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  1. Nor do I. I would not be so melodramatic as to say Jews are nowadays generally oppressed. They have mostly been killed (mostly Europe during WW2), left or been forced to leave places where they were routinely oppressed (mostly Muslim countries), the Iranian community being a sad and trapped exception. That said, life in the UK/Europe is not necessarily a picnic, especially if you are obviously or openly Jewish or prepared to be a very vigorous critic of Israel. I am not anti-Iranian by any means. I have come into contact with many who have left Iran that I liked a lot. It is an interesting culture. It is the oppressive theocracy and its nuclear programme that I dislike.
  2. You don't sound too fussed by the idea of one bomb to destroy Israel and a bit of collateral damage in the Muslim World. That sounds pretty apocalyptic to me, although you attack another poster as a religious nut awaiting Armageddon. As for knowing what Jews think or want, my experience (as one) is that views are very many and varied. Do you mean Israelis as opposed to jews (also very varied)? How can you really be confident in what you know know? Do you have the faintest idea what Judaism or even Zionism is? If government excesses (as you see it) means protecting themselves against islamofascists, then excess is fine by me. Kadima is a centre party which supports a two state solution and withdrawal from much of the West Bank, as well as Gaza. Hamas is an Islamofascist party intent on imposing Sharia everywhere, that does not recognise Israel in any way (wants it to transfer money though) and supports rocket attacks from Gaza (run by who now?) and bombs in restaurants, being such proud, brave jihadi warriors... I am not sure that saying Israel is dangerous because suicide bombers and adjoining and far off countries want its destruction is a particularly logical argument for it not to exist. Jews get attacked, bombed and murdered in much of Europe, including here in the UK. Local government and national government politicians not infrequently villify jews and drag up canards about bank and media ownership in a way that they never would for any other group. Would Ken Livingstone tell a British Pakistani to get back where he came from following a business disagreement, as he did to some jewish businessmen recently? Posh socialists like Tam Dayell talk openly of Jewish conspiracies to run NuLab but still end up as university chancellors after leaving government. NuLab posters at the last election had Michael Howard as Fagin, the eternal grasping crooked jew and a pig. I am guessing they would not portray a muslim political opponent as a pig, at least not if they do not want riots in Bradford. But as for the M.E., I suspect you are really from the "better Israel never existed" camp, in which case anything they do will be bad or too much (and no amount of suicide attacks or Muslim race hate or incitement or warmongering or even oppression and torture of their own people will ever be of any consequence) in whcih case I have nothing much to add to that conversation. S.
  3. Hmm. I am prepared to agree that anyone genuinely pro-war on the basis of bringing back Jebus, the rapture et al might be a bit odd. That said, I am fairly pro-Israel and worried about Iran's nuclear programme, as much for Europe as for the Israelis.
  4. Maybe they should have stayed where they were if their own national identity is so important to them?
  5. look at the key at the bottom of the main house forum page
  6. Yes, nothing I disagree with there except that Judaism moderated itself long before the Enlightenment. When do think the jews last stoned anyone? You really are dirty. Don't you have a girlfriend you could borrow off?
  7. It is entirely hypothetical obviously. How can anyone know? But if you read the texts, the early practice is characterised as literalist, some polytheism notwithstanding. Gd or whoever supposedly killed thousands of less deserving jews alongside the Egyptians in the Reed Sea. Had the diaspora not occurred, it is perfectly feasible that Judaism would have been practiced equally literally now but maybe not. Do I think jews are so inately compationate that they would have softened these laws anyway? No, not necessarily.
  8. Yes, the Torah and Mishna say all of those things and more. I, for one, find it very hard to read a lot of the self-hating Day of Atonement nonsense so I don't generally bother. The difference, I suppose, is Judaism is not interpreted or practiced that way and has not been for centuries, as you say. The tiny minority in Bnei Brak or wherever who do want literal interpretation are seen as lunatics by all the others. Islamic/Koranic literalism, on the other hand, is entrenched in the legal systems of most Muslim countries to a greater or lesser extent. The difference with Judaism may arise because jews have lived as a minority for so long and have been in in no position to thrust Torah law upon anyone. Islam could go that way but it shows little sign of doing so unfortunately. Wuluf, What I think you mean is stop thinking what I think and think what you think instead. Luckily, although some of your critique is valid, I find a lot of it extrapolated to the extent of being extremely paranoid. The Matrix allusion just convinces me of this.
