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  1. After speaking to their manager they have agreed to refund me the difference after investigating calls made with me where one of their staff told me that i would recieve back the amount that i gave them, hope she doesn't get her **** kicked too bad for it. I have re-sent the funds using this company in smaller amounts to different accounts that doesn't break any transaction limits. I have actually come out of this making a decent proffit even if lost about 5 years from my hairline. Thanks for all the information from fellow posters, it made me feel alot more confident when dealing with them.
  2. Thanks for all these great replies. In response to your question Maursh I basically transfered gbp to the currency exchange firm who were supposed to pay a fixed sum into a korean bank account in korean won. After locking in the deal I was told that an intermediatry bank would be involved. From what i could gather the currency exchange firm told me that they purchased my korean won from this third party bank who then were unable to proceed with the transaction because they said the amount was too large to be sent as a personal payment. This 3rd party bank which is US based was then requesting additional documents from my wife via the korean branch of there bank, however this proved to be irrelevant as the exchange could still not take place. It seems to me that the 3rd party bank just held onto the money for far too long, all the time the exchange rate was changing and obviously the amount in sterling that would be returned was falling. Will be speaking to them again next week and have alot more questions and points to raise with them, thanks alot for all the help I really appreciate it.
  3. I have actually used this company alot before, just with smaller figures. So now they are telling me that i have to accept a substantially lower sum than i transfered to them (Uk currency broker) because of international exchange rates. I locked in a rate with this company and as far as i can see they have been unable to provide the service they are advertising. Now after 3 weeks of being messed around they are trying to give me back alot less than i originally gave them due to the korean won rising. I dont know the legal ins and outs of all this but i surely feel like i'm getting shafted, doesn't seem right that they can do this i'm sure they wouldnt give me more money back if the exchange had gone the other way. Anyways i am basically refusing the money until they give me back what i transfered to them. will keep you posted
  4. Hey all, not sure if anyone has a clue about this kind of thing but it's worth a shot. My current predicament is as follows. 3 weeks ago i attempted to transfer a large amount of money (to me at least) from the UK to South Korea using a large well known currency broker in the UK. The transfer required the use of an intermediatry bank who (from what the curreny broker tells me) are still holding the funds. Anyway, about 12 days ago now the Intermediatry bank informed the currency broker that the exchange could not take place because it was over the threshold that someone could transfer into a personal account and that they would be returning the funds. Fast forward to today and the currency exchange company has not recieved the funds back and is telling me that they see no signs that the funds are on there way only that the intermediatry bank is in the process of returning them. The currency exchange company is telling me they have sent numerous messages to the intermediatry bank asking for return of funds and that i need to just wait it out. I'm just wondering if i have any rights in this situation or whether its as i fear that i am just buggered and need to sit around and wait for them to be so kind as to return my life savings when they feel like the exchange rate suits them and they have finished playing around with my money. I have a pregnant wife and it's causing her and me both a bit of stress, bit of a long shot but i figured over the years of reading this site there might be some kind soul who understands these situations a bit better than myself. Thanks in advance
  5. I see, cheers. I moved to south korea last week so just wondered if it is worth taking advantage of this spike in exchange rates or whether to hold out for a better rate going forward.
  6. Question to the floor Any idea how this will effect the pound against other currencies ? Will a tory goverment create a strong pound going forward you think ?
  7. HAHAHAHAAHAHA the face on danny alexander.
  8. It's back to milk for mr Galloway after his gravy train was derailed.
  9. Lots of young people in social housing, relying on benefits to fund there housing costs. Theft, burglary, violence.
  10. If this gets implemented then areas like the west midlands are in serious trouble, the crime rate will skyrocket.
  11. I feel sorry for people in certain parts of this country, being raised in an area that has seen exponential growth in propperty prices must be tough, even the midlands a 3 bed semi is easily acheivable for 80-100k and doesn't have to be in a terrible area, i must be missing something on some of these places, i havn't travelled alot but i have been to london, bristol and other areas and i genuinly dont understand the huge demand and the huge prices propperty fetches.
  12. Haha, imagine if the inflation figures are 2% when merv steps down, what a pisstake.
  13. Give them what they want, stick it on the tab, we can just print anyway.
  14. This forum has helped me immensly, however i'm not your typical poster as i've been living in mortgaged propperty since i was 21, currently 29. I was very cautious about my second purchase but it was somewhere i was happy living for the forseeable future, my first place was a slave box and i was lucky to sell it in 2008. This forum has saved me money based purely on the things i've read on here have made me alot more sensible with finance, far less materialistic (never really was) and my eyes are far more open to just how corrupt the whole system is and how easy things can be snatched away from you overnight. Basically HPC has turned me into a boring paranoid doom mongerer.
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