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  1. Since the success of those sort of jobs cannot be measured that easily in commercial terms (i.e. profit & loss) they may survive a downturn. Any axe will come from central government probably, not councils firing their own... S.
  2. Agreed on all of the above. We are still a minority in recognising what is happening. Virtually none of my friends in banking/stockbroking/management consultants-who perhaps should know better-agree and a couple who were bearish for the last four years or so have got bored of predicting a crash that most people think will never happen and now say price stagnation but no falls at best. Very dull. S.
  3. Agreed, they surely would not hence hundereds of newbuild flats on offer at those prices empty around North London. S.
  4. Not all immigrants bring equal benefits. More Ugandan Hindus and HK Chinese for example would have been nice as they are/were generally educated, entrepreneurial and interested in a reasonable level of integration. Other groups we could do without altogether...
  5. Big Islamic immigration/integration problems now though and getting worse esepecially Rotterdam and Amsterdam...
  6. The market will correct itself eventually-realy!
  7. Fraud is a general term but the offences which are colloquially referred to as fraud are obtaining goods/services/pecuniary advantage by deception per the Theft Act 1968, 1978 and later amendments in 1996. S.
  8. Obtaining goods or services by deception (Theft Act) perhaps?
  9. I think Gate Gourmet was part of BA until it was spun off and then contracted back immediately to reduce costs to BA (liek a sale and leaseback of property). This was used as justification for the secondary strike as the GG employees were formally BA employees.
  10. Unlike last year when no one went on holiday in July or August!
  11. Scarey if this has more influence on people than TV news or the press...
  12. Any way to find if it is a portfolio repossession or a nervous landlord trying to get out too late but still just solvent?
  13. Yep, it might change someone's opinion I guess, which would be a good thing. I am a bit bored of being virtually the only person I know (HPC.co.uk not included obviously)who thinks house prices might drop significantly. S.
  14. How does fixing the survey help anyone? As it was, it actually told us something-albeit something we probably knew or surmised anyway-about perception amongst non-HPC users. S.
  15. Surely you weren't expecting financial genius from a cricketer?
  16. The people who do want it stopped are less powerful than the people who don't I suspect...
  17. FTBs only 8% of all sales! And they are calling an Autumn bounce... S.
  18. I know of no cases personally, although I have read about lying mortgage applicants, enough to believe it happens a lot. As a cynic, if the figures became embarrassing then the government would change the basis of monitoring, smear the monitors or otherwise bury them. S.
  19. Short term sadly the government may not want it stopped because of the effects on retailers, feelgood factor etc... S.
  20. Are people really optimistic and can we be that broad brush about the entire population? I tend to think people-including many economists, bankers et al-simply assume that things will continue in the way they have in recent months or years (be it up or down) but I suppose everyone is different potentially. S.
  21. Doing alright, thanks very much! The Bar was a long time ago (about 1988) and very brief but enough time to learn some insurance and shipping law and change professions. S.
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