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  1. Thanks for the input chaps. Aberdour and Culross are nice but have nothing to rent. Have had a look for the last couple of weeks and had a bit of an explore throughout the Kingdom and Kinross. Very limited amount of rental properties anywhere at the moment so will probably stay put around falkirk for a bit!
  2. Hi, I am fortunate enough to start a new job in the Dunfermline area this autumn and was wondering if anyone had any advice about where to live in the Kingdom. My wife and I would ideally like to rent something semi-rural within 1/2 hour of Dunfermline, so where would you choose? I have little experience of Fife. We would rather live somewhere nice than pay super cheap rent. Any thoughts? Also, are there any portals other than rightmove likely to be of any use? Thanks in advance!
  3. I was a military officer until June this year earning £45k and my wife is a vet. Both 28 and rent a 2 bed flat in a converted farm steading. Saved a wedge as we were looking to buy once this house price crash thing happened. The fact that it has never really come round is quite annoying but the good thing is she fully understands and has allowed to splash out with the savings on a MBA which i start next month. Would I have been able to do this if we had bought? I am not sure and i enjoy the flexibility of renting. Our landlord is very good too. I am not particularly surprised by the wages on this thread as 1. People with good salaries are more likely to post. 2. The level of economic analysis and independent thinking on here is really quite good and indicative of some clever people. Just my two cents. G
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    Thanks for the quality input Andy and not ruining the entire Scottish forum however I prefer Muswell and the McGlashan's quality data... Anyway, my recent searches have shown that the supply of homes on my search is now up from a low of 55 to a somewhat higher 213. Surely this can only depress prices and the property bee concurs.
  5. Gallison

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    The increase in available properties continues in Edinburgh. My saved search is now up to 120 properties. The prices for new properties seem to be all the over the place from - a sensible flat in morningside at oa £194k http://www.espc.com/Buying/286056.html - a 2 bed marchmont flat at oa £250k http://www.espc.com/Buying/286264.html - average maindoor in Polwarth (always overpriced) at o/o £230k http://www.espc.com/Buying/286183.html Looking at the Bee we are also starting to see many more price drops on a variety of flats. Anyone seeing any patterns in there area.
  6. I'm watching a similar area and have noticed a big increase recently in supply. My low was 56 and we are above 115 on my saved searches. Thanks as always for all the analysis in the Scotland forum.
  7. I know the feeling, I am looking in similar areas though with a bit of a wider search and there is absolutely nothing coming on. My saved search has gone reduced from 156 properties to only 42! Tory Government, IR rises, Banking job losses filtering through, all seem to be some way away so better just hunker down and keep saving for the moment!
  8. I was also compelled to reply to this utter nonsense. Free Press my ****. Should be amusing to look back on in 6 months time however.
  9. Hehe, Me and the missus are on 70k and stay in a dive in Falkirk so very possible. We should get some sort of Edinburgh FTBs club and drive down the prices on the Southside for the win.
  10. As much as i love the ASCII art an explanation would be nice... Where have i said I want a massive house where i happen to be looking (Edinburgh)? I just don't want to be paying a ridiculous amount for a decent 2 bed flat. Approx 7x average wages makes no sense. I'm in a remarkably similar situation to Granite. Why buy a hole for our max Mortgage amount?
  11. I'm 26 and have been saving hard with the OH but wouldn't even consider buying at the moment. I'm probably up to around a 20% deposit on a 200k flat, but I can't see prices going anywhere but down. Our Household is on around 75k and for us only to be able to afford a smallish flat seems mental. Most of my contemporaries from work/uni wouldn't buy now or are regretting buying 2007ish. All this pent up demand business with people saying the banks need to lend again is nonsense. Everyone I know in my boat would much rather house prices continued down than banks lended 5x income, with interest rates rises around the corner Interestingly if you try explain any economic fundamentals to someone already owning a house, they blame the banks and sympathise but say "Try and get on the ladder". Interest rates, unemployment, debt levels, none of this seems to influence any homeowners thinking. C'est la vie! I'll just wait, save and hopefully the OH won't get too desperate to buy any time too soon. Keep the faith fellow FTBs!
  12. Thought I'd chip in as I'm someone looking to come in from the bottom i.e a FTB. I'm looking at similar flats to Muswell - though perhaps 2 bed as opposed to 3 bed and do find myself thinking " A quarter of a million!!!" for a mediocre 2 bed flat. Even if it is in an area I would like to stay it's impossible to justify it. I wonder at who is actually buying these just now? There can not be many 20/30 somethings looking to buy in the city who can save up 25-50k as a deposit. Most of my friends are prime FTB age and not a single one of them is remotely considering buying at the moment - even if they could get a reasonable mortgage - which they wouldn't. What is everyone else's experience? What do you think the makeup of the cash rich buyers are? Parents of students? Investors? With rents dropping month after month the numbers seem to be getting worse and worse for these types. I was hoping to buy towards the end of this year but have resigned myself to end of next year at the earliest. Will have an even better deposit by then and I'm sure we will be another 15-20% off. In a strange way I'm glad that mortagages aren't easy for FTBs at the moment as it keeps my Missus off my back. Sure the spring bounce will die back but it all adds extra time before we can get back to remotely sane prices.
  13. I'd agree with the comments about this flat. It really stood out on ESPC as being fairly sensibly priced unlike the variety of other properties in the area. If people do want to sell they just have to put it on at a reasonable price rather than chasing the market down. The current pricing strategy of vendors will just drag things out.
  14. First Post here just to say thanks for the good analysis. Think Edinburgh is only starting to wake up to falls but when sensible facts and figures are published it could accelerate rapidly. Good work.
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