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  1. I'm seriously considering using this if it does come it. Don't get me wrong, it's stupid, un-ecconomic, bad for the environment etc.... But if Labour are going to steal my money then maybe it makes sense to try and get some of it back.
  2. Can I force you to do some work for me? Come round my house and clean my toilet. Or you can go round my nan's and wipe her @rse if you need to feel better about it. You must do 5hrs per week. Is this ok or is it just younger people you feel need/deserve to be bullied in this manner?
  3. I feel I should be painting myself blue wearing a tartan skirt and shouting Hold, Hold! on this forum these days. Plenty of agents are trying this kind of stupidity. House not selling? Put up the price, obvious innit! They seem to believe, and we conspire in this lunacy, that they have the power to turn the market through sentiment. It won't work. But its fun to watch them try.
  4. And saves on food bills by consuming old unwaned hats. ...oh no my mistake.
  5. Somewhere a tiny glimmer of respect for captain darling flickered, only for a second but it was there.
  6. I agree, we should reward and foster mal-investment, promote moral hazard and punish the productive and the savers. Honestly anyone would think you didnt have a feckin clue what you were talking about.
  7. Well that makes 3 of us. I'm 28 and currently living with the in-laws. It was a bitter pill to swallow moving back "home" but after 4 years living in london after university paying obscene rents and saving very slowly we decided to take the hit. Between me and Ms T we are saving >2k per month while house prices fall by about the same. Its nice to watch. Though we could buy now, we are looking for a place longish term (family soon etc...) I don't want to suffer the transaction costs and pain of moving again in 2-3 years. So we wait. In september it will be 12months with the in-laws and assuming my job remains secure we may look to buy early 2010. I will miss not giving a hoot about keeping my job / where I live though. Mortgages seem to be a bit of a ball and chain.
  8. I don't know why he bothers. Its as though by repeating nonsense over and over agin he can make a thing true. (Are we dealing with a real live labour MP? Darling is that you?) In my area the high end properties are taking some of the biggest hits on reduced asking prices on rightmove. Who knows how much below that they actually sell for. I looked at a 280k asking price house last week. Next door sold for 410k in 2007. I know this isnt top of the range housing but it gives a flavour that prices are dropping across the board. There will be flat months and a few up months but the trend is downwards and I see no reason for that to change at present.
  9. But how can house prices increasing above the rate of general inflation ever be maintained? At some point the pyramid becomes un sustainable at which point prices crash.
  10. I'm looking forward to the blood letting even less.
  11. Deposit ready, reasonable salary, stablish job. Just want something family sized for it all. And of course the longer I wait the bigger deposit I have. (living with the inlaws at the momment)
  12. What do they look like side by side converted to a single currency. . LT
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