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  1. If Spain or Portugal default, China would have no choice. Neither would any other bondholder. Anyone holding Irish bonds would have been shitting themselves a few months ago. Oh and if the Spainish and Portuguese had that much gold that they could guarantee their debts, they wouldn't really need to borrow the money in the first place.
  2. What about these NINJA loans given out by US banks. Loans to people who had No Income, No Jobs and No assets. You still claiming that the main blame lies with the individual? Hmmm.
  3. Stoke is a hell hole for sure but I think you are exaggerating just a little bit here.
  4. That's a fair question. There would be no need for national defence. Once you arm the people they can look after themselves. We don't have a stable currency now so there would be no change. For law and order, people would band together under a warlord who would provide security. One man's market imperfection is another man's efficient market. There would be no need for public provision or central control or tax of any sort.
  5. Good point. There does need to be some re-balancing. But that is just the first step. What is wrong with free market warlordism I advocate? It's the perfect meritocracy. Are you one of these diseased leftists the OP is referring to?
  6. What's worse is that this forum is full of people who would have you believe that Iceland's problems were all down to us and the Dutch. These people are just useful fools for the criminal gangs in Iceland.
  7. Well said that man. You can't blame Cameroon for trying to help his own though.
  8. But you could use the same argument for any two countries, not just US and China. What you are in effect advocating is for import tariffs across the world. And that's fine by me. But the US did kick up a massive fuss when the EU tried to slap tariffs on bananas produced by US corporations. So a big dose of American double standards if you ask me.
  9. Cameroon is trying every PR trick in the book to get his banker pals off the hook by trying to blame governments. Where his argument falls down is that the banking crisis affected just about every country: USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, China, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Canada and so on. So it was all the fault of just about every Government and not the casino bankers? I just can't accept your premise that the bankers did nothing wrong. Sorry if you think that that makes me one of the "sheeple'.
  10. I hate all these nampy pampy yoghurt eating lefty liberals and their vested interests. What we need is to adopt more laissez faire thinking. We need to destroy this dangerous notion of 'society' with big government tax and spending. We need to get rid of government and tax. People should be allowed to keep what they have and not have it taxed away. We need to abolish taxes tomorrow and rid ourselves of the parasitical state sector. People are capable of banding together and looking after themselves without interference from meddling Governments. Free marketing warlordism is the way forward. Why can't any of you see this?
  11. I don't really see what the problem is. Seems perfectly acceptable for a US company to close down a chocolate factory in Bristol and move production to the US. So why moan when a US company shuts down a solar panel factory to move production to China?
  12. What is this doublespeak? The Tories shut a school down and the Torygraph say it is Labour's fault???
  13. Indeed. Although I think the circumstances were slightly different. There are allegations in Iceland that bankers lent vast sums to their old boys network mates to invest in speculative or dubious enterprises. If the loans had paid off it would have greatly enriched their mates and if they failed, well the savers in the Netherlands and the UK could pick up the bill. By contrast, in the UK, it was more a case of incompetence by bankers.
  14. It is alarming that we have allowed ourselves to become a banana republic. Just as banana republics should diversify away from bananas, it is clear we need to diversify away from "The City". 'The City' have crowded out a lot of other economic activities in London and helped to raise rents and property prices in London to a level that means other professionals are reduced to near poverty. I think the banking sector needs reform. Clearly we shouldn't bash the bankers just for the sake of it. But neither should bankers throw their toys out of the pram and threaten to move to the Cayman Islands whenever the reform agenda is raised. Thatcher liberated the markets in 1986 with the Big Bang. Labour allowed the excesses to continue. And now Cameron is passing up the chance for reform. Come on Clegg and Cable, where are you?
  15. Really? Did it ever occur to you that the "we are moving out" is all just a bluff? Last year the bankers were threatening to all move to Switzerland if the 50% rate of tax was introduced. Well the bluff was called and the 50% introduced. How many of the bankers have left for Zurich?
  16. Oh c'mon Adolf. Get off your high horse.
  17. If you didn't spend so much time reading the Daily Mail, you would probably know the answer.
  18. Oh come on. It was only one right wing nutter. And he's gone away to wipe the froth from his mouth.
  19. Look, you're a Daily Mail reader so therefore have no room for calling anyone thick.
  20. Hey why the doom the gloom about the VAT rise? Look on the bright side, Corporation Tax is coming down.
  21. Great news that the Icelandic Government are honouring their debts. These people aren't thieves after all.
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