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  1. If you are serious,which I doubt a little,I would have thought ripping down for sale signs a bit counter productive as the more signs up the less the argument of a shortage of properties for sale looks.
  2. Yes so prehaps the union power possibly went a bit over the top in the late 70 early 80s' period. But Mrs Thatchers union reforms went a bit far. Remember our history,back in the19th century it was the trade union movement that largely took average Joe out of the dirt,big buisiness back then argued that to pay better wage and give workers better standards would ruin them .But Britain went on to lead the industrial revolution. I believe today trade unionism is basically a movement that is vital to society to mantain a balance to help maintain the rights of Mr average against
  3. Just thought some might find this article interesting. About the French who get about 70 per cent from neuclear http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/sh...ngs/french.html
  4. Just to add a little thought, I feel that a system of fuel rationing would be a fairer way foward than just hiking duty prices, such rationing was used during ww2 and a little beyond. With a price rise system alone someone with loads of dosh like Prescott would be able to just carry on squandeing fuel on useless journeying in his Jags on wide open roads with all the riff raff chased of the road by prices if it were all based on money,yet an individual with less money might have a more essential need for fuel,ie essential trade etc. So a system of rationing based o
  5. The fuel crisis could be averted quickly if folk got rid of totally unnecessary fuel guzzling 4x4 and jags etc,ok so a 4x4 has its place towing horse trailers or pigs to the market or roughing across moorland with hay for cattle etc,but picking up the kids from school!!! The USA awash with vehicles that still only do only 15mpg wasting most of the worlds fossil fuel,ok if only folk would get something a bit more efficient you can get plenty of estate cars that will do 40 plus mpg carry the family and tow a respectable caravan,so in the short term it would not take a massive sacrifice to av
  6. You are so spot on,noticed the same scam in here in Cornwall,even spoke to the local council and a housing association about it,the most vunerable are being completely conned,have to get to work now but there is much more I can say about this. It damned well annoys me!
  7. The Question is ,will this make them a bit more cautious about how they lend in the future? The silly lending multiples especially relating to self cert in mortgages and 6x multis has been one of the main fuels of the silly house price inflation. If they start reeling back won't that set up a chain reaction big time?
  8. Gordon and his talk of 'No more negative equity,' would look so silly running for the next election as PM after another hp crash,all the feel rich Britain cursing his assurances,especially those with 6x income mortgages who purchased at the peak,and those stacked with equity loans. 'Help for first time buyers,' really its,Gordy trying to help himself play King Cannute so he doesn't get egg on his face.
  9. Could it be that they are groomed by the fine example and priorities set by their materialistic parents?
  10. Premonitions of a bubble on the verge of popping do not ruffle those who are bullish on real estate. In Miami, Ron Shuffield, president of Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell Realtors, predicted that a limited supply of land coupled with demand from baby boomers and foreigners would prolong the boom indefinitely. Cannot believe how familiar that ring is!
  11. Of course their will be plenty of new Minimum wage McJobs,waiting for the poor souls who have lost out,but it wont be any good for any of them that are mortgaged up on peak prices.
  12. Out of the three main parties I don’t see any that appealing, Labour have allowed a housing crisis to develope and have been bothered very little to do anything about for years, talk about helping families, a lot are frozen out of having families in the first place because they can't even think out it in this situation. The so called great economy isn’t so great, its a credit economy on the precipice, fuelled by the feel rich factor of homeowners and Labour are hoping this superficial feeling will get them re-elected if they can keep it going just a little longer, and damn to those who
  13. Another report that leaves out the real reason why buyers ain't buying,namely affordability,if you cant afford it,thats that,some have been tempted and taken silly gambles on crazy income multiples in the hope of capital gains or fear of getting left behind but not everyone will go down that road ,most that would have already done so. To simply say prices are just out of reach for most first time buyers would be far to negative ,it sounds much nicer to say buyers have lots of choice but choose to sit and watch for now as if they could all buy if they wanted to.
  14. So you want the guys who work hard take your rubbish away to live like dirt as well,you are so educationally hoodwinked and up your own ass****.
  15. Pre election spin and bribes. I doubt they would be in a hurry to implement if they get re elected,they havent been bothered much during their current term to allow this situation to get well out of hand,and if it were possible to buy new affordable property I cant see it helping a spring bounce in house prices generaly.
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