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  1. I've bolded the bit wrt why they don't give a stuff about you viewing!
  2. Here's how I'd make an offer of 40% less than the asking price. Scene 1: Estate Agents office. Me: "Hi, you see that ex LA studio flat above a curry house on Grimsville St?" EA: "Yes?" Me: "Well, I'd like to buy it ...but at 40% less than the present asking price" EA: "Don't be so ridiculous" Me: "Well you started it!" Story ends.
  3. I always have a wry smile when advertising a million quid house, EAs think to point out "telephone point in the hall" - yep, that's saved me about a tenner - well worth a mill.
  4. Hmmm ...... The Money Market Investor Funding Facility? (mmiff) I'd have much preferred it if they called it the Money Market Underwriting Funding Facilty (mmuff). We could all then wait in excited anticipation of the value of mmuff diving.
  5. My main worry, is that asking prices haven't budged one iota in this part of little England (Norf Landan) - though I appreciate that sellers might be having their asking beaten down 10% or so , but that in no way makes up for the ludicrous 60% increases between 2005 & 2007. And because there's been so much news overload about house prices falling in the media & the Govt want to get re-elected, I'm now seriuously worried they'll stem this already feeble price correction. In other words, I've seen no meaningful correction here...& the policies put in place to address the regional housing crisis, might stop any further decreases or worse still see those same house prices on the rise again. Oh yeah....& another thing, I'm well p1ssed that people are still seemingly buying houses ad nauseam (eg take a look at http://www.tatlers.co.uk/search.htm , do a search for select 3 bed houses above £500,000 i the East Finchley Area!)
  6. oh please...we're talking about proper investing. Do you really think I'm going to try & buy £450k worth of secondhand 9ct gold ex-Argos earings? There'll always be opportunities to beat the spot market price if you put the hours in, but the volume of gold needed for a typical STR cashpile means your argument can be pretty much disregarded.
  7. But there's a couple of us who have offered up an alternative. If you've missed the boat, stay in Sterling cash! (or do you want us to make up a new asset class that's priced in Sterling only?). Doing nothing, is by default doing something! (ie by doing nothing you've opted to stay in Sterling Cash!)
  8. Agree about the supply & demand driving price. But we're now going off on a tangent! I thought we were discussing Gold? ie as in the 'big lads gold' & not a relatively illiquid local derivative offshoot traded in a somewhat thin market? (personally, I wouldn't touch coins with a bargepole, unless I think we're heading for armageddon...they might be easier to cut up into tradeable pieces). whay pay £677, when you can buy the same material spot at £583?!!! It's like an expensive stamp collecting hobby., What you're talking about isn't a pure gold play (even though the coins themselves may be pure gold!)
  9. It's not that I dislike Gold...but more that it's only priced in dollars & as I'd be buying in Sterling - which has taken a severe dollar kicking - I'd be disadvantaged buying Gold compared to to the rest of the World (Iceland excepted). Come the spring, it might be a different proposition...if the pound can claw back some ground vs the dollar &*and* the underlying dollar gold price falls by say 25% , then it's a definite maybe. For now, with my wealth held in sterling, cash is still king (esp since I intend buying a UK house in the future)
  10. Quaint. I now have a mental image of every country in the world setting their own local price for gold by the minute. Re your three points - you're embarrasing yourself...so I'd stop there if I were you.
  11. & how do you think they'll derive that price in pounds? (or do you think they just pull a number out the air), sigh, once again..... Sterling Gold price = Dollar Gold per Oz divided by the $ / £ exchange rate. (hint, the bit in bold italics is the price gold *IS* derived in)
  12. You'd be surprised just how many can't wrap their head around the buying 'Gold in Sterling' terms...they look at the Gold price in Sterling as if the price has a magical life of it's own. It hasn't ....& it's a simple formula Sterling Gold price = Dollar Gold per Oz divided by the $ to £ exchange rate. (or put into present terms Sterling Gold Price = $858.35 (per Oz) divided by 1.47 (dollars to the pund) = £583.91 per Oz. So when you buy gold with Sterling (& intend repatriating it back into Sterling in the future), you'd better be pretty sure we're about to enter a strong inflationary enviroment *and* that the pound isn't going to appreciate against the dollar. (I spoke a little of it here.... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...p;#entry1527414 where it's quite clear that the poster called wren & others on that thread haven't grasped the basic pricing of Gold). For me, the jury is still out...I've possibly missed the gold boat pulling away from the dock (esp since we're likely to see deflation before the inflation hits big) & I think the $ vs £ hasn't got that much strength left
  13. Absolutely useless post. I opened this thinking there's be a link to a story, but instead I get your thoughts about an article that you've not even mentioned much about. What a waste of mine (& the other 70 odd folks who opened this thread) I guess you mean this article? http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle5447297.ece
  14. All this fixation of savings rates - it's seldom the full story & depends ultimately on where your money is going to go. If your saving for a house in the UK, then underlying savings interest rates aren't the be all & end all.. Which position would you rather be in here.... 1) HPI @15%pa with savings rates at 6%pa OR 2) HPI at -20%pa & with savings rates at 3%PA? If you're just focusing on savings rates, in isolation you'd opt for the former, but if you're saving for a property, then the second option is by *far* the best. I'll suffer 0%pa on my savings if house prices are falling at 30% per annum!
  15. Lol - a company that has tens of billions banked already, but 'they just don't get it'?
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