  9. Like I said, do some reading, specifically the Koran and also consider how literally the various religious books are interpreted. Have you read the Koran (or the Torah say) in any depth or with commentary? I really doubt it from your response, so how can you state so confidently that they are all the same? Been to Roppomgi-yes it is quite lively but I did not find it earthshattering as you imply. I would say making regular visits to Shinto war shrines shows religion is not all that separate from politics or society. Most Japs I have met claim to be Buddhist if you ask (and sometimes Shintoists as well) although most would never mention it in my experience.
  10. By culture, I meant Western, not just UK. By common culture I meant free and fair elections, free speech, free press/expression, freedom of private religion, freedom of sexuality and freedom for women. We do not have all of these outright yet but we are doing well compared to a lot of other places. I have no qualms about labelling that a superior culture. At last I can agree with someone-that makes a change. You want to influence and modernise Islam? What are you, some kind of cultural fascist!
  11. As I said, a response to your and other posts indicating moral equivalence. Are you unable to identify common cultural traits in the Uk, yes notwithstanding our diversity? I reckon people trying to ban statues or keep women indoors would stand out a mile here. I am very familiar with the demographics and history of Egypt and Lebanon but they share a section of the population that is extreme in its Islam, Hizbullah/Amal in Leb and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Of course Egypt used to be Coptic and also a klot of jews but they killed most of them. Lebanons Maronites and Catholics fared slightly better so far.
  12. just thought you might find it interesting bearing in mind earlier posts-this is a fatwa by a government appointed religious leader, appointed by a dictator who is supposedly our friend. A lot of earlier posts (yours and others) show a leaning towards moral equivalence between cultures and religions so that Christianity is seen as equally backward and murderous as Islam and democracy is no more worthy than theocracy, it is just that we happen to think democracy is good because we are one. However when I read this sort of thing (out of the Daily Star of Lebanon Online, which I like reading), I remember that our culture is massively superior, despite its many faults. I also remember what could happen if our laws are changed to protect criticism of other religious beliefs, hence my dismay at attempts to outlaw religious hatred (unless inciting violence) and my wish to see the ridiculous blashemy laws repealed, not expanded.
  13. How about our/US Middle Eastern ally and dictatorship Egypt then-reckon they are living in the same century as us? Fatwa against statues triggers uproar in Egypt By Agence France Presse (AFP) Thursday, April 06, 2006 CAIRO: A fatwa issued by Egypt's top religious authority which forbids the display of statues has art-lovers fearing it could be used by Islamic extremists as an excuse to destroy Egypt's historical heritage. Egypt's Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa, the country's top Islamic jurist, issued the religious edict, which declared as un-Islamic the exhibition of statues in homes, basing the decision on texts in the hadith, the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad.
  14. If you really think all religions are the same in theory and practice, then you need to read some more. Liberal moral equivalence gets right on my tits...
  15. Yes. I think I just said that. I see mad people everywhere but the Christians are not bombing tube trains or buildings yet.
  16. ...but be in no doubt that I do consider Islam a backward, barbaric, totalitarian, anti-democratic, homophobic, anti-semitic, woman oppressing ideology which as its basic tenet requires expansion, invasion and the imposition of its beliefs by force if necessary. If you are not Muslim, you are infidel, kufr and you have no rights in Islam. This still does not make it the only repugnant ideology, albeit it is particularly laughable as all based on fairytales from the 7th century but certainly there are dangerous fascists as well as islamofascists and similar on the far left.
  17. Not sure I ever suggested the only bad system or people are Muslims, whcih would be a bizarre suggestion, never mind suggesting that ll Muslims are bad, which they obviously are not.
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