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  1. What makes you think the "political powers" can do anything to stop a falling market? They never could before and that was before giving the MPC partial independence. Interest rates are a blunt instrument in any event. If we get inflation beyond the 2% range, interest rates will go up and house prices will fall faster than they probably will anyway. I will be political death for them though if it happens, as you suggest... S.
  2. Marcus Brilliant also said proudly "There are more properties on our books then ever before" as if massive supply and minimal demand at the current prices was somehow good for his business. Then again, if EAs had half a brain, they would probably be doing something different... S.
  3. Rising house prices when is that? Your crystal ball needs a polish... S.
  4. A slow BTL market is good news, a busy BTL market is good news. How do you identify a bad BTL market? Perhaps no such market can exist... Lying scumbags. :angry:
  5. Pig ignorant journalists swallowing what the VIs give them and not stopping to consider the still obscene unnaffordability...
  6. Not to mention Polish bus drivers, Ukrainian fruit pickers, Ghanaian nurses....
  7. Even if it goes on for £140,000, it will sell for £120,000 or less perhaps, as the agents will have priced in a 10% drop on asking price. I don't know her but I can picture her and she really annoys me... :angry:
  8. Just to update and bring this up the list to see if it attracts any comments, lots of "for sale/to let signs" on the same houses in Hampstead/Belsize Park plus a few "sold" signs in the last few weeks. Also a couple of solds back on as "for sale" and some sold signs replaced by "to let", so presumably the signs of some soon-to-be-disapointed BTLers. It is a long wait for any real change though... S.
  9. "called in restructuring experts"? I thought she was supposed to be the business genius...
  10. I did caveat with "or not because of this". There are many destabilising things happening there of which I am aware-and from more direct sources than the media-but they have been happening for a while and relate to the ruling family as a whole and persist regardless of whether or not Fahd is alive. S.
  11. Not really, or not beacuse of this-Crown Prince Abdullah has been de facto leader for 10 years. S.
  12. Sorry but in my experience with estate agents over 20 years, they are almost always lying, manipulative scum who would not merit pissing on if they were on fire...
  13. Much of Western Europe obviously has a boom/bubble already whilst Eastern Europe is getting there, much of it due to British MEWers exporting our bad habits abroad. The Irish are just as bad.
  14. Some of the Eritreans and Somalis clearly have advanced skills in bombmaking (or maybe not so advanced thankfully on the second occasion...)
  15. How much for one of those large detached houses in Mere these days near the entrance to Tatton park? I have not lived in the area for a long time but always liked them. S.
  16. Lymn or Knutsford or Mere are much nicer in my opinion.
  17. "Licking a frog out"? Is that legal or possible never mind pleasurable?
  18. Excuse me whilst I vomit-I am assuming that was tongue in cheek?
  19. You must live somewhere more civilised than London!
  20. True-I should probably be more tolerant. I have managed to piss off most of my friends at some point (most recently Saturday when seeing for the first time a newly purchased 3 bed flat bought for £1.2m ) by ranting about what nowadays seems to me like basic economics and a blindingly obvious bubble.
  21. Don't have kids or expect any but I feel like I am paying for other people's milk tics and ankle biters through my taxes. Gordon is bribing "hard working families" with my money, the thieving scum. S.
  22. Luckily Grant's mum doesn't get her tits out as much as she used to. Can I say tits on here?
  23. Very depressing but you are probably correct. I never thought I would genuinely start to consider emigrating...
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