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  1. I agree with the statement above. Sounds either like the EA is trying to earn some money from a few buyers for not even selling a property, or they're giving you a hint it'll not go through without a struggle anyways. Be best to withdraw and see what happens if your still interested in the property. I bet its the Halifax - they seem to be real sly buggers to have any dealings with at the best of times! ~shallow
  2. It must have been quite a while ago, the Towneley Arms was flattened back in 2002. Thinks - RG needs a pub....
  3. Ha ha, As they say, if you can't do - then teach. If you can't teach - then get a job in the governing body. Anyway, got to hear all sides to it, so any input, especially from locals, is appreciated. ~shallow
  4. Cheers for that insight. Your views are reflected in the ofsted reports too, and my wife was talking of home schooling before sending the kids to Hookergate. On the other hand, I guess I can still use it as a bargaining point for property prices. ~shallow
  5. I read that Hookergate school near Rowlands Gill is to close within the next few years. Students are to go to either Ryton comp, Kingsmeadows comp, or Thomas Moors. The first two schools being about 7 miles from RG centre, and the third being about 3 miles. Would anyone use this as a strong reason to push house offer prices down in the RG area? Would it put many of you off looking to buy there if your kids will be disrupted by Hookergate closing? ~ shallow
  6. Right-o, fantastic nucf! Thanks for taking the trouble to register and reply. The place does look good (although is a bit of a mess inside it now), and the garden certainly fits the bill for kids and pets, and well done for doing the work yourself as its a substantial plot to labour over! So the conservatory is 6 years old, hmmm, my present one is 10 years old and most of it needs replacing now, with the double glazing seals leaking, and gaps appearing around the frames - seems that those things aren't built to last! Current owners having no mortgage, not the best sellers for me to deal with, but, who's to say they didn't remortgage later on for some reason? And if they have something else exciting lined-up, they might not want to mess about too much and loose-out for the sake of accepting a few quid less on their present house.... Aye, I agree about the road to Swalwell and the bridge over to Burnopfield and Sunniside all being bottlenecks, best get on my bike if i ever end up in RG then... So there's no land stability issues in the estate that you knew of? How were the other neighbours as well? Open and social, or too busy working to pay for their houses to be bothered with eachother? Cheers nufc, -shallow
  7. But what happens if the rest of the 95% also defaulted? (Apart from lots of red letters being posted and the post office making some money) how many months of total defaults would it take for a bank to collapse because of that? Wonder if a targeted and organised mass 'defaulting' of selected banks could put them under, and what effect that would have on the economy/property prices as a whole?
  8. Hey db, Thanks for that excellent post (above). It also makes me happy that I've also considered all the same areas as you mentioned, explored them and checked-out many of the houses for sale there, and came to very similar conclusions about these areas too. For me it basically boils down to the individual properties in those areas as some are vastly different from ones right next door with regards to parking, gardens, and proximity to the main access roads of course, and price - basically how desperate the seller is, and how much less they'll take! I'm with the mindset that if a property has been valued by the EA's at £380k, in this day and age they'll have to accept about 15-20% less (depending on how much the price has dropped since the middle of last year) if they want me to buy the place. Some would call me unrealistic, but over time I'm sure I'll happen on someone unlucky and desperate enough - maybe. And if not, then I won't buy something which I presently consider overpriced. Got to bargain hard in times like these! Also, for an example, without viewing the properties you highlighted - or the one in RG on the start of the thread, and having a quick look at previous sold prices and the way of the World at the moment, what would you offer (if you were interested and in a position)? Cheers -Shallow
  9. Thanks db and tccambs for your input. I guess I'm a car dependant person really, got a few in the household already, mind we need them as where I live now is very similar to RG in the fact that the "centre" is strung out along a road, but its a noisier and faster road than in RG, with less facilities and not too pleasant to walk along because of this. That "village feel" is a nice thing, but damn difficult to find a place up in the NE which has that feel and which also ticks all the other boxes for me (close to Newcastle for work, decent sized gardens for the kids, good parking at the front, contryside on the doorstep, etc.) Any ideas? Anyways, i guess this estate is newly built, so might have decent standards for the foundations at least, even though the estate is built on a mound. With the shape of the mound the estates on, makes me wonder if its an old spoil heap from centuries old mining? Hmm, have to get down to the council and do a search about that. tccambs: what do you mean by "the gardens looking pretentious"? shallow
  10. I don't know when the conservatory was added, but could'nt have been more than 9 years ago as thats when the estate was built. Its number 10, and apparently was sold for £340k in July '05. Hard to tell the values of the properties there as not many similar ones have been bought or sold recently.
  11. Anyone have knowledge of what its like over in Rowlands Gill, particuarly Shearburn Towers and this property? http://powering.expertagent.co.uk/(S(ukjcw...0-B794AA4D98D6} Are the houses built well, they all seem to be on a flipping huge sloping hill, anyone know of ground stability problems? Seems they are asking £50k more than Zoopla reckons its worth, but i guess zoopla is pants really and its guesses are way far from reality. Asking prices in the area seem to have fallen +-11% over the last year mind, so with that in mind, would £340 be about right? Any thoughts?
  12. Right-o, so thats why they can get on there before the HIP is done. Ta for clearing that one up.
  13. Yep, they are supposed to have the HIP ready before advertising but I've come across loads of repo's "awaiting HIP". I guess the banks who now own the property can't wait to get it sold and just do what they like, as my solicitor said "very naughty of them!" Estate agents excuses "errr, ummm, ahhh, it'll be ready tomorrow/next week etc." Here's a couple of lovely examples: ("Awaiting HIP" is mentioned in the measurements section) http://www.halifaxhomefinder.co.uk/HxHfDet...ref=04683822000 http://www.halifaxhomefinder.co.uk/HxHfDet...ref=99220032000
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