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  1. BRILLIANT! If you can keep it updated it would be brilliant... Also looking at Leeds!
  2. Speaking to various investors, a 'thought out puchase' of 4-5 bed properties close to student areas to do on a 'room-to-room' houseshare basis seems to be stacking. The best way to condict these is one a peak basis, one year contracts starting each July.... Just a thought for you. On the negative side, they take up a lot of management and if one tenant needs to leave mid tenancy it can leave you with big problems.
  3. Thank you! If you come accross someone on the sales side, let me know!
  4. Quote:now under offer on the rentals side I suggest reading my statements before you write comments trying to catch me out.
  5. Well I would not think one every minute, but the offers prove at least two... no?
  6. I can see you point, and I too would personally prefer to live in either of those three properties you pointed out but the fact of the matter is that there are many people out there who want the city life and the city living lifestyle. For a decent view and for two decent sized bedrooms on a duplex layout, in a prestigious building, the property suits some peoples requirements and was not priced incorrectly. The property is now under offer on the rentals side and we were in receipt of two offers... One of the asking price with substantial funds paid upfront!
  7. To be quite honest, I have found from past experience that people ask an estate agents opinion to find out the truth, not any made up jargon which is often the case. As a company director, I have tried to lose the 'BS' and be quite genuine with the general public which is generally helping us to attain a decent reputation in our area. In truth, the sales market is obviously not as it was previously, the buyers are still all there in their flocks and offers are still being put forward, it is just a great shame about the financial aspect. Some decent offers are being declined by surveyors of lenders and in reality, many FTB's can just not afford to purchase a property on a 25% mortgage. Until lenders get their acts together and start lending again, the lettings option will remain favorable to the younger market where they can secure a decent property on a flexible basis. The sales market has started to pick up again (most probably as we are now entering the summer period) but once again this is coming at a price... Buyers are hearing and seeing what is conveyed in the media and generally place initial offers well under asking prices which genuine sellers are now beginning to consider. Investors are generally 'nervous' to spend in the current climate and once again need to be tempted by high returns to part with their money. In summary, it is fair to say that the wildly used term 'market value' is now attaining a set level making it easier for a purchaser to know where they stand when offering and a vendor to know which price to market the property at. Generally there has been a lift in the sales market and the general public are now once again looking at the residential market as a 'sound investment. In terms of the rental market, again in truth prices have started to slightly fall. This is especially the case in the 'high end' rental properties in our area. If landlords are willing to accept this slight dip in the rental market and slightly reduce prices, properties still let quickly. To cut a long story short, as I am sure you are all probably aware, with so many rental properties available due to people unable to sell at the price they want, the rental market is flooded and tenants can afford to be picky and offer lower amounts on asking prices. The tenant demand is still as high as ever but competition is at its greatest in terms of presentation, popularity and of course price. Does this answer your question?
  8. I know! Nightmare.... I apologise about this, the web team are sorting it out as we speak! You can find us on Rightmove though... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/estate-agents/a...brandName%3Dsto I must admit, I have has a quick sneak around this website for the last 20 minutes. It certainly is fab!
  9. Number 84 is the whole top floor (18) of K2 and was bought by a private investor. I must confess that I am not sure if it is used as Office / Residential but can enquire if you wish?
  10. Hi guys! In response to your queries, the apartment is of a decent size internally and the views are stunning. We will also be marketing the apartment for sale in the near future. renterbob - We market our properties on Gumtree as well to portray our properties to as many people as possible... We are also on all of the major websites including Rightmove and Thinkproperty. What are your thoughts on our rental pricing of the property? I would be also interested in your thoughts on what you realistically feel the property to be worth in this market?
  11. We are an Estate Agency based in Chapel Allerton, North Leeds and have a small, knowledgeable and friendly team. We cover the whole of Leeds for both Sales and Lettings.... Why not give us a try?
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