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  1. Why must the government "tax tax tax, ban ban ban" everything? if fatties want to eat, so be it. Surely they can save money by cutting all these Government jobsworth nazi's, leaving the rest of us in peace.
  2. haha, that Rightmove Facebook page is looking more bearish than this board at the moment. "Lets be honest! is anyone selling????? or getting veiwers????????" when discussing average selling vs asking prices: "Michael Hughes Sarah if you look at the rightmove asking price index vs the land registry index which is actual sold prices the difference is around £60,000 which means that either vendors are on average accepting offers of £60,000 off their asking prices or more likely that the majority of over priced houses listed on rightmove simply never sell. "
  3. What boom would that be then? The boom that ended over 3 years ago? I think the Mirror bosses must be entering the fear stage by now. Their BTL portfolios must not be shifting well at all. The ship is sinking
  4. after I passed my test at 17 in 2003 I drove around everywhere like a cautious old lady. I am a much more dangerous driver now I have aged to 24 and no longer really care as much.
  5. even the presenters of the BBC newspaper review were laughing at this headline
  6. I'd have done exactly the same as Anjuna. If a lender is so foolish as to carelessly lend hundreds of thousands to someone who can just disappear on a whim, well, they get all the bad fortune they deserve. Muppets. Anyone who wants to work to the bone to pay these silly Hoons off out of some moral bent is, well, a bit looney.
  7. They briefly mentioned this on BBC News 24, mentioning that House Prices have fallen for the 3rd month running. Yet about a month ago, when one of the +0.1% rises became news, they broadcast that house prices rose?
  8. He's a Liberal Arts major. Perhaps that explains why he is one of those many dull, soulless people who see major events float by them as if they happened in some distant country. Goes to show the importance of having a contingency fund (and also in NOT BUYING THINGS YOU CAN'T AFFORD!) People call me "weird" for having a few thousand saved in the bank, instead of spending it on a nicer car/a new wardrobe/a holiday/decorating etc etc. It's as if every job is solid guaranteed. If you get sacked and it really does shatter your world, you're doing something wrong and really should have kept a contingency plan.
  9. Agreed. If the private sector feels it needs to wine and dine prospective clients, fair enough, I don't care. I work in the public sector in IT, and time after time I see IT managers and Administrators buy equipment/contracts not on how fit for purpose it is, but for what freebies they can get out of the deal. I wouldn't care if this went on in the private sector, since the money will only be missed by those at the top (****** 'em) - but when it is taxpayers money stuff like that tends to leave a sour taste in the mouth. One guy bought in £20,000+ worth of switches that were basically identical to those being replaced, to get a Macbook Pro thrown in (which he kept). Now, Lobbying - or any form of exchange where any person, business or organisation gives money to politicians or public sector administrators - in exchange for changes in the law/exemptions from processes - should be made highly illegal. Will it be?
  10. Winchester's unique! The Schools are good, and it's a beautiful place to live! If you saw Winchester you'd understand! Prices will go up forever here! It's like the sunshine that shines out of our arses can turn lead into gold! She says she's prudent yet spends £35,000 over top, and doesn't do any research into the properties prior value at all. She basically admits that the seller saw her coming and took her for as much as they could. Guaranteed she'll be in the news in 3 years time bitching about how her house has lost half of it's value, and how it's a scandal that nobody stopped her buying and that nobody told her what the deal was. It'll all be the Tories fault, mind. And those nasty bears too, for talking down the market.
  11. Will be interesting to see how Cowbridge (the town of the public sector higher-ups) survives all this.
  12. Well, you've really got your **** in your hand, haven't you? What were you? BECTA? QCDA? Prices falling steadily but surely in the Vale of Glamorgan too. Not much seems to be shifting in Cardiff, though you still get the seemingly obligatory houses on the market at peak prices - houses that have been on the market at that price since, well, the peak.
