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  1. http://www.singingpig.co.uk/forums/events/55471-achieve-success-2011-yvonne-emery-thursday-10th-february-2011-birmingham.html http://www.summitfinance.co.uk/blog/?p=172
  2. But (at least partial) proportional representation will be introduced by that next election.....
  3. Will be a lib-lab coallition with Brown out, likely Milliband as leader...Sorry, but lib-con coallition not happening....
  4. Isn't that a new BBC reality show - Donkeys on ice?
  5. How correct they are is a different matter altogether but the BoE are working on the assumption of bank rates back up to 4% in the next three years....
  6. Actually he said he wouldn't buy unless prices were "40% than the 2007 price" which doesn't actually make sense but it would seem to me that the typo was missing the word "less" rather than typing "than" instead of "of".....anyway continue biting each others heads off......
  7. Started March 2007, yes last year march was bad but not all the years they did it....(Don't get me wrong I think the £ is fooked, I just think this story is a non-event) March 2007 - 1 USD = 0.513531 GBP March 2008 - 1 USD = 0.499664 GBP (Best month that year) March 2009 - 1 USD = 0.705064 GBP (Worst month that year)
  8. shouldn't you change you're status from bull if you don't think there will be a recovery this year?
  9. Why do so many people have such difficulty understanding this?
  10. Most of them are either in council accomodation or pay rent - their cost of living has gone up through food and transport price increases.
  11. April Fool 01 April 2009 * Price changed: from 'Offers in Excess of £138,000' to 'Offers in Excess of £161,000' [Found by n/a] 03 February 2009 * Initial entry found. [Found by n/a] Tell me this was a joke
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