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  1. just you stick to the spinich popeye...and il have a smoke of your pipe as well please sir
  2. no indians where i come from unfortunately staypuft. i wish there were, i could do with a good smoke of a pipe
  3. landlords get away with murder essex....theres probaly not a big lot u can do... if i were u, i would probaly just get a summer job close by, and continue living there over the summer months...and try and get as many women as possible...and throw a good few parties...may as well...u would have alot more fun than moving back with ur folks
  4. i believe the LL is morally wrong planner...and i will do all in my power to expose him...if he has built a house on a sacred burial ground or something like that...he should knock it down and call it a loss...instead of letting families repeatedly move into it with the unwelcome visitors and potentially suffering serious physcological damage for man, woman and child.
  5. oh yes my friends, youngfarmer has made it back safely from the swirling vortex - and has taken alot of encourgaging advice from this thread...so i must thank you all and that includes the sarcastic comments as well...i dont mind people making a joke of this whole epsiode - if you didnt laugh, you would cry... thats a very intersting story mrs.bear...but ur sister of a friend, was very fortunate indeed...as her spirit went back to the other side...our peeps simply refused to leave... so iv taken planners advice and done some 'digging' and have managed to get talking to a guy who lives beside the haunted house and him and his family have lived in the area all their lives...dating back some 100years... so hes going to call down some evening and have a proper talk...he seemed to indicate that there was a serious dispute about the house in question, and whether the LL actually owned the land...where he built this house in question...hopfully we will know more once he calls down (i shall keep youse posted)... i was also thinking of going to the Letting Agent...they are one of the biggest estate agents in Northern Ireland...handcuffing myself to their premises on a major route into belfast...and putting a big plackard around my neck with 75 Joe Bloggs Road is haunted written on it...and even going on hunger strike... this is bound to attract massive media interest...but im also liable to get arressted for a public order offence lol just keeping my options up for now
  6. no no no...young farmer is still alive and kicking my dear friends... but it is with great sadness i may have to bow out for a while...i need to get meself a new ac adapter for me laptop...the spirits have possessed me lead... and it aint working any longer...so im running on battery power...and im struggling to keep up with all ur comments.... so please go gentle on me haha...but i shud be back sumtime 2mara... rest in peace my dear friends...the end is nigh!!!
  7. yea yea yea...what a superb bunch of comedians you guys are ... i can certainly see the funny side off it...just wish the LL cud as well...but he just see the $$$ sign...wats new? he needs hits where it hurts him...and thats the $$$
  8. awesome comment planner lol...the landlord is only in his early 40's and kinda hard to find out anything about him...he does look like a bit of a convict tbh...but he is now leasing a local pub...and is probaly seen as an outstanding member of the public...altho i have my doubts... no planner...he never started any type of possession order against us...but he really is haunting us in mind body and soul lol... but i plan to haunt him for an eternity...him running this bar...he is a sitting duck...u never know who could walk in and accidently find some maggots in there soup!!!
  9. thats a really good suggestion m8...il get onto my parents brief in the morning...and suggest that to her...but even the LL's solictor has addmitted that his cilents are the most unreasonable clients he has ever dealt with... thanks again...but i really think the LL wants to nail us
  10. thank-you man...glad to get a worthwhile comment out of you... unfortunately we have no idea of what the costs will amount too...we took the advice of our solictor for the same reasons you have stated (for the families sake) and paid them £3600 into a cilent account (this covers the 6months rent, plus deposit)...so the judge and counsel and all lawyers involved know this money is sitting waiting for the landlord.... that payment was made in june 08...the month my brother married the Guarntor (we thought this would have ended it all) but to this day...the LL has not accepted or rejected it....with a rough guess i would say the costs would amount to 6-10k...hard to put a figure on it...theres so many people involved.... my dad has been allocated a social worker recently....because he had somewhat of a mental breakdown...so i think she is trying to cut some sort of deal...but i just dont think the LL is going to accept any sort of deal...its a bloody nightmare tbh...im not worried abut loosing my sister-in-law....that relationship is beyond redemption...and my brother is kinda stuck in the middle, Bigtime...and his best mate (an old friend of mine) is the Guarntors solictor....its a fooking mess tbh... your right about the male pride and ego...but we have kept them hanging on 2 years...mum and dad are just not well enough to attend court...and will not be for the foreseeable future....its them who have signed the aggreement...i would gladly go to court on their behalf...but i just dont think that wud be allowed... i just believe the root cause of all our problems is the LL's dishonesty....he even had a paragraph in the agreement stating...that once we left the property...we could not say a bad word about the house...i think that says everything... thanks again for ur comments...and i understand about the p£ss-taking...but i can take it...my brother dont even believe us...but we moved out of the house for his benefit as well...becos his wife (the Guarntor) was 8months pregant at the time...but she dont recognise this at all... the house should be condemed...i just need to get talking to the right people...theres no way our solictor will even mention the spirit activity in a court of law...it would do her reputation alot of damage...its a mess and theres no way out off it... we have paid the rent...to me thats now a seperate issue...the issue up for debate is the costs...rough estimate...i wud say ur maybe talking about 1 r 2 thousand per party...no1 seems to know the exact figure tbh...
