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  1. You know he will never be deported though...
  2. Get a public "service" job and you will feel much better.
  3. I really shouldn't read these-they make my blood boil (and it is still boiling from watching Dianne abbott on Question Time last night). Angry Scooter :angry:
  4. Yes, of course it will be revenue neutral and the NuLab filth will miss an opportnity to screw a bit more cash out of us...
  5. ..that is possibly the case, but then that 50% did not include people on incapacity benefit I don't think.
  6. I would love to see all criminal activity and also benefit claims broken down by ethnicity but I really doubt that would ever be allowed. I read last week that 50% of all Muslims, presumably mostly non-indigenous, are unemployed, and presumably claiming benefit. What percentage of all unemployed people are therefore drawn from 5% of the population? Don't you understand? It is all someone else's fault if some people rob, mug, steal or fail in school...
  7. I suppose this all makes sense when a law to ask a drunk girl (or bloke?) if she/he is consenting to sex is being proposed as the only way to increase rape convictions. Why the micro-management of every detail of people's lives by an intrusive government? Probably one more reason to emigrate... Why did you put up with her for 3 years?
  8. Posh Sheffield? Are you having a larf? I lived in Fulwood Village when I was 4 and that wasn't even posh, although it was quite nice...
  9. Been to London lately? You might just get a parking space near me for £130,000. Ludicrous but true.
  10. Don't worry, the Law Commission takes so long to come up with any proposals that we will all be well past shagging anything by the time the recommendations are out...
  11. Covered all his bases thought: Arctic Monkeys, Beatles, Bach, U2, James Blunt. Almost everyone will like one of those but to me it looks like another shallow lie for PR purposes from a fat, thieving one-eyed Scotsman.
  12. I remember some of your old threads. I am still not convinced that all banking is theft. I can think of a fair number of useful things that banks do in terms of facilitating trade and new businesses-whcih otherwise would not happen-when they lend money. Unless you think all business is wrong in whcih case there is nothing I can say... My partner is a slightly unhappy scientist (astronomer), although perhaps for slightly different reasons from you.
  13. If you are unhappy with your job, why not get a better paid one? You are well qualified. If you love your discipline so much that you would not leave, then what basis do you have for complaining about it or about what others do or earn? I think railing against banking as parasitic just because it is intangible is a bit simplistic.
  14. Absolute nonsense but most estate agents besides being ignorant tossers think they are property lawyers. Funny that most left school without qualifications. Strictly the offer is probably "an invitation to treat" i.e an opening to discussions. "Illegal" suggests a criminal act, which is doubly nonsense.
  15. Perhaps they should make a point of lending people less using fewer salary multiples. It might improve their own bad debt in the next few years...
  16. Since when were there millions in real poverty in this country, as opposed to poverty defined by relative wealth? Go to India if you want to see mass real poverty-insufficient food, shelter, clean water-coz you won't find it in the UK (unless truly poor people have DVD players, mobile phones and playstations.) S.
  17. Apologies if already posted. Asking prices are rising but buyer inquiries are slowing apparently. Is this because buyers are being priced out even more or just expecting this mini-boom to peter out? You decide... The Times May 16, 2006 Property prices rise faster, but calls from buyers slow By Gabriel Rozenberg, Economics Reporter HOUSE prices have risen for the sixth month in a row as the markets for large homes and properties in the South continued to gain momentum, a survey shows today. Prices grew slightly faster in April than in March, but the growth of new inquiries slowed again, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The study found that 15 per cent more surveyors saw a rise in prices last month than a fall, compared with an equivalent balance of 12 per cent in March. Jeremy Leaf, a spokesman for RICS, said that low interest rates and a rising stock market were encouraging buyers, although the advantage was expected to move to sellers in the months ahead as the num-ber of properties available fell. The survey was in line with a study by Rightmove that showed continuing strength in the market. Further signs of vigour came yesterday from the Department for Communities and Local Government, whose latest house price survey — in a series formerly published by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister — showed a 2 per cent rise in prices in March, after a 1.2 per cent drop in February. The strong rises will keep the Bank of England vigilant against an inflationary risk to the wider economy. Last week Mervyn King, the Bank’s Governor, said that house prices seemed “remarkably high”. In a further sign of the economy’s recovery, the British Chambers of Commerce yesterday raised its growth forecast for this year from 2.2 per cent to 2.3 per cent.
  18. Top 0.1%-whahay! Time for a coffee out of my solid gold mug...
  19. Interest rates and inflation are rising virtually everywhere (UK soon as well). BTL rental earnings cannot satisfy even the cost of an interest only mortgage and there is minimal or negative capital growth. Who put the magic 10% cap on losses? There was no cap on rises. You are talking out of your ****!
  20. I think they had this in the early 90's.
  21. No social underclass? Hmm, not so sure about that in Sydney. Immigration? There has been huge immigration to Australia from the Middle East, Far east and Latin America. Remember the race riots on the beaches with the Lebanese recently?
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