is just to abuse the person for not being as active a contributer as yourself. (I guess that is why my post count is in the 100's and yours in the tens of thousands) When did you get so high and mighty that you went from being a pleasant person to talk to and interact with, to being vicious and condescending, and ranking people's worth based solely on their post count, Count? Or perhaps you were just having a bad day, or are fed up of threads what sound like Bears capitulating. (Believe me, I'm filled with existential worry over this - hence me posting in the first place) I'm not the enemy yet....
  22. @Wurzel - I'm not really interested in the idea of the house making money (I'd be annoyed if it lost money, but only because we'd feel we could have gotten a better one!) and my parents aren't in it for that reason either. So I don't think paying rent to them and sharing the possible rewards or losses would be of interest to either of us really - and I'm sure a tax advisor would suggest against it - with a loan then at least we'd own the house outright if something were to happen to them (or one of us). Also I think they would probably feel that the interest free loan was enough of a "kindness" to us without shouldering the risk too. But thanks for the post, it might be that I point out that as one of the alternative options when I'm trying to get across the risks involved, to try and explain why I'm so conflicted about buying @Noallegiance - thanks for that post, it provided a very helpful way to look at things. Plus it's always good to hear an Eddie Izzard quote. And yes, I do thank the history of human migration and the positioning of the UK far away from the edges of a tectonic plate for the fact that I don't live in Nepal. I realise that this dilemma is as much of a middle class first world problem as which type of hummous to spread on my ciabatta! I hope you and your wife solve the work dilemma and the decision proves to be a really good one. Thanks. (is it too late for me to choose cake btw?)
  23. @Frugal Git "and find peace with whatever happens" - haha, that's the bit I have problems with - I'm a tortured soul! #firstworldproblems
  24. @ Frugal Git - yes, my parents have also lived a frugal lifestyle and passed that on to my and my sister, which is probably why I fret about borrowing money and making the right decision (you should see how long it takes me to make even the simplest of purchases, fretting over whether I've got the best deal!) But yes, this money is a totally separate pot of case, and I think we all, as a family, see it that way. They were very fortunate in when they bought and where they bought - but they don't attribute that to any great genius on their part, just being in the right place at the right time. They also agree with me that prices are insane, but they don't share my belief that prices will go down - I think this is the only major difference we have in our outlook - on everything else in life we are pretty much in agreement. @Vegner - they don't have very good pensions and also although they now own a house outright, my dad often worries about ill health - there have been recent strokes and cancer diagnosis in his very close family and so I think the reason for lending the money rather than giving it, is not so much a case of not wanting to give up a very healthy financial position, and more a case of being (not unduly perhaps) paranoid about future medical needs and unforeseen circumstances (guess I've inherited his worry and anxiety about things already!) It might be that when we discuss with a financial adviser about the loan, that they actually recommend it being gifted or whatever they think is the best method, I don't know because none of us have ever been in this sort of position before.
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