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  1. Who are you-the Archbishop of Canterbury? No sexual cohabitation unless intending to stay together for life? What a ludicrous statement. Most people are unlikely to even know whether they want to spend their life with someone until they have lived together for a while. That is probably why 50% or more of marriages end in divorce. What a load of sanctimonious twaddle...
  2. No idea. I thought it was pointing out that the yield was relatively low and probably less than the cost of a mortgage , upkeep and voids but who knows?
  3. I must be writing in Swahili mate-I said I already know why prices are unsustainable at some point in London. But right now, they seem to be sustaining themselves, at least in my neck of the woods, NW3. There are and always have been stupid investors. The end of the world may come but not quite yet.
  4. If you had bothered to read my posts, I said I was a bear, hence I think that London prices are unsustainable, hence I agree with you, so what exactly are you expecting me to prove? Put your toys back in the pram and buy yourself and icecream...
  5. No. All I did was reply to rather vague "my anectdotal is better than yours" comment, find mild amusement in your very defensive "you people" comment and then receive a very patronising GCSE economics lecture. Like I said, I don't need it. I know exactly why prices are unsustainable at some point in London (it is pretty obvious to most people on the forum I suspect) and see no reason to go over old ground yet again. You sound particularly snide and a bit pissed off but that is hardly my fault or problem.
  6. She is apparently "very knowlegeable in my area..London". Big place that London!
  7. Thanks for the GSCE economics lesson but I can assure you I do not need it.
  8. Not sure about the "you people" bit-it all sounds a bit Alan Partridge to me. I am a bear who wants a crash but I see few signs in London apart from property remaining unsold at sticky prices. I wish it was different but from where I sit it is not.
  9. Why is your anectdotal "evidence" any less subjective than anyone else's experience of sold or for sale signs or asking prices?
  10. I found that journos in the national, international and trade press (financial services) have almost always happily let me write their articles for them, to my benefit, as a result of the deadlines you refer to and also laziness I suspect.
  11. ...the pay freeze will end just in time for the next election. Brown will make sure there are public sector pay rises for his key voters at our expense to try and ensure a second term for him, the scum. Angry Scooter :angry:
  12. When talking about the equities correction, it suggests diversifying into bonds or PROPERTY! Frying pan, fire alert...
  13. Do they aspire to be leaders or followers? I thought people were elected to try and what is best, not just what is popular. Idealistic I know but at least as an aspiration...
  14. So they maintain the fiction that low IRs and ever rising prices are a good thing. and if HPs fall and the Tories get in, presumably they will be promising to manage the economy in such a way as to get them to rise again?
  15. Your European nationalism and your neo-fascist, imperialist wish to wipe out our own, longstanding national identities seems fairly primitive to me. The EU is not sovereign, despite the wishes of our so-called political elite acting against the wishes of the majority of the national populations. So why have a European flag then? So we can have a flagpole to hang the traitors from one day, perhaps...
  16. "warring ties and suites"? Looks like they can't spell in any event (or are they having a race riot on their leather sofa?)
  17. They will never say interest rates should rise and house prices fall. They will just waffle about better economic management but try to mimic NuLab.
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