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  1. Could not agree more. IR's going up will only add fuel to the fire. Plus the fuel increases have not hit home yet. Worse is to come IMO.
  2. And even better is the call for a rate cut as this will solve all the problems on the high street. Surely its not rocket science to see that the majority is up to there tits in debt. Or maybe they think that by lowering rates people would be more willing to spend there savings as the rate is so crap. Dream on Mr retailer, I think only the minority have savings at the moment. Does anybody know how many people are employed by the retail sector? If this high street gloom carries on I would expect a flood of redundancies.
  3. When was the last time you saw a new build developer advertising on tv. sign of the times!!!! If the market was that good as the VI's tell us then why the need to advertise!!!!
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4686219.stm Sorry if already posted. Sorry, got over excited, its from July!!!
  5. Just a point to add to this. What about the huge fuel bills that will be landing on the mats after winter. I think people do not have a clue the impact this might have. IMOH Any views??
  6. How does it work, do they charge for advertising the property? If so its a shrewd move. I think there will be plenty more property on the market in the next few years. What do you think?
  7. How do they get there revenue? Is it not based on the number of properties advertised? Maybe a good move if thats the case. The amount of stock on EA's books is rising all the time.
  8. What made me laugh was Prescot wobbling on about how much of a housing crisis there is. I am not convinced. If there was a housing crisis how comes there are so many properties on EA's books? and the figure still rising. It couldn't possibly be that houses are to expensive!!! What about the amount of empty flats in the docklands!!! The fat twit spoke nothing but drivel IMO.
  9. I get the sun news paper, purely because I cant be ar*ed to use my brain at 6.am every morning on the train to work :-) Anyway this article was in there this morning, two pages of it. Not great but even the sun is starting to get the message across. What do you think?? I particularly like the last comment. http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2005440637,00.html
  10. And lets not forget HPI. The feeling of wealth encouraging people to take on more debt because "its ok, if I get into trouble I can always sell the house"
  11. You cant do anything. But when he comes to you whinging that he is in neg equity you can tell him "I told you so" Harsh but fair I think.
  12. ".. according to Lloyds TSB, if your house happens to be number 13 ... a quarter of the population won't touch it with a barge pole.... Classic case of sheeple!!! just because somebody says 13 is unlucky then it must be!!! Makes me laugh!!!
  13. A financial service. I.E futures and options, etc. If in recession or not the markets are still active.
  14. "I did it because of the pressures I was under" Maybe he has 20 BTL properties!!!!
  15. I have just rented a house. Went out to buy some furniture, they wouldnt give me discount for cash so I got it on 0% better the money earn interest in the bank I thought. Anyway, this was the scary thing. All I needed was my Bank switch card to get credit!!! I was in shock!!! What happened to the days of bank statements, proof of address etc? It just seemed far to easy to me, its a no wonder people are in so much debt!!!
  16. Or maybe they know its a one off cut and rates will be on the up again so they just couldn't be bothered
  17. Yes but were talking houses. They never come down in value
  18. I think you are. There is not a shortage of housing, plus new builds are well over priced anyway so many FTB's cant afford these either!!! It will help reduce prices as the more supply the merrier
  19. Or maybe the BOE saw this way back but Brown told them not to do anything. Brown wanted Growth, Growth, Growth, but I think he will now have Slump, Slump, Slump. And a few eggs and tomatoes chucked at him!!! BOE = New Labour scapegoat IMHO.
  20. That's what I thought. I guess it just shows how much people believe in the news!!! It is obvious to me that it has slowed significantly, not slightly.
  21. The BOE as per the BBC report says that UK growth slowed "slightly" Do we all believe that it has slowed "Slightly" or the slowdown has been quite sharp and abrupt. What are peoples views? If any
  22. Well they are so clever they know that bad weather is keeping the consumer out of the shops. I thought it was the fact houseprices have stopped rising, people have stopped mewing and now there getting scared to spend spend spend. But hey, I am not an economist so I must be talking out my a*se!!!!
  23. I wonder if Brown will blame the recession on the fact energy costs have rocketed? Or maybe because our weather was so bad this year!!! How can you blame the worst retail sales probably ever on the fact that the sun did not shine!!!
  24. I am in the process of renting a house with my girlfriend. We found a 4 bed townhouse for 1k a month. It was perfect, we wanted a 12 month rental term but it turns out the women has the place on the market also. She is an ex pat, lives in the USA. Anyway long story short, the estate agent advised her to rent because she will be lucky to sell it before christmas 2006!!! Anyway, found the house, started at 300K she reduced it last week to 289K looked on Net house prices, she bought it new build for 275k in sep 2002. Its intriguing how little the price has gone up. Is this true for all new builds? I think she is desperate to sell. Anyway now looking at a 4 bed detached for 1100 a month. Bargain if you ask me!!!!! Prices are dropping, the evidence is there. Renting is much better at the moment.
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