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  1. ....not quite. As a relatively 'new' country the australian government has a 'Future Fund' (i.e fixing the roof while the sun shines!). The fund was set up as a quarantined investment to raise $140 billion by 2020 to meet the unfunded superannuation liability of federal public servants. Rudd has raided this future investment to pay for a variety of idiotic short term spending policies, including incentives for FTB.
  2. No vested interest there then. The Australian socialist government (K Rudd) has mortgaged the country's future by increasing the A$7,000 grants to A$21,000 for a new home buyer and A$14,000 for existing properties. The result of this policy has been a dramatic increase up of prices for newish/1st home properties
  3. When the latter is American and Nu-Labour. I'll choose 'like' geneitics anytime - blood is thicker than water.
  4. Sorry! I just get a bit p1ssed when people try to B@stardise the English race as some up the ars£ receptical for waves of immemorial immigration absorption to justify the last 50 years of social engineering. The genetic evidence is much more emperical that the popular media would have you believe (Again...S Oppenheimer 2006) and the roots of the English have changed little since these islands were colonised after the last ice age. Culture or no!
  5. What Saxon/Angle/Danish invaders? The genetic evidence would suggest otherwise "The origins of the British" Stephen Oppenheimer 2006. Do not equate language with culture!
  6. My point entirely (a few posts ago). well put.
  7. Yes, but that wasn't the point. There never was any money it was debt! "The rich who are unhappy are worse off than the poor who are unhappy; for the poor, at least, can cling to the hopeful delusion that more money would solve their problems....." S. J Harris ERIMUS
  8. Not if the life is effectively 'bonded labour' to pay aspirational debt or the poor are not of these shores. Economic poverty does not always equate to unhappiness. We have been much happier as a nation and much poorer, economically. In fact...... one could argue the exact opposite! ERIMUS
  9. Perhaps Tebbit let the cat out of the bag yesterday when he "called for a boycott of the 3 main parties". He is known to be sympathetic towards UKIP along with many in the tory ranks. Despite being a Tory paper the Telegraph remains highly eurosceptic. The expenses leaks may create a 'schism' (i.e Tebbit comment + expenses row) which undermines Cameron and fractures the conservatives. Cameron's rank and file are already unhappy with his response to this crisis along with his squeeky clean PC image. The Telegraphs timing looks strategic to cause mass infighting (its already started!!). This infighting results in the devestation of the current 3 party cabal solving the elephant in the room issue - Europe. Its a high price to pay for the Tory's but is there any future in 3 main party's who are haemorrhaging popular support on so many issues. Current government elected with 22% of popular vote (case in point)! Remember the Euro elections are around the corner and all 3 want to perpetuate the status quo in Brussels! Well done the Telegraph. ERIMUS
  10. Which of course it will be! BPIX poll in the Mail on Sunday has voting intention figures, with changes from their last poll in mid-April, of CON 45%(nc), LAB 23%(-3), LDEM 17%(nc). This equals Labour’s lowest score this Parliament (indeed, I think it equals their lowest score ever). The 'others' section continues to grow, now 15% (BNP/SNP/Green/UKIP) and I think it will increase Britain finally wakes up to the whole sham. Nevertheless, Labour currently govern with only 22% of the electorate having voting for them, when taking turnout into account, so they are marginally more popular. ERIMUS
  11. Why not simply allow the MP's to live in state owned accommodation whilst they remain MP's. Following de-selection, or indeed retirement, the home and contents are passed onto the next incumbent to represent that particular constituency in London. No-one benefits and if the house/flat is then sold on then all proceeds go back to the treasury. Was it Billy Connelly who said "anyone who actively seeks to be a politician should be automatically prevented from doing so (or words to that effect)". With these 'career' politicians these sage words are even more applicable! ERIMUS
  12. Hi there, Great site. First post. Sold main property in spring 2007 in Scotland (perth area) for a move back to Teesside but still have a small flat in Perth which I cannot sell. So...... a foot in both camps I suppose. Plan at the moment to keep the flat LT and take off the market (tennant in situ) and pay off the small mortgate over the next 5 years or so. Been back in Englandshire now nearly a year and still renting. Cannot and will not pay inflated prices still prevalent in my area so an happy to wait for interest rates to go up and enjoy the liberating feel of realised equity. Also waiting for the economic disaster prolongued by this government to take shape after the next election! Erimus
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