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  1. You all talk big - but look at the reality. Gazumping has been rampant for the last 5 - 8 years. No first time buyer has gone and done any of these evil things with dead fish or machine guns in response to gazumping. So in a buyers market, why are sellers going to behave any differently when gazundered? Our train companies f*** us over every day with no seats, long delays and high prices, but we don't abuse them like this. It's one thing to sit behind your computer and talk hypothetically about what you would do. But just imagine yourself in the role of vendor or buyer: vendor: I'm just
  2. a. Yes, but if you really needed the cash, and the agent said to you `the buyer has pulled out', then you might say to the agent `I really need the cash, ask him if he'll still proceed if I give him a 15k discount' b. The agent is obliged to pass on any offer. A `gazunder' is technically an offer which has to be passed on. c. I don't like taxes, I don't like the congestion charge, I don't like paying for my TV license. But these things are part of life, because they are the law - and gazundering is the law too, like it or not.
  3. I've just been reading the strategy for Gazundering at http://www.firstHomeBuyer.co.uk This seems like an excellent idea, I think I'm going to give it a go. Who else has tried this?
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