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  1. I've just had an email from a Turkish company that is dumping stock at huge reductions - is this a coincidence?
  2. It's already happening - I recently heard from a "source" that investment bankers have been warned to expect negative interest rates and to prepare for the consequences.
  3. I suggest you do NOT ignor them as you may find yourself on the wrong side of cout procedings. Contract law can be slippery and you may have agreed to something without realising. I suggest you ask carefully how they believe a contract was formed. Do not offer, agree or admit to anything.
  4. Romans Auction results for 18th May The results from the auction can be seen below, or can be accessed online at our auctions results page. Lot Property Guide price Sold price 1 22 Victoria Road, Camberley £160,000 £172,000 2 85 Albert Street, Fleet £165,000 £188,000 3 Sun Rest, Frimley Road, Ash Vale £165,000 £187,500 4 18 Josephine Court, Reading £100,000 £117,000 5 71 Circuit Lane, Reading £150,000 £150,000 6 Cherryfield House, Reading Road, £490,000 AVAILABLE 7 18 Lowther Road, Wokingham £200,000 £227,000 8 48 Luker Avenue, Henley On Thames £200,000 £238,000 9 43 Chester Street, Reading £130,000 £130,000 10 7 Marston Road, Farnham £240,000 £210,000 11 100 Alexandra Road, Farnborough £300,000 SOLD PRIOR 12 100b Alexandra Road, Farnborough £110,000 SOLD PRIOR 13 27 Market Street, Alton £200,000 AVAILABLE 14 Garage 20, Garston Crescent, Reading £4,000 AVAILABLE 15 3 x parking spaces, Stratfield Road, Basingstoke £4,000 AVAILABLE 16 74a St Georges Road, Aldershot £85,000 £84,000 17 34-36 Peabody Road, Farnborough £300,000 £285,000 18 79 Hurst Road, Twyford £250,000 £252,000 19 16 Reading Road, South £140,000 £142,000 20 Unit 10 Blackbushe Bus Pk, Yateley £115,000 AVAILABLE 21 8 Ashbourne House, Slough £80,000 AVAILABLE 22 Land at Reading Road, Reading £45,000 AVAILABLE ________________________________________ The next auction is scheduled to take place on 29th June, closing date for entries is 1st June. If you would like to discuss selling your property at auction please call 0800 093 9994 to speak to a member of the Auctions team.
  5. Yes or No - let's hope you all get out and vote. You may not like democracy but it's better than apathy.
  6. I sold up in Oct 2007 and today I have cashed in my stock & shares ISA.
  7. At the recent Romans auction they only sold one property http://www.romans.co.uk/auctions/results.asp?auction_date=66 everything else was either land, withdrawn or still available
  8. I'm up for it - fifty grand is covered so anything up to this amount would be OK - which bank would you hit?
  9. Romans Auction, Hampshire http://www.romans.co.uk/auctions/results.asp?auction_date=63 I'm amazed at the prices reached during this auction, obviously there are a lot of people with spare cash to burn.
  10. Broadband expansion and fibre optics - at least I hope so because I have just invested in such a company.
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