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  1. Yes there's a limitless supply of people who think that 'money isn't really a problem' and who 'can well afford cash purchases at those prices' or unexpected costs of £10K'
  2. I think the 3rd one, the drawing is definitely the nicest one, 5 for 725, not bad? http://www.weezer.com/downloads/ “We Are All On Drugs”
  3. although having read the question properly; depends what you mean by centrally gwc?
  4. for sure, it was a suggestion based on price/proximity rather than aesthetics I almost moved to Bermondsey a few years ago, but for various reasons didn't Definately need to research thoroughly any address prior to renting/buying
  5. I'd say SE1 is the most central you can get for that price (1 bedroom)
  6. recent articles in Guardian relating to football supporters original: Football fans are idiots "He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot but don't let that fool you. He really is an idiot" - Groucho Marx http://football.guardian.co.uk/comment/sto...1551650,00.html follow on:Football fans are idiots: the fans respond http://football.guardian.co.uk/news/theway...1555466,00.html Myself I am a follower: a very part time Arsenal follower who last went in the 90's when it was still possible to walk in on match day & stand on the terraces (midweek game Arsenal vs Man City, when
  7. no criticism of trading strategy intended (probably no less sophisticated than most city traders) I think that quote, from a Jarvis RNS, was released sometime this year on it's descent down to 6p.
  8. is this a wind up? giving up the day job to trade the current spread on Jarvis with a £5k float; yes if you shorted it from 600p to 6p, that would be some serious money Not that I'm a bear, whatever works (banks a profit) in the equity markets is right; whereas I think people have erroneously made the same assumption with bricks n' mortar, in the sense of trying to use property as a tool for making short term trading gains, without actually banking a profit. but also as an aside, re. Jarvis, kind of ironic on a HPC forum when: "Jarvis has signed agreements with its existing lending grou
  9. GW re. property prices in Vancouver, it seems that I'd need the same mad income multiples for a mortgage, here as I would back in the UK. lir. yes as SB says Vancouver city temp. is more/less same as London (everywhere else in Canada has the extreme winter cold) + 1 bedroom flats/apartments don't require much heating in either city. I wouldn't say I'm making much in the way of financial gains by being here instead of London. I was really trying to make a point re. the costs of renting in London are a high % of salary earned compared to many other locations. Although it had nothing to d
  10. I did calculate it prior to moving here; although it is difficult to make comparisons. After a cost of living adjustment to my UK salary (internal company transfer); a direct comparison can be made by translating my old UK salary directly into Canadian $, & then comparing it to my actual adjusted CA salary = an approx 30% reduction. But even after that reduction, if I make a comparison on my gross salaries versus my cost of renting (I can't remember what they are net of tax, but I don't think there is a significant tax differential between the 2 countries, could be slightly higher in BC,
  11. A good read, basically house price surveys don't matter, obviously the real price is what someone is prepared to pay, and all these surveys are from vested interests with a PR angle to push. http://www.iii.co.uk/markets/?type=editorial&id=33876 Been lurking here for a while, I'm currently working in Vancouver, I may return at the end of the year if life becomes more affordable in London. Although it's all swings & roundabouts; there's big property inflation going on in Vancouver at the moment. The big difference is that whilst I wouldn't pay the prices over here to buy a property,
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