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  1. I live in Nth London and I really wish you were correct but I doubt it (and I lived through and bought during the last crash.) 20%-30% in real terms perhaps (perhaps at worst) but 80% is ludicrous to me.
  2. Absolute fantasy! Yes, the crash is really here-it is a magic, invisible that sits in the corner. I wish it was but it really isn't.
  3. To be fair, people have been saying major changes are afoot for as long as I have been on this board (a couple of years).
  4. I was fat and pikey with a dog for a wife but Ocean Finance treated me like a human being... (all in a Brummy accent)
  5. Jewish conspiracy theories (Chosen ones)? Shaul means fox in Hebrew no?
  6. ...but let's not forget destroying our education system, uncontrolled immigration, endless public service "targets", non-job creation in the public sector, billions given to pet management consultancies, Laing (PFI), Capita and the like, stealth taxes/increased NI, NHS largely unimproved by the billions poured into it, massive increase in gun and knife crime and alchohol-fuelled violence, obsession with criminalising motorists, debasing the Office of National Statistics so that it is untrustworthy, politicizing the civil service. Oh and a few foreign wars as well... If it looks like scum, smarms and lies through its teeth and acts like scum, then it is probably NuLab. :angry:
  7. I do agree and I do expect prices to drop significantly at soem point or over some time and I have been waiting a long time, whilst suffering ridicule from most people I knowe because it has not happened yet. However I find EP's tone hysterical and detached from reality, hence the post. He is probably a mild mannered accountant by day-HPC is his outlet for mania! Or maybe he is a she. EP may be a pseudonym.
  8. The points about the housing market are all correct (too long as others have said) but is the upshot that you want government to intervene in free markets to artificially fix house prices at a level you consider affordable or offer you tax benefits at the expense of other taxpayers? I think the implications of that are quite worrying. By extension, this price fixing, if that is what you want, could apply to any product that someone in the private sector sells, some equally vital such as food, fuel, transport and water. Why should the government then not also fix private salaries and benefits? Suddenly we are living in a fully controlled socialist system with no incentive for private enterprise, with the likely outcome a stagnant economy on a par with France, not something I want. S.
  9. How many years have you been saying the same thing, that is just around the corner, don't buy as it is just about to crash by 50%? I tend to undertand "just about to implode" as virtually immediate and it has not happened as you have led people to expect since you started saying it a long time ago, although it yet might over time. As a bear, I am telling you that I really doubt that hyperbolic, hysterical posts like this (as opposed to reasoned arguments) convince anyone and they just make the website look to be populated by "end of the world is nigh" idiots. Sorry. S.
  10. I think it is because a large proportion of the population are under-educated slackers who think that the taxpaying public owes them a living. :angry:
  11. But you can't kick out people who should not be here-it's racist!
  12. "Prices WILL drop at least 30% from ceiling price. The times scale I DO NOT KNOW????" Presumably if it has not dropped by your very precise 30% (real or inflation adjusted by the way?) in 2 or 10 years, you have covered yourself by saying you don't not know when it will drop by 30%? Not much help or use is it? Presumably 30% just happens to be the drop you need to buy the house you want. Not that I do not hope you are correct...
  13. ...especially the ultra-right wing Mirror, Independent and Guardian.
  14. ...or civil war to dramatically reverse th flow of immigration.
  15. I will try it-I am certainly feeling a bit pissed off today...the government, education, terrorism, houses. just don't get me started! :angry:
  16. Don't throw the fecking Pope at me (who by the way is obviously an old queen with his interest in man-bags and Gucci loafers.) How does an organisation made up of unmarried men and a large number of kiddyfiddlers have any validity in discussing the benefits of sexual or other relationships? Keep your supernatural beliefs to yourself, rather than trying to use them to justify interfering in other people's relationships. There may be arguments for marriage but they do not depend on metaphysics.
  17. You are spot-are you the Jon Booth, software programmer that I know from near Leicester by any chance?
  18. Aren't you thinking of a silverfish, a type of insect? The only silverback I can think of is a gorilla...
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