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  1. Meh, your choice, but if I drive past one evening and I see that window you're OUT me ol' sunshine!
  2. Seems sensible advice to me. But, having a general dislike for bully-boy contracts I'd want to piss them off a bit before I walked away. Tell them you're going to think about it for a day. Don't contact them. If they chase you, for a start you've got a measure of their desperation, tell them you'll be in "soon" to sign it (if they ignore you or tell you goodbye, well, they may be in the position of strength) . As some more time passes give them a time to go in to sign it - then apologetically cancel at the last minute. As time passes the landlords will be getting aggro with them as it's void time (lost cash) on his or her place. The LA may have to explain the problem to the landlord who may then insist they accept your clauses. As you prevaricate look for other places - there are ALWAYS better places to rent if you have the time to look.
  3. Is it a sole agency? Can you not speak to another agent? If the price is keen as you say then you might be able to get a genuine no-chain buyer elsewhere quite quickly. If the c0cknocker original agent is known as such then other local agents might offer a sole agency rate to get your business from him. Be a bit of a downer for your innocent buyer but meh: them's the breaks.
  4. Whether those distributions are valid or not doesn't change the house price to earnings figure. That's a constant over the course of time. I.e. in times of prosperity or austerity it's a constant method of calculation. It's a very general figure but it is always valid as a guide of where we are today compared to the past. The distribution of home owners to wage earners may well be 70% and 90% but if that was the same in, say, 1988, and the house price/wage ratio was 3 then, the skewed distribution now isn't a valid argument. Hopefully someone more eloquent than I can get the jist of this and explain it more coherently.
  5. I've just a had a quick trawl on the web. Surely something of this magnitude would appear on Reuters, BBC, Sky, CNN or similar? Only sites that have it seem to be ones that fire pop-ups giving me the opportunity to play poker or get cheap viagra. Youtube vid looks like a high-school prank.
  6. So... A German investment company bags a des-res 1-bed in Kensington at a snip £1M tomorrow for 1.15M Euros. Waits 3 or 4 months and the exchange rate goes from 1.15 to 1.4 Euros per pound. Our crafty German friend then spots the British housing market has no underpinnings and sells for the same £1M. Bam! 250k Euro profit. Job done. This will likely give a blip up in the UK/London prices but will probably come back down when there are far better places for the investment to go. Unless there really is enough money in our economy to justify longer term foreign investment in a new sustained UK housing market bubble. Can't see it but I suppose it could happen.
  7. Right... I've been reading the posts on this site for a while now and I'm still not sure what the market is likely to do. But now I've worked it out. Check the Daily Express headlines and assume the opposite. So when they predict a crash in prices then it's time to buy
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