  13. And the Japanese Imperial Palace once cost more than California... we know what happened next
  14. Perhaps a rise is on the cards? Especially if (big if) the Tories gain a majority?
  15. Swansea's a hole. And I say this from Barry.
  16. Canton to me looks just the same as any other run down back end district of Cardiff. It reminds me of the **** end of Llanrumney. The car park up on cowbridge road has a helpful little sign saying "BEWARE GYPPO TOW TRUCKS". Would almost rather live in the valleys
  17. Look at the floorplan on this two bedder. http://www.hayes-apartments.co.uk/The-Apartments/Current-Availability/Plot-7-image-new who the ****** would pay close to £200,000 for that... in Cardiff ?
  18. Clegg looking a bit nervous Brown obviously been in with the make-up ladies - doesn't look half as much a mess as he sometimes does in the House Audience FULL of oldies. Not one under 30 years old. They all like to go on about "equal representation" but they don't give a shit about the young do they?
  19. Is it true the average workweek is 60 hours long as opposed to 40 odd for the rest of the UK? What's the point being surrounded by culture if you spend most of your time either commuting to/from work, in work, or tired from work? Day to day London just seems to be depressing. Grey city filled with grey suits who have all have the same grey faces.
  20. mmm, a £mil for that. Don't quite think so mate. He still checks his Youtube account it seems (http://www.youtube.com/user/JonathanBlain), but unfortunately he won't let comments show until he has approved them.
  21. I love his "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed" section at the bottom... "I guarantee that I will show you ways to create & save much more money than you have paid me. I guarantee that I am giving no refunds, so don't buy if you are not certain as the administration is being done by myself and my wife and I have no interest in time wasters who are not capable of working out if the info will be worth a lot more than £99 to them - you will not be ready for the info I'll be sharing" Nice one mate - that's me convinced. I'm sure we've all met jokers like this guy out and about. People who hand money over to this clown deserve to lose the lot.
  22. The only IT jobs in my area are local support jobs, which require a physical presence and can't be outsourced. I'm a sysadmin for a local Secondary School, I run the School's network and do server administration (DC's, exchange, smoothwall, etc), unbox and image PC's, run Ethernet, do software support, a bit of PHP for the Intranet, etc. My salary is £15,000 P.A. - little over £6 an hour. I only work 42 weeks a year. I think if you get into IT purely because you want good pay, you will be sorely disappointed. I am in the job as I like playing about with computers anyway, so I am being paid to do what I basically did anyway while I was on the dole. I am avoiding getting a high paid sysadmin job at a corporation as I can't handle the stress - and I like having my summers off to spend at the beach; rather than being in a gray suit in a gray building. I'd be all set for a good life, but I can't afford a house... Additionally, the Children at the school actually are nicer to talk to than many of the suits at the Surveying firm I worked for previously. People slate youth on these boards but most of the boys at the School are actually polite and willing to learn. I am going to get into Open Source - I can see there being a big future in Free Software in the UK, especially as the public sector won't have the money anymore to piss away on ripoff software licenses. Why pay for spamfilters when there's ASSP? Why pay for virtualization when you can get Xen for free? Why pay expensive server support contracts when you can just re-image a server using Bacula? Why pay for a Windows Server license when you can use Ubuntu/Samba/MySQL/Apache? I would recommend IT as a career to young people only if they actually enjoy using computers. I'd say in my school, there are about 5 boys who genuinely enjoy playing around with PC's and geeky stuff the same way I did when I was a boy. I would recommend IT to these boys (they are all quite headstrong and can decide for themselves, however) - but the people who just aren't interested should forget it, really. It isn't the dotcom days anymore. The average kid? I would say become an electrician, or go into electronics.
  23. You noticed then, no matter the background, age range, or class of the person being quoted, that they always seem to use a very similar sort of English? It sometimes reads to me like the BBC must be interviewing the same 5 people over and over again. Let's hope that Mummy and Daddy Dole teach their little'uns some respect for money, as they'll be needing it.
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