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  1. I have just bought, 34% off original asking price! sold mine in april at 5% off asking price. There are some good deals to be made now, more so over next 12m I am sure.
  2. I am buying too! I sold in April at 4.5% off asking price. I was lucky. Now is the time for me, managed to get a good discount 30% off asking. I am comfortable with it knowing the inevitable aorund the next 2-3 yrs.
  3. seems like ages since nethouseprices etc has updated its data, still only showing junes figures? I am sure it should be out by now. Anyone know what day of the month these sites are updated? thanks
  4. Thats a bit harsh, you dont know what he is buying, he could be getting a really good deal. In the current market there are good deals to be had.
  5. Got this email today, made me laugh talking about recovery in property market! "Hi digby, There have been some encouraging signs in the property market this week, with reports claiming that the sector may be rebounding from its recent slump. Meanwhile, the government has faced a difficult week defending its online database of properties, after the European Union has been quizzing UK ministers on its intentions for the system. The database could result in important changes to the way the property industry operates, as well as being central to the government's ID Card scheme. Click on the li
  6. All these houses were in Bromley, Kent by the way. Perhaps SE will lead the crash.
  7. I have been looking at the top end of the market, hopefully to see bigger % drops here than any other properties ,over the last 3 m as an indicator: 2.2m to 1.7m (-23%) ! 1.195m to 975,000 (-19%) 1.2m to 980,000 (-19%) 825,000 to 699,950 (-16%) 875,000 to 820,00 (-6%) 675,000 to 649,00 (-4%) EA owned house (tiny new build) My observations are that more are reducing,but only a handfull out of 50 or so more,most are just holding there prices unsold. Even these reductions havent resulted in any offers. Do you think the top end will suffer more in percentage than lower end of market ? it
  8. some cuts We're in the middle of sorting out a 100% mortgage with Northern Rock (they do the valuation/property on Monday morning so we must have passed all their credit checks ). The rate is 5.99% fixed which I think is an extra percent over their usual fixed rate, but there is NO MIG (Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee) which I think is the arrangement fee leemel was talking about. We spoke to Natwest and they offered the same rate as Northern Rock but wanted to lump over £4000 extra onto the mortgage to cover their own back if we decide to stop paying or whatever. It wouldn't help us in such an
  9. some people are considering 100% mortgages in current climate,offered some sensible advice and was laughed at check out this thread : http://www.thedvdforums.com/forums/showthr...97&page=1&pp=20 towards end of thread.
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