  11. dude can ya kindly refrain from making a joke outa this whole thing please...there has been a very high human cost to this whole epsiode... i dont expect everyone on here to believe what happened...there quite within there right to hold their views...but please stop making a mockery of the whole tihng...alot of people have suffered over the head of this house from hell...and i just wana stop it from happening to another family.... is that really that bad?
  12. i will burn in hell before i pay the landlord and his wife...the costs...the Guarntor was big enough and bad enough to sign the agreement...she can pay their costs...again it will be the judge who decides this i hope some of you guys have to experience the same scerino as we did...put yourself in my shoes... you move into a rented property...however your young children are screaming in fear every night...and you cant figure out why...eventually u establish that the property is haunted... would you have much love for the landlord and his wife...some how i dont think so...unless u want your family living in fear... nothing dodgy about me at all popeye...you tell me what you would do in similar circumstances my friend
  13. yes yes Topher...i hear what your saying, and i appericiate your detailed response... Guarntor assumes somebodys else's debt...and to be quite honest i dont giv a flying Fook if my sister-in-law has to pay...i probaly hate her more than th LL now...but he doesnt seem to wana chase her unfortunately...but he will have to eventually....even my brother, the Guantors wife says she shud have said she didnt sign it...and it was forged she could have got out of this at the very start, by simply saying she knows nothing about a tenancy agreement or she signed it under duress...but she choose not to...and took the side of the landlord....so hell slap it up her if she has to pay...il be more than happy if she never speaks to me again... what do you reckon about not having a rent book, or not being presented with a CORGI certificate...and the invoice for the carpet that doesnt exist... surely this proves that the landlord is an outright liar and a cheap fraud... dont get me wrong...i wud love for the LL to have to pay his own costs and relieve the Guarntor of any financial burden...but i guess it will be the judge who decides that...
  14. i know what your saying peon...but unfortunately im no longer living in the property...i will have to see about befriending the new tenant...or getting sum1 to do it on my behalf... heres the only evidence we have...but my solictor has advised it is very very weak...but yet again, the only evidence the LL has is the tenancy agreement....but i guess that is enough... the LL sent us an invoice for £155 for an apparent carpet we had damaged, while we lived in the property...however...there is no room of this size on the property....does this not constitue a fraud??? Photos of back exterior door and Patio Doors clearly damaged and letting in rain water. Faulty wiring and cables Sceptic tank clearly lying wide open and exposed Phoned landlord on several occasions to rectify these ongoing problems. Also phoned letting agent (nine) times about these problems (26th February -5th March 2007) and (21st May- 30th May 2007 - 7 times). Have BT phone bill highlighting these phone calls! Furthermore, put in writing to landlord in various dates in February 2007 about the problems above and also the door handles which resulted in a child being locked in a room (24th February 2007). Have copies of these letters!!!! Letters from 2 separate people confirming above faults in house. DOES THIS EVIDENCE NOT CONFIRM (IN LEGAL TERMS) A SERIOUS BREACH OF THE TENANCY AGREEMENT ON BEHALF OF THE LANDLORD????? Animals from neighbouring house causing a nuisance. 3 dogs and several horses, geese and ducks. Always on property of rented property because fence was not secure between the two properties. Dogs frequently went to toilet on property. Neighbours Labrador dog attacked several people walking past our house and several people calling at our house. Reported to police (19 June) and advised it was a matter for the environmental health and dog warden department at Down District Council (3rd July 2007). Owner was advised to keep dog under control. Does the landlord not have to present a Rent book? (is this legislation and law biding and does it violate the terms of the agreement) Does the landlord not have to present us with a CORGI gas Safety Certificate for any gas appliance....is this law binding? Does landlord have to actively show and produce evidence of trying to rent out property after our departure? we signed the agreement in december 2006...i think all the legislation changed in april 2007 i was just wondering if any1 else has ever heard of a case....where the tenant has offered the £3000, 6months rent owed to the landlord, plus the £600 deposit...and the LL still insists in dragging every1 into court.... be grateful for any advice...once again...typed this all in earlier...but me laptop crashed
  15. thanks for ur comments lazy...unfortunately it dont matter how hard the evidence is...paranormal activity and the spirit world are not recognised before the eyes of the law and the court system...even if we dragged the spirits into court with us lol i did set my webcam up in the bedroom that was most haunted in the house and left it running overnight...just was so hard to detect if it actually gathered any tangible substantial ghostly going-ons... my wee sister is coming for sunday dinner 2morrow...she is the person who slept in the bedroom with all the activity...i will get her to post on here what she experienced.....to give you guys a better idea... i know what your saying about having sum spooky video clips...but we have written statements from 5 wittnesnes confirmiing spirit activity at the dwelling...but they probaly aint worth the paper there written on... will play it by ear for now